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  1. Version 0.1.2


    Keep.It.Simple.StupidSweetie Just the essentials, no fluff.. practicing restraint was tougher than I thought! This was a W.I.P, was going to go the traditional route and include every option I could squeeze into the theme.. How often do I use these options? turns out barely.. if ever. The theme only ever displays options that are relevant to the selected profile, nothing more.. if something is unavailable its hidden. What do you get? Wattage control. Temp control. Replay control. Profile control. Coil ohm control. Graph featuring last puff wattage & peak temp (accessed by round robin-ing the main screen) Powerbank. Puff counters. Display settings. Stat dumps. Moose knuckle. Camel hump. That's it and I bet it's all you'll ever need.. refreshingly simple.
  2. Version 0.0.2


    CREDIT :: Full credit to @JoeCockBill for the original conception of the base theme.
  3. "Puff saved, playing" meaning you have saved a puff in replay mode and its replicating it.
  4. I replaced my screen yesterday, fired right back up and were back in business baby woo hoo! My replacement screen bounced around Australia for an entire week... the ironic thing is it only took 2 days to get here from the US! Just thought id share a quick update, cheers.
  5. This is precisely why I use some really good quality 3M double sided tape.. it works fantastic. I believe it's meant to be used in automotive interiors ? Couldn't tell you much more about it than that.. Hold everything in place, but is removable if need be..
  6. That's going to be a little tricky to get out haha.. I would try unscrew the board and remove the screen before trying to pry it out. I'm hoping to receive my replacement screen today.. looking forward to getting my 250C back into my rotation.
  7. A lot of the LED switches are sealed tho.. at least the ones I have on hand, not sure how you would replace the LED. I have attached the data sheet for the RGB should find what your looking for in there.. After it was all said and done, I didn't find it worth the effort, pushed on and put together my mod. LTST-C19HE1WT.pdf
  8. I identified the pins, couldn't find a switch suitable for the job. The RGB switches are just to large and bulky..
  9. Ah that's a shame, same thing with mine.. nothing visibility wrong. I ended up ordering a new screen, will see how we go!
  10. @steamer861 did you ever manage to fix this issue ? Just started happening to me few minutes ago.
  11. Before you go investing in a printer, I would recommend checking out a printing service like 3Dhubs.com Very inexpensive, I've printed quite a few enclosures in the past for other projects through them. Tons of suppliers on there so they are very competitive with prices generally costs me $15-$20 delivered AUD for a enclosure. Fantastic service, I was considering purchasing a printer myself... but honestly I just wouldn't use it enough to justify the purchase.
  12. Don't get me wrong tho I like the idea of a 3D printed enclosure (weight/scratch resistant) but yeah I couldn't justify the price.. Found these STEP files online just in case anyone reading this is interested on getting the ball rolling on a 3D printed reference case on the cheap: http://www.mamumods.com/dna250c/250CReferenceCase.zip
  13. Man I swear by alpinetech.. love those enclosures. . cheap too!
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