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  1. skineedog

    Keep screen on while charging

    Doesn’t seem to be any interest other than the two of us unfortunately... 😕
  2. skineedog

    Lack of new devices?

    @retird @dwcraig1I thought I had looked into swapping a 75C out for a 250C in a LV Paranormal before. If I remember correctly I also inquired with Evolv. Evolv essentially confirmed what you have found; the boards are different sizes so, it won't work.... I'm a bit surprised there aren't more lipo mods available. Certainly disappointed.....
  3. skineedog

    Lack of new devices?

    @retirdThat looks exactly like the 250C prototype enclosure I saw Brandon demoing.... Except of course, it's smaller. Maybe they have intentions of producing a case for the 250C? I'll definitely be checking with them. Thanks for the info.
  4. skineedog

    Lack of new devices?

    @retirdIt's not so much that I want to be able to vape at 400 watts. I don't think thats even possible. I just prefer a lipo over non lipo. Lipos hit harder for much longer. Most of the cases I have be able to find are geared toward 18650s or are generally much larger than that prototype case. has a large and small enclosure of which I've built two. The large is quite large but, I do carry it often. As for the Boxer mods, no thanks. Overpriced plastic isn't my thing....
  5. skineedog

    Lack of new devices?

    @Wayneo so, you are flaunting it.... 😕 I assume you were a tester of the prototype 250C. Maybe Evolv would tell me where I could acquire the case?... I suppose its possible they manufactured the case but likely had a third party make the cases for them. Hopefully... I can get my hands on one. The form factor is perfect and lipo is definitely the way to go...
  6. skineedog

    Lack of new devices?

    @Wayneo Just getting a chance to reply as I've been driving home from Tennessee. Couple of Few questions: Which VT is that? Doesn't look like any I recognize, certainly not a VT200. Are you just going to flaunt the prototype case or tell me how I might acquire one? 😁The size is perfect.... But, you know that..... This is the first I've heard of an LiHV lipo. Any benefits with a DNA mod? Can the DNA charge it as an LiHV or just as a standard lipo?
  7. skineedog

    Lack of new devices?

    I love my Triade also and just ordered a Drone. Although, I find the form factor not quite as pocketable as the VTs. What would be nice is, if I could find the case I saw Evolv using with the prototype of the 250C. I assume it was a lipo mod which is my preference.....
  8. skineedog

    Lack of new devices?

    I actually have 3 VT200 because I loved the form factor so much. I could sell you one if you're interested OR, you can do what I did with one of my three. I replaced the 200 board with a 250. I did so simply because, I wanted the faster charging and more accurate board. I have about 22 mods total and the VT250 is by far my most used mod. Now, its nearly impossible to find a DNA (or any) mod with a lipo pack. In my opinion, a lipo pack is far better than 18650s any day. They hit harder for longer. Most of my non-lipo mods need to be charged around 15% remaining battery whereas the lipo mods still hit like a freight train down to 3 or 4 percent. And with 2 amp charging on the 250 boards, it takes no time to recharge. When I changed the boards, I also carved out the battery side of the mod so that I could install a true 1300mah battery.
  9. skineedog

    Plain Text Serial commands

    While the charger that Evolv uses is quite good, it's not as good (nor is it expected to be) as an external Lipo charger. With a decent quality external charger, you should be able to revive that one cell and balance the entire pack. I have been able to rescue seemingly dead packs on several occasions.
  10. skineedog

    250C Stops Charging

    Hey @Brandon, any ideas or should I opt for an RMA?
  11. skineedog

    Replacement battery door and hinge?

    And this is just one of the reasons a mod with an Evol board is worth the slightly higher price when compared to other mods...
  12. skineedog

    250C Stops Charging

    I have a 250c that stops charging the battery after just a few minutes. The mod and the battery pack are relatively new. I set the display to always on and plug the mod in. After a few minutes, the screens turns off, the mod stops charging, and the ‘Always On’ setting is reset to off. Ive tried multiple chargers and cables. Any ideas would be appreciated. Looking like I may need to RMA the board though...
  13. skineedog

    Rebel 250c squonk mod battery sag when firing

    I thought my soldering skills were weak! I almost ordered one of these when they first came out. Looking at the images you've posted, I'm so glad I didn't. Sorry about your luck on this but, thanks for showing the rest of us the poor quality of these mods.... For what these mods retail for, they really should be ashamed....
  14. skineedog

    Mac Suppport

    I can second this. Overall performance has declined significantly with the latest version.
  15. I can confirm. Same issue. Click the minus, Escribe crashes. Note: I did not have a mod connected while testing this.