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  1. Version V5.4.5


    My most elaborate theme so far. UMSCHALTBAR AUF DEUTSCH You can find an overview of the range of functions here - my enhanced theme All experiences, everything learned since I started a year ago to experiment with personalized themes and to find my own style, my own requirements - everything is now united here. This theme combines both a very simple and an extended operation. I tried to do everything that makes sense and left out things that I think or know that the guys from Evolv didn't want it that way (e.g. replay in TC mode) The interface can be switched between English and Germa
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The first theme I've created based on the default theme. Added some color and information to the main screen and customized the Lock Screen. I also put a B/W classical guitar logo on the Lock Screen because Classical guitar and vaping is my passion! I couldn't find a way to upload pictures so I apologize in advance. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I made this from an existing theme. Credits to ruckus and the original creator JoeCockBill. My intention was making a nice looking theme with a clear visibility while not loading the screen with informations no one needs. I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment if you discover a Bug.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    ~~~Please rate and comment my work, as I spend hours brain storming on these ideas to come to life, just for you to have a unique looking theme~~~~~~ Musical is colorful theme based on equilizers and guitars. Just a unique theme with all the important basic functions.MAIN SCREENBattery indicated on the red color equilizer at the right.Atomizer temprature depicted on the yellow color center equilizerAtomizer Voltage indicated on the left, blue color equilizer.LOCKSCREEN:Guitar image turns to color from black/white as the battery gets charged.OTHER FEATURESOn Main Screen: Puff Counte
  5. Version 1.2.0


    DEZGO II THEME DNA 75C / TEMA DNA 75CDEZGO II THEME DNA 75C / TEMA DNA 75CDEZGO II THEME DNA 75C / TEMA DNA 75CDEZGO II THEME DNA 75CTema dna 75c simpel Silahkan download gratis Search pakai bahasa indonesia
  6. Version 20210331


    This is the default evolv theme, just a bit enhanced.
  7. Version v2.4


    Note: The lightning bolt on the battery is only visible while charging. Replay ready! (with temp control and wattage modes available too) - See below if you are having trouble with Replay Main menu is on the top right You can hide data on main screen in Main Screen menu (resistance, voltage, etc) You can hide date/time from Lock screen in Time Config page (also can choose MM/DD or DD/MM date format) There is now a ONE WATT version for those who want one-watt increments on the main screen (regular version is 5-watt increments). Now available in BLUE, BLACK, G
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Just a flat basic theme Pastel.ecigtheme
  9. Version 1.2


    Turquoise Technical Theme for DNA 250C/DNA 75C boards. Finally... a technical theme where all data is available and some more with turquoise writing. Suggestions for improvement and questions in the comments. Thanks very much have Fun 😉
  10. Version 1.2


    This is a theme for those of us that want something simple and easy to read that just works. There's no endless graphs or settings to tweak, just a simple vaping experience. It still supports Replay, temp control, wattage mode, etc. Just less of the extra junk. Check out my other theme if you want something more full-featured. Versions: Plain and Simple: standard theme with menu, info, data etc. (see screenshots above). Replay ready, as well TC/wattage modes (4 colors available) SUPER Simple: Just the main screen (Replay ready, can change profile) (4 colors available) No
  11. Version 2.2


    * Time is centered in the actual themes! Available in 6 colors: Black - Red - Blue - Green - Orange (Ultem) - White I decided to re-design the iOS Theme for my new mod design. All the mix-colored heavy themes were just too much all the time, so I knew that I had to make something simple this time. I settled on doing a theme that Ι wouldn't get tired of looking at, using the controls of the iOS theme that I really love. I started developing V2 of this theme with the addition of red in mind and ended up expanding the color options more. The
  12. Version 1.0


    I wanted a theme that was easy to read in most lighting conditions. I wasn't going for something kick-ass, cool or pretty. I just wanted to see the stuff on the screen. I changed the font, changed the colors for some of the text and highlights. I moved a few things around, and changed some names to protect the innocent from eyestrain. I put this together in a few hours, starting off from Jason Villamil's 'Enhanced Default Theme'. I'm probably going to do some more tweaks to this but it should work alright now. Please double check my power or temp settings before using an atty.
  13. Version 0.1.2


    Keep.It.Simple.StupidSweetie Just the essentials, no fluff.. practicing restraint was tougher than I thought! This was a W.I.P, was going to go the traditional route and include every option I could squeeze into the theme.. How often do I use these options? turns out barely.. if ever. The theme only ever displays options that are relevant to the selected profile, nothing more.. if something is unavailable its hidden. What do you get? Wattage control. Temp control. Replay control. Profile control. Coil ohm control. Graph featuring l
  14. Version 1.0.0


    The theme has a clean and simple home screen which can take you either to the main menu or to the "secondary home screen" which is a bit more in dept. It suits thoose who like me want a lot of different read outs and information while setting your vape up but dont need it all the time. There is, at the moment 5 different colors available. Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Red. Will as usuall be happy to get any feedback or suggestions. And if you try it out and notice any flaws or mistakes i made please point them out to me so i can fix any issues in an update.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Basically just a custom default theme that's simplified with a beautiful cyan blue color. Default Custom(Cyan) by Jkronicle
  16. Version 69.0.69


    A custom theme I designed to my own personal liking. Thanks to SirTimmyTimbit for creating an awesome Theme!! https://reddit.com/user/sirtimmytimbit ENJOY!
  17. Illuminati Prosty motyw bez wodotrysków. Jest to mój pierwszy kontakt z escribe. illuminati_Color.ecigtheme
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Another ripoff of Hyperar's Simple Series-- super intuitive and fully functioned themes without a bunch of clutter. For sure my favorite theme to riff on. All I did here was throw up some backgrounds, change some colors, and strip the lock screen down to just the stuff Elmo wanted. All functionality and utility is thanks very much to Hyperar.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    A NIN themed ripoff of Simple Dark with bright backgrounds to show off yer color screen
  20. Version 1.0.0


    i hope you guys enjoy it it's nothing special though... just the original theme with different welcome-screens( primary: secondary:)
  21. Version 1.1.1


    This theme has been greatly simplified in order to allow the pretty pictures to be loaded onto a DNA75c board. It has full wattage control and temp control, and not much else--including no replay.
  22. Version 1.0.3


    My first Theme for the DNA75C. Based on JoeCockBill´s Therion theme. MK1 and MK2 have different main screen layouts, so check them out and pick your favorite ;-)
  23. Version 1.0.1


    A simple, yet effective theme I modified from the supplied theme from Lost Vape, that has all the information and functionality I need and hopefully will be good for you too. The picture can be changed easily within the theme designer The date format is in dd/mm/yy as I am from the UK, but this can be changed quite easily. The power and temperature increase/decrease in 1 watt/degree increments. I have added a simple 'button lock' screen which is not a lock screen, just a screen with the time and a picture without the danger of turning replay off etc. The device can be fired f
  24. Version 1.0.2


    Hi folks ! I used to download themes from here and I decided to go for a test on my own. I am a Banksy lover, and started to edit a theme on a few of well-known artwork. Please do not hesitate to send me feedbacks, and wishes so I can make it evolve I've messed around with hidden parameters inherent to temp sensing coils, so please, let me know if I really messed up Regards, Jah
  25. Version 1.0.6


    About This File: SS 316L.csv download Átlátható - könnyű kezelés. Kis méret: 53 kB A Profilt eléred a beállításokból. A Profilba az éppen használt tank nevét írhatod. A Setting minden beállítást lehetővé tesz. By gisz from Hungary Több javítás: v1.0.5.1 SS 316L.csv
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