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  1. Version 1.1.1


    This theme has been greatly simplified in order to allow the pretty pictures to be loaded onto a DNA75c board. It has full wattage control and temp control, and not much else--including no replay.
  2. I am using the International version of 15.1. I did not know there was a newer version; I may try to download the newer one and see how that affects things. I was able to simplify it enough to load, and it still has everything I use regularly, though that's about it. I will rebuild it to the original to see about loading it on a 250c--and I will definitely look forward to the next service pack 🙂
  3. In working on my theme, I have discovered a way that you should at least be able to load it. Download the Theme Designer, if you don't already have it, and open the theme you want in it. Now go through all the screens and delete the ones you won't use. Once done, select "Upload Theme" from the Theme Designer software. What I have discovered is that the number of screens, more precisely the number of "actions" on them, takes up more space than the display items and formatting--getting rid of unnecessary screens should lower the space requirements enough to let you install it. Just rem
  4. The stock Evolv DNA75c theme I was using as a base takes 20% off-board and 50.3% on-board memory for the 75c board but DJLsbVapesTheme004 uses 50.9% off-board and 29.5% on-board memory. When I add my wallpapers to DJLsb's theme the space check doesn't give me percentages at all, it simply says "out pf space." What is the major difference? DJLsb's theme as a lot more screens, and a lot more actions. So I went back to my original customized version and deleted 3 screens that I'll never use. It only lowered the off-board memory by 4.7% and the on-board memory by 0.8%, but now the theme loads
  5. Unfortunately that does not surprise me. As I said, both are using more "space" than the one I am working on, and I cannot get it to load for exactly the same reason. Hopefully someone will come along with a solution for you, and maybe it will hep me out as well...
  6. If you load the themes into Theme Designer you can check the size of them by clicking on "Space Used" on the toolbar. His Gothic theme uses 94% of the off-board memory and 97.5% of the on-board memory--I'm surprised it will load on any DNA mods considering what I've been finding out lately. His "simple" theme is a bit smaller (at 87.8% & 98.3% respectively) so you might try loading it. That's still much bigger than the theme I'm currently working on and I can't get mine to load for the size, so it might not work either. Never hurts to try, though 🙂
  7. Nope. I only added the wallpapers and colored the text to show up easier on the backgrounds. I kept the default font and layout. Was going to see about further customization after I tested the appearance on the actual device, but haven't had that chance yet. After @Frank65 's reply I reloaded the pure stock 75c default theme and checked the "space used" after adding each wallpaper individually and it goes up after each one, to the point of 25.2/98.3, with absolutely no other changes to the stock theme. Adding one wallpaper takes exactly the same amount of space as adding the same wallpap
  8. I have decreased the color depth from 16.1m to 256 and have converted to bmp and to png (at highest compression) and nothing makes any difference at all, either way. I would think that perhaps it is "reserving" a specific percentage of space per wallpaper, but there is at least one other theme that has three wallpapers but only takes 71.1%...
  9. Thanks :-) It says off-board memory is 25.2% and on-board memory is 98.3%. So how do I reduce the space being used if file size is irrelevant? Lowering the size/resolution of the wallpapers had no effect, nor did removing the colorized text or simplifying menus. And since there are themes with many more screens and much more complicated menus and color schemes I just can't seem to figure out what is using the space...
  10. So I finally finished my first color theme. I wanted it to be as compatible as possible, so I based it on the Evolv default DNA 75 color theme--but when I try to install it to my Paranormal 75c I get a "Failed to Upload Settings" dialog box with an "Out of space" error message. I checked the size of the theme and it is 129k, which I thought might be the reason at first, but I have no problem installing DJLsbVapes' 'LostVape001' theme which is 157k or Frank's 'Paranormal Blue Theme DNA250C' which is 158k. Obviously the size is not the issue, so what kind of "space" am I running out of?
  11. Yes, thank you! Now the display on my Steam Engine matches the name and design of the mod, mostly.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first custom theme and is intended to fit into a SteamPunk setting. I used the Steam Engine's default theme and left the logo intact, since the term can apply to any personal vaporizer, but I reworded the screens and designed them using Victorian principles, grammar and typefaces. I could not have done this without the wonderful tool provided by @Mikla here:
  13. Version 1.0.0


    The first thing I did after receiving my new Steam Engine is backup the theme. This is it.
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