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Feature request:- default field 4: option

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I just wondered if there could be a way to choose what is displayed on the large right field rather than just power. 

personally in tc mode the power display is pointless to me it would be nice to have the option to change that to temperature (my prefered option like the way the screen looks when you actually change temp) or battery charge or any of the others.

this would be even more useful for the charging screen, as i dont need to see what the power is during charging.

I know this would not be used for those of you that use kanthal but i use tc exclusively.

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Xx3dge said:

your able to set that field to display temp instead of flashing temp protected. on the screen page its in the drop box on the far right

sorry, i have obviously not been clear,
that is on the theme page i believe you are talking about, and that will only show for a few seconds after hitting temp protec.

I am talking about on the main screen where my preference would be-
field 1 (small left) resistance
field2 (small left)  battery %
field 3 (small left) Power
Field 4 (large right, currently unable to assign anything but the default power)  Temperature

so it is the larger font field on the main screen i wish to change to the right of the three smaller fields

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This has been requested *so* many times, with no response (at least, that I've been able to find) from Evolve. There has been a long delay since the last beta firmware upgrade, so it's possible that Evolv are working on this (and other much-requested features), but the recent lack of response by Evolv on this forum has reduced the hope and excitement that I once had, and has me looking towards China for something with a better user experience.

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