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  1. Great Mods! Is it possible to use LiFePo batteries with DNA75? I did some research but couldn't find info if battery with DNA75 is programmable like the DNA200 with e-scribe.
  2. Me too. The fire button was touching the screen ribbon cable when pressed. Check here in the forum, there is a good instructions how to move the cable away from the button. Second you find the discharge CSV for your batteries and set your battery pack in e-scribe.
  3. Well, it looks like Evolve are not interested in further developing and investing in DNA200 chip. With the speed they react to our requests DNA200 will be obsolete very soon if it is not already..... Just get RX200 and forget it...............
  4. Did you set properly your battery in EScribe? What EScribe device monitor is showing in battery related fields? Screenshots from both screens would help resolving your problem.
  5. I don't think DNA 200 is designed to handle properly Ti, Ni and SS wires in Power mode (Temp control turned off). It will be best if Evolve crew chip in here and explain what happens if you try to do this, and if it's at all possible or not.
  6. I agree 100%. I'm somehow happy that I did open my other feature request thread, about the not very convenient way of changing the temperature from the device, few days before Busardo's review. It looks like many people want this changes, me including. Anyway, the board is great and just needs some menu/controls improvements to become perfect. I just wish they will be done quickly, because this technology (as he said in the review) is moving with 250 miles per hour, and Evolv must be quick with all software and menu 'refinements', if they don't want to end up with a great but obsolete board. Chinese manufacturers are catching up quickly with interesting (and very cheap) solutions and the DNA 200 might just be forgotten if there are reasonable alternatives at 1/5 of it's price....
  7. Guys, I just watched PBusardo's review (part 1) of the DNA 200 and decided to open a new thread to discuss it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KQGxsYfG9U
  8. Thanks Nick, for appreciating our suggestions. I can imagine how many new ideas/ requests you guys have to assess and put on the scale. People are different and have different approaches to the same issues, especially in the vaping world and the not yet settled Temperature Control/ Temperature Limiting related ones. You made a great product, but you also put a big weight on your shoulders with giving us the options to customize and tinker options, screens and features. Because we are getting spoiled and we will always want more
  9. John and the team are quiet, I believe they are not finding this issue important. At least to tell is if they will look at it, does it make sense to them and is there any possibility this change to be done.
  10. IllinoisPlumber, this is not right and it's not normal. The resistance can change a bit (0.01-0.02 Ohm) with tight connections and solid build, after some days, but no way to have such big difference. Something is wrong with your connections somewhere, check your 510 connector on the mod and your atomizer, coil, mounting posts, 510 pin, every possible contact. Also checking your build in Steam Engine, the correct resistance looks to be the .28, so probably you had a short somewhere in the coils and it was showing way lower resistance. Always use the steam engine calculator when building new coils, especially dual coils, and check if the resistance of your new coil matches the calculator result, before wicking and firing.
  11. That's all I need as well. Sorry Lewisss, I didn't read your thread before posting the request, it is basically the same :-)
  12. As I see no one is against (it's OK to be optional, not necessary default setting), maybe Evolve crew can chip in and comment.
  13. I'm now very confused. The two months that I'm using temperature control devices I never even thought about using them in that way. My understanding is that you find your perfect temperature for the given coil and juice combination, up the wattage where it will be always enough, above the average power that you will be using and let the magic of TC do the job keeping your temperature at the sweet spot for an even and constant vapour. And I had a great success with this. Some TC devices (Istick 40w TC) does not even let you change the watts in TC mode, only the temperature, and this is working without any issues. Your way suggests that you are using the TC only to prevent the coil from overheating if something goes wrong and your wick gets dry or you run out of liquid, and in this case you have to always balance between the temperature and power to match your coil. I'm just not getting it. Why do it this way?
  14. Maybe I wasn't very clear, I'm not speaking about change of functionality, just how the board displays and controls the temperature with TC turned on. Now we can change the watts and temperature, just the temperature change is buried deep and not easily accessible, while the watts are easy to change, which is perfectly fine in TC turn off mode, but when in TC on I would prefer to bury the Watts than the temperature......
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