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  1. Yeah, I was willing to pay extra over the regular cost (and said as much multiple times in emails with Evolv) so as to avoid having to shell out $250 for a new mod. Even went as low as to plead with Evolv, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.
  2. Good luck with this... I did as suggested and was politely told to get lost by Evolv as my LostVape Paranormal was more than a year old. I’ve since bought a LostVape Thelema DNA250C with a sliding battery cover—i.e. no hinge to break—with black calf-skin leather. It’s a truly beautiful device with exceptional build quality. In case you’re interested, see https:xxxxxxxxx/. I ordered direct from Lost Vape and got my mod in a few days via FedEx. Evolv’s DNA chips are superb, but their customer care sucks (big time, in my experience). If Evolv were to sell battery door replacements I co
  3. I finally found it - using my desktop computer. The footer in your messages doesn’t show on my iPhone. Have submitted a ticket.
  4. I’m browsing using my iPhone... not sure if that is why I can’t see what you are referring to (?)
  5. Hi retird, I’m not sure which post I should look at—looked at a few but no red corner. Pls can you send a direct link? Perhaps I’m just slow today...
  6. Anyone know where I can find a replacement part for the battery door on my Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250? Apparently Evolv supplies these parts but I haven’t found any links so far.
  7. I'm trying this on a DNA 250 with the latest eScribe Suite on macOS, but for the life of me can't find any "Action➔Set" option, in either eScribe itself, or in the Theme Designer. At the risk of sounding stupid, please can you provide a step-by-step note?
  8. I'm at a loss for how to use this to enable on-device reset of puff counter. I'm running eScribe on a Mac—is this a Windows-only option?
  9. You can hide minimized windows—i.e. make them disappear from the dock on the right-hand side. Hit ⌘+Tab (holding ⌘) until eScribe app is highlighted, and then press 'H' (while still holding ⌘ down) to hide. You can do the same if eScribe app is the foreground app by simply pressing ⌘+H.
  10. Just tried beta 9 on macOS Sierra 10.12.5 with a VaporShark DNA250. Installation was simple and clean and all apps launch without any trouble. Connected successfully to my mod, downloaded settings, tweaked them, and uploaded again. All working as far as I can tell. Pretty smooth for a beta... (Many) kudos to Evolv for producing a Mac app. Thank you. Now if the Mac app could magically turn my DNA250 screen into a 75 colour screen that would be really sweet. :-)
  11. Yeah, that's the USB charger I'm using. I'm running eScribe 1.2 SP5a and the firmware upgrade that it contains. I don't think it's the same as VS loaded onto the device, but an upgraded firmware.
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