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DNA 60


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Evolv is proud to announce our new DNA 60 board. It is a DNA 40 sized board with the added functionality of EScribe. The boards are available now in extremely limited quantities to enable our customers to have products on the market before the FDA August 8th deadline. Because of component lead times, volume availability is not expected until October of 2016. As a result customers will be limited to 1 board per device that they plan to release plus one board as a spare.

Attached is a solid model of the board. It is largely the same dimensions as the DNA 40 with the following exceptions.

-The inductor on the back of the board is 4mm high like the DNA 20 & 30 not 3.5mm like the DNA 40.

-The fire button is the green fire button from the DNA 75 & 200 not the 3.1mm tall button from the DNA 40.

-The adjust buttons are new, taller and clickier than the previous buttons but still waterproof.

- The board has 5 through holes on the bottom for data and charger. Our 1 amp charger has been updated to include USB data pins.

Individual quantity pricing is as follows:

$59.99 with charger
$49.99 without



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txmonkey214 said:

I see that the charging port is separate. Would this fit in a Hana Modz V3 DNA 40 chassis? I will just file down the screen hole, if it requires the larger screen.

Yes would fit just fine. And you could use your existing charger.
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