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  1. Rob_H

    discontinued DNA200?

    I think I heard something like that somewhere. Makes sense no need for a 200 when you have a 250 that does all the same things just more powerful.
  2. Rob_H

    DNA 60

    Was suppose to be here yesterday but the mail is late cause Christmas I think but should be early next week. The price was really good and considering it wont be used in a commercial application just for my occasional needs it should be fine I think.
  3. Rob_H

    DNA 60

    Good to know thank you. I got a rework station coming pretty excited about that. I was worried about tackling this there is allot work to do on the daughter board.Here is the one I got what do you think?
  4. Rob_H

    DNA 60

    Thanks for the pics I am going to be doing the same this takes the guess work out of it.
  5. Rob_H

    DNA 60

    Absolutely if you can get one lol
  6. Rob_H

    Any update on Dna60 availability?

    I hope its soon really want to get my hands on a couple.
  7. Rob_H

    DNA 60

    Ive the same idea for my RDNA. Lots of de-soldering though from the daughter board but would be worth it for the Zip charging.
  8. Rob_H

    Let's see your 200's!

    So how did you wire inside the device to run a 5amp charger. Are you still plugging into the stock location or did you run a remote usb.edit: I see the plug now in the first image.
  9. Rob_H

    Dna 200 build

    You can remove it and use the remote pads for a new switch. It will not affect anything.
  10. Rob_H

    Let's see your 250's!

    Thats cool I like it
  11. Rob_H

    Custom Dna60

    I seen that one its pretty nice. I was asking about the Evolv DNACustom mods if any have been sent out yet. I am guessing no.
  12. Rob_H

    Custom Dna60

    Anyone have one yet, or are their any mechanical drawings available? Sure would like to see one to make my mind up on getting one.
  13. Rob_H

    Let's see your 250's!

    Impressive I really dig the brass did you mill it yourself?
  14. Rob_H

    DNA 250 1.3 inch colored screen?

    First I have heard of it and have not seen anything on their page about it.
  15. Rob_H

    Thank You