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  1. Support "DNA250C ( %3d Watts )" and "Replay".
  2. Version 1.1


    Like "UNDERTALE". This Theme Contaions Fonts. Font Name: Monster Frend Fore Determination Mono Mars Needs Cunnilingus Download URL: Monster Frend Fore https://www.behance.net/gallery/31378523/Monster-Friend-Undertale-Logo-Font Determination Mono https://www.behance.net/gallery/31268855/Determination-Better-Undertale-Font Mars Needs Cunnilingus https://fonts2u.com/mars-needs-cunnilingus.font
  3. Hello. I made an LED panel that uses Raspberry Pi to output information from DNA. I am using Python for control. https://github.com/eucalyhome/dnainfo
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Do you like old-style?.
  5. Hello. I obtained DNA60SS. I reviewed it in the range that I understand. We hope for your reference. However, it is Japanese. http://ecig.eucaly.net/archives/16569249.html
  6. Hello. The same happened when trying themes using external fonts. When the theme PC and the eScribe PC are different, there is a font with the same name, it is likely to occur if the font width is larger than the theme setting. I solved the problem by writing a standard theme. But my screen was what happened with "MAIN". I pray for your board to heal.
  7. I also present an example of a connection. I use old DNA 60. It is the one when examining the board replacement for Clone Mod for testing. I am sorry, Japanese. http://ecig.eucaly.net/archives/5491837.html
  8. Thank you for your response. I am sad that symptoms have occurred on my board, but it is good news that I found a bug earlier and that I can improve with software. However, since it is a problem related to the battery end voltage, I urged the firmware update.
  9. Hello. eScribe -> Theme Tab -> Theme Designer -> Language Tab -> Locale : Date (M/d/yy) ex) 17/6/8 : yy/M/d 17/06/08 : yy/MM/dd 17-06-08 : yy-MM-dd
  10. Hello. For your information... JST B2C Connector pitch variations. SH : 1mm ZH : 1.5mm PH : 2mm XH : 2.5mm DNA60 USB Through-hole pitch : 0.08 in ( approx. 2mm ) = PH Connector!.
  11. Thank you very much. I will check it immediately.
  12. Hi. "temp mode" may be the cause. When "Watt mode", temperature is not displayed in device monitor. I think temperature is displayed because it is "temp mode".
  13. OK. The cause seems not to be F/W. I tried another approach. Probably it is a trouble of RTC. When we measured the temperature with Seek Thermal, the elements of the image were generating heat. Because Xtal is connected, I think it is RTC.
  14. Thanks for reply!. I have examined it in more detail. 1. F/W I tried reinstalling Rev 19 and Rev 20, but there was no change. 2. Current I compared it with a new board. · High current consumption · Low end voltage (approx. 1.2V) · It does not become standby Therefore, not only F/W but also element failure is suspected. Attach the measurement result. Oscilloscope: rigol DS 1054 Z Voltage source: DDC Current probe: Hantek CC-65 tr_standby.png: trouble DNA75c standby tr_endv.png: troble DNA75c end-voltage. nm_standby.png: New DNA75c standby. nm_endv.png: New DNA75c end-voltage.
  15. Thank you for support!.
  16. Hello. My board is currently experiencing problems. That is the discharge of the battery. 1. The board does not enter sleep mode * In the non-charging state, the batteries decrease when locking and not locking. * VTC4 It has changed from 99% to 70% by leaving for 2 hours. * USB connection, board is generating heat even in non-charging state. 2. The board will use the battery until the end voltage of the battery. * If left unattended, I will use the battery until it is empty. * About 0.9 V or so. My board was not originating from the beginning. Perhaps, after doing "restore default", it seems that a phenomenon is occurring. My board does not use production utility. The default setting is the initial state. Items other than "Theme" are not operated. Board Information: Evolv DNA 75 Color Device Information Serial Number YBAK FGEW PKWY Production History Friday, April 21, 2017, 3:53 PM Board programmed Revision.20. Thank you.
  17. Thumbnail broken... The file is correct.
  18. Hello. Thanks,for reply!. When a short circuit is detected, it forcibly shuts off and a click sound is emitted from the board. Since it seems to be a malfunction at first glance, I expect it to heal. However, because it is not a fatal factor, priority is low and it is OK.
  19. Thank you for your reply. 510 The connector is removed once it is confirmed. Resistance value between ATM and GND is about 500 ohms when the board is not connected and nothing is connected. Since this value is almost equal to normal DNA 75, it is judged that it is not physically short-circuited.
  20. Hello. My DNA 75C is "short" when remove the atomizer. After resetting, it becomes "CHECK ATOMIZER" before attaching the atomizer. I examined it with ATOMIZER ANALYZER, after removing the atomizer, the value of 100 ohms or more appears. My MOD is actually not short-circuited. Is there a problem with my board? . Revision:20 Theme:Default Theme. ( "Factory Setting Reset." )
  21. UPDATED!. KIRBYTHEME 1.1: *ohms param. *diag message. *wallpaper. *"puff" picture. *"enemy" picture. *board picture. *sleep & charge picture. Note: When "Flash Puff", the status is 0. Please try longer. kirbytheme_11.ecigtheme
  22. Version 1.4


    Like NES Adventure Game!.
  23. Version 1.1.0


    Like NES RPG!.
  24. Hello. I am glad you liked it. I will post it. Thanks.
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