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  1. Yellowhorse

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    Interesting to be called "ignorant" by someone that spells 'proved' with an F and has the grammar skills of a child. Re-read what you just wrote. You should be embarrassed. Excuse me for not knowing every denomination of English currency. I provided only one link because you should do your own homework/searching. Don't like the link I posted? Find your own. Vape safe. 🙄
  2. Yellowhorse

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    You aren't looking in the right places or not looking hard enough. I found one in 1 minute here: Apparently, your unrealistic price limit of 100 Euros is the real problem. They are available at quite a few places. Save up your money.
  3. Yellowhorse

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    I was responding to your comment of nobody making single cell DNA 75C anymore . Obviously, several companies are making them. Had you looked, you would have seen several models from Strangers Mods that meet your requirements and that most are not "one of a kind" custom models. For the record, the mod I showed you is not a "one of a kind" either. That said, I did see your "super expensive" comment but you mentioned no price cap and no dollar figure on what you consider to be "super expensive". The $3400 customs from Strangers Mods? Yeah, THEY are super expensive. Best of luck on finding what you are looking for. Consider a dual battery DNA 75C. Lots of them around from companies like Lost Vape that are priced at about $100.
  4. Just received my Strangers Mods Minuta21 DNA 75C USA Version #000. Thought I would show it off. It's gorgeous and this picture really doesn't do it justice. More pictures will be posted later.
  5. Yellowhorse

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    Strangers Mods produces some of the finest DNA 75C mods on the planet. Yes, depending on the options you choose, they are super expensive. Mine was $900 to my door. They also have Titanium models running as high as $3400. I just received a Minuta21 USA Version #000 today. Gorgeous! It uses a single 21700 battery. Strangers Mods can be found here:
  6. Yellowhorse

    Dna 250c

    Like many others here, I am patiently waiting for the 250C. And I do mean ..... patiently. I am in no rush and I am positive that when it is ready (really ready), Evolv will release it. I have many DNA powered mods (40, 60, 75, 167 x2, 200 x2 and 250 x2) and with the very rare exception of using a mech mod/RDA once in a while, the vast majority (99%) of my vaping is with a DNA of one flavor or another. The new 250C will be my first color DNA. Even if the new board doesn't make to market for another 6 months (unlikely) I have plenty of stuff to vape on so I'm not panicking. For what it's worth, Chinese electronics are completely out of the question for me and not an option. I would really like to see them (Evolv) use the USB-C connector for all the obvious reasons. No need for me to repeat them all. Battery options will come from the box manufacturers. A dual 21700 would easily fully power a 250C board but would require the board to be modified to run on a 2S battery configuration at full power (250w) and I have no idea if they (Evolv) plan on offering that option. Run time would obviously be less than a 3S but the smaller size would be nice. That said, a normal 2S 167C setup would OK too along with a 3S 250C. In all probability, I will get a couple of each of them that use different batteries, including LiPo. In the meantime, I will calmly wait, vape and keep my eyes peeled for 250C to appear. Again, I'm in no rush and prefer to let others 'beta test' the product. Vape safe everybody ..... and relax.
  7. Downloaded just fine for me.Thanks, James!
  8. I am having the exact same problem. Waiting patiently for a solution.
  9. Yellowhorse

    Server Errors

    I'm running EScribe V1.2 SP5. Everything was fine until today. It worked yesterday (and before) but today is a different story.Now I am getting server errors when trying to login to the internet through Escribe and I am getting a similar error when trying to "get information" via EScribe.Anybody ever see this before?Anybody have any useful suggestions on what is going on with this issue and how to fix it?
  10. Yellowhorse

    DNA 250

    Great news!!Looking forward to getting a couple.
  11. Yellowhorse

    DNA 60

    Perfect timing!
  12. Yellowhorse

    Case analyzer

    No. A one or two degree variance in room temperature isn't going to make any noticeable change in the test results.
  13. Yellowhorse

    4 DNA 200's Dead

    After 8 months and 6 different DNA 200 mods (I still have all of them), I have yet to have a single problem with any of them other than the sketchy case and battery specs that some of the manufacturers plugged in to the firmware via EScribe, which I corrected after running the case and battery analyzers and using a copper plug to check the case resistance. I wouldn't ever hesitate recommending a DNA 200 to any vaper willing to read the manual and step through the entire interactive training course for EScribe. Knowledge is power. Don't want to learn how to properly use it? Buy something else. Where am I going with this? I have had NO problems with the DNA 200's. My friends have had NO problems with theirs. It seems odd to me that someone could have 4 of them fail...all by themselves. Operator error? Abuse? Unluckiest person on the planet? Makes me wonder if the OP isn't doing something to cause these issues. Is there going to be a bad board here and there? Sure. But what are the odds of one person getting 4 bad ones in a row? Pretty slim.
  14. I bought one of these from SmokeFreeMods and it works great. I have 6 DNA 200 devices and the listed case/device resistance on all but one of them was off by as much as 0.004 ohms. I have 2 VS DNA 200's and oddly enough, even though they should be identical for case/device resistance....they weren't. By the time you add up the losses presented by all the various solder connections, friction connections, various different lengths/type of wire, the ground and the 510 itself....these things WILL be different from box to box. It pays to double check what the manufacturer 'says' the case/device resistance is. I seriously doubt that they check each one individually.