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    DNA 60

    Very cool!
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    Manufactures Battery Dimensions Can Change!

    Double-check Manufacturer Battery Dimensions because they can and do change? Paying attention to manufactures website can save headaches down the road. While working on mod design I was referencing my notes for Maxamps LiPo 1300 3S 11.1v battery pack and was verifying the dimensions on their website, and low and behold they were different than what I had noted/logged! I had logged them a couple months ago at 66mm x 35mm x 22mm and now they’re showing at 64mm x 35mm x 24mm. Yeah, it’s not much but as most modders know an unch (technical term-Cynthia Howder aka Mamu can make the difference. Damn! I cut that thing three times and it’s still too short! J Thought maybe I’d copy & pasted wrong. I contacted Maxamps and was informed that yes the size had changed and this will be the new size going forward. That is of course unless they change again! Hope this may help some folks.Ps: Always good to have actual battery in hand when designing as stated sizes and actual sizes can and will vary!
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    Let's see your 200's!

    Mandro, I'd say you're getting this stuff down! Very nice work!
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    JST-XH connector wire gauge?

    Thanks macz. Weird, either way, when I click the link I get the 404 but when I copy & paste it come up fine!
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    JST-XH connector wire gauge?

    There are pin numbers on the board (manual pg 15) and the connector spec can be found[/QUOTE]I'm getting 404. Looks to be bad link.
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    Well they said to say Hello! So I did! Hello! Nice to see some many folks getting to play with this new toy.