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  1. That looks interesting - appreciate graphical changes to the norm. Well done.
  2. Version 1.0.9


    Spin off theme based on the the B-2 Spirit... subtle differences!
  3. Nice one sir! You had fun with it and I like... can't beat Pacman ever! Good on ya.😀
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Another theme I made back in 2017/2018 and my personal go to vertical theme. Designed for the 250C (originally the 75C). This theme uses a different way to navigate. Use the up and down buttons to scroll through "pages" then press the middle button to access the control aspects, fire to exit. Pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The Theme utilises day and night screens so that its easy to read in all conditions. Replay has its own page to adjust parameters.
  5. Thank you sir! Indeed its certainly retro inspired - been fun to work on, lost all my original themes recently with a HHD failure but found this one in my email messages phew, never wouldn't want to start to start from scratch with this theme.😁
  6. Thanks very much, I tried to push the boundaries with this one, its a golden oldie - and yes took many weeks of fettling.
  7. Thank you, I know exactly what you mean, need a free magnifying glass with every download 😉 Cheers!
  8. Version 1.1.4


    Bit of a blast from the past this one. I made this in 2018 for the DNA75C, later converted to include the latest DNA250C features. At the time, back in 2018, this was more on an experiment of what the theme could do rather than a releasable theme. The text is tiny and 3 years later I can barely read it without reading glasses lol Pretty straightforward settings - an adventure to find what does what... you'll figure it out - if not send me a message. GO USAF.... To do list... Add Replay
  9. haha silver lining that - those bottle are not readily available, which is odd, you'd think Lost Vape would get some out there and make some $$$! Yes, barring the initial "teething" issues, its my daily driver, now zero issues. At least with the Triade you shouldn't have leaking issues - the vape mail waiting game is the worst part lol
  10. One of my bottles didn't squonk well, all it was, was the tube was cut too long and the slant end was bottoming out.
  11. Oh dear, have you been able to fix it?
  12. Does lightning strike twice? lol Good luck my man 👍
  13. Good luck - let us know how you get on. It is fixable, but annoying nonetheless!
  14. Yes, unscrew atty, dry out 510 and slip over centre pin, can be a bit tricky I found 2 toothpicks helped with that.
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