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  1. MadVaper

    "Fake" Lost Vape Paranormal 250C?

    I'm guessing the EVOLV board serial is supposed to be good enough. And yes it does look like a difference in production runs. I got another one from April and it does have the black strip over the vent plate. I also got a replacement from the vendor for the one with the bad 510, board dated June with no black strip over the vent plate. Out of 4 Paranormals no 2 are exactly alike. Reading about those with the USB issue I am feeling a little lucky. I'm also done. I like the EVOLV chip. It is better than the one in Primo mini. I have also gotten some of the Primo Mini's I have complaints about. Even one that recently non dramatically burnt out. But for under $30, Artic Fox SW, light weight and some other things that are good about them... If China doesn't care about Q.C. a high quality board just isn't worth it tp me.
  2. MadVaper

    Evolv Support???????

    You've had to submit tickets for multiple mods? Doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy
  3. I have two Paranormals. Both of them have boards I was able to verify as valid boards. 1) is in our database. It was produced April 12, 2018. This serial number has been checked 1 time. 2) is in our database. It was produced May 24, 2018. This serial number has been checked 1 time. The second one has a definite problem with the 510 straight out of the box. I then noticed under the panels there is a difference between mod #1 and mod #2. I posted a picture on ECF and I was asked if I checked the Lost Vape scratch off QR code. Neither mod box had a QR verification code. When I received the first mod and saw there was no verification like mods from other manufactures I searched to find out if Lost Vape should have one. There is no mention of a QR verification code anywhere. Did I buy 2 "bad" "unauthorized" mods? Did I buy broken, returned to manufacturer mods that were then resold as new? If a new, authentic Lost Vape Paranormal 250C should have a verifiable code that should be public knowledge so people are not cheated and if they are sold "unauthorized" they will know it. Can anyone shed some light on this. In the pic below the one on the right has a plate and magnet that I have only seen shown on 75C's, 250C's I have seen look like the mod on the left. The 510 on the right does not travel and has a LOT of resistance if you try to tighten down an atty.