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  1. i'm not clear on the question you are referring to? if you are referring to the below, I really don't understand the question.
  2. How do I set the battery to 100% charge at 3.7 volts?
  3. Can you tell me how to turn the pre-heat off?
  4. Cheers. I've changed it to 2.9v It seems the mod isn't good at reading the battery. the battery indicator reader sinks to 80% quicker than I would expect. When I take the battery out to charge with external charger, the battery seems still to have a lot of charge left.
  5. onikami

    watts calcuator

    all the install components are ticked. still not showing. why on earth do they make this an optional thing? totally bizarre. I might try downloading the US version rather than the international
  6. Hi all, I am plugging my DNA250c into escibe but cannot locate the watts calculator anywhere on escribe? Can someone point me to it? It isn't where DJLSB vapes shows in his video -he is using older version of escribe. Could someone point me in the right direction? I want to enter the correct battery setting for the device as it is not reading it right.
  7. Hi all, I am finding that the battery life isn't all that great on the DNA250c think finder. This is a bit odd considering all reviews say it has great battery life. I am wondering if the battery selection on escibe is correct? At the moment it is set as Lithium Ion 18650 3 cell. Cell cut off as 2.75v I am using 3 x LG HG2 3000 mah 3.7v Brown batteries. Should I change the battery type to Lithium Polymer? The batteries I am using arent new, i've had them for a while but it shouldn't last longer than I am experiencing. seems to go down to 80% pretty quickly.
  8. onikami

    Wattage Boost setting question

    Cheers, mate. I got it to work. 👍
  9. Hi all, I got my first DNA mod - think vape Finder 250c. I am a bit confused by the watt boost setting. When I select it and set it to 60w, I cant seem to vape on this setting. Is this a setting I can actually vape on like Replay or Watts or Kanthal? Or is it for TC only? Every time I hit the power button on watt boost, it takes me to the next screen which asks me did I connect a new coil, no use old coil etc. It doesn't actually fire on watt boost when I select it.