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  1. So I’ve had a dna before but someone else set up profiles and all that good stuff for me and in return I believe messed up my box. I really just want to set mine up to be a good mod all around. Fast ramp up time good hits and some of the other little goodies would be cool too. Just trying to figure out how to do all of it. TIA
  2. I'm trying to figure out if theres a way that I can visually represent individual cell voltages. Simply setting the source to 'Battery cell # voltage' does not seem to work, and I largely suspect that's because it doesnt know what range to expect. Is there wa way that I can manually dictate what the 0-100% range should be? This is honestly more to be more visually entertaining, but could also be useful as well in a small way. If it's possible to setup a manual range, could also do neat things like, say... A thermometer for example could be nice for when I'm burning coils to shape or clean so I dont risk overheating the board... But again, is mostly to just be visually entertaining.
  3. I have a SqEvo, that I'm looing to repair, and I'm wondering if the wire used in it's original construction is appropriate. It appears to be 18 gauge solid core enameled wire. The mod in question has 10.8 hours on it according to EScribe and I suspect friction of the battery positive wire rubbing against the 510 while the button was being pressed, is the cause for the enamel being burnt off the wire. Originally I was going to just desolder the Battery positive and put heat shrink over it, but then I started questioning the gauge of the wire used on the 510 + and the board ground. Is 18 gauge solid core wire adequate for a DNA 60 positive 510 and the ground connection? I've been looking through the Evolv datasheets and I'm left wondering, Did Evolv under or over spec the Wire for the DNA 60, DNA 75, DNA 200, and or the DNA 250, as they all have the same Specs? I'm not an electrical engineer, so any insight you can offer would be appreciated.
  4. My Paranormal DNA 250c suddenly stopped hitting. It only hits when drenched and juice, and quickly stops heating up. Any help on fixing? Does Escribe have a juice detection setting, or maybe a battery setting that you can help me with? Truly appreciate any effort to fix this!
  5. Need an honest opinion on whether to go with 166 Therion or paranormal 250c. What is the better dna out of those two at this point. Please helllppppp
  6. Hi guys, im looking to find some help on a few issues with my lost vape triade dna250c project sub ohm edition. First and biggest issue the error message i get several times a day. White screen that says Error Press Up. Sometimes it happens when the screen turns off, sometimes it does it inbetween puffs, does it when i update it or try to change the theme. Each time it makes me unlock the device again. Ive reset it back to the default theme and still does it, also my replay function is wonky.. I can change it to replay but i cant hit the save button. Also earlier it went to black screen and wouldnt turn on again until i popped a battery out.. Ive only had the thing for 2 weeks and i did upgrade to the sp35. I did see the soft and hard reset options on escribe but wasnt sure what they do, so would one of these reset the entire chip back to factory? Firmware and all?
  7. I purchased a Vicious Ant Spade 18650 Dna75c and regardless of the battery I use it always ends up saying check battery. The battery can be fully charged as well. I have cleaned the contacts, done everything I know to do but the issue persists. If anyone can point me to a fix or what I should do to get this issue to subside I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. Hi. I'm new here and I'm not really understanding the theme maker. Would anyone be willing to make a red and pink zero two theme for my dna color? She's from an anime called Darling in the Franxx. I inserted an image to show the colors.
  9. so after a year or 2 of faithful service, i blew the fuse on my dna200 board somehow. it was plugged into usb and i MIGHT have put a cell in backwards... while it was plugged in... after taking my mod apart and getting to where i can see it... the fuse is definitely blown, i poked it and the green on the outside brushed away. ive aquired a replacement and am a little excited actually at my first attempt hand soldering a surface mount thing this small. but i wanted to verify before i do, should there be continuity between the fuse and that lower battery contact tab? all ive actually done to the board so far is desoldered that particular battery wire because is was blocking the fuse. im not planning on just like solder-bridgeing any gaps, it just looks like this board was assembled rather... hastily i guess (starrs player box) and it kinda looks like there might be whiskers bridging the gap , but i have to assume there was a reason theres pads were kept seperate in the first place, i dont really know. also i apologise if this isnt the best place for this post, its been a while since ive been here
  10. Hey hope someone can help me here?!? I recently bought a Therion DNA75c second hand. Whilst I was checking out EScribe, I noticed that my mod was only reading 1 Cell of the two batts I put in.... So i took one out and the mod still ran...wtf.... I then went ahead and swapped batts... same thing. Is this normal?
  11. Hello, I have a question about lost vape mirage dna 75c If I change the theme to some other one, then I can go back to the theme that was factory set if so please link to the theme or some hint Thanks in advance ☺ It's about this pre-loaded theme
  12. Where the battery goes into the board can I wire 2 wires with the orange adapter so I can swap batteries and make easier external charging
  13. Alright. So I 'read' the manual. And I googled around for a while hunting down others voltage issues but everything I find is battery related... I think my case might be a little more specific. So let me preface this by saying i like to tinker. So decisions were made to ensure that I could change things around often. This should take care of things liked "dude that is a-lot of wire" and "Why in the f**k do you need a terminal strip". Since I am also a fan of over-building everything we can avoid things like "Bro; but it's barely 4 amps!" or even the occasional "you can get cheaper better built ones online". It's just a simple passthrough box (screenshots attached) with a terminal strip to terminate all connections. Easy to take apart and put back together and modify. This is far from its final form, just a proof. I'm coming over from a GENE chip (the drag) because it's time to leave batteries behind. I got the 250c because I can't help myself, easy enough to justify with a "just in case" --right? I got the giant case because I have big clumsy hands and limited to moderate patience when the lower back starts to ache from hunching over to work on tiny things in smaller places. The power supply is a genuine Meanwell LRS-150. Will be connected to a LRS-350 for the full 30 amps when in final use. So that I can use all of 45 of those 350 watts... That out of the way lets talk about 9.38 volts. And why the DNA chip seems to think that's what its getting. * Plug in brand new chip. Apply 12.25v. * Plug in USB (5v). * Download and push latest firmware and reset * Generate custom material profile based on COMPLETELY TRUSTWORTHY(tm) Reddit information. (screenshot attached) --- TC/r value. To: 0.00240 --- Temp sensing (of course) * Set the custom values in the profile. (Screenshot attached) --- 45 watts --- No preheat --- Temp cap 525 --- No replay --- Locked resistance based on new coil 24 hours at room temp. * Push to device * Satisfaction (until i check the diagnostics) Wiring is 2 runs of 16 gauge for power and ground from the PSU to the block. I would love to have used 2 runs of 12 but the aviation connectors wouldn't have it. Speakon for V2 if this proof of concept works. 12 gauge for everything else. Seriously disappointed in the stock pad-soldering solution for a supposed 400 watts. That's it really. Thing performs flawlessly at these settings and feels exactly like my GENE chips at the same (converted) settings. I just don't understand why the chip is reading 9.38 volts. Doesn't behave like its under powered, still need to get my shunt and ammeter in the loop to see whats up in that regard. I understand every time you add a link in the chain, another connection, another length of wire, another terminal and so on you add resistance which can effect voltage at high power levels. I scuff-buff-n-clean all my connection points and solder joints. Clean all conformal coating off and pre-tin the pads and wires. I also fully admit I solder with the dexterity of a ham-fisted gorilla on methamphetamine. I have tested every link in the chain repeatedly with a multitude of multiple multi meters and displays of varying known offsets. I know beyond a shadow of the doubt I had the 3rd time I de-soldered EVERYTHING and re-soldered it; those pads are absolutely mechanically and electrically connected. Thanks in advance. Hope I just dun-goofd' a setting somewhere. I'm worried I cooked it during some of that professional soldering..... Had fun writing this up and getting the screen shots though 😉 -Crit (bonus points for why it thinks it has 3 cells when i didn't even so much as solder on the connector)
  14. Hello all, My DNA 75C recently developed a black spot on it and I'm looking into getting a replacement screen. I can't seem to find any video anywhere that shows how to replace it though. I'm currently deployed and don't have access to many tools. So I'm debating on whether I should send it off or do it myself. Could someone post a link or video or something so I can determine whether I can do it or if I need to send it? Thanks!
  15. When i push the "Upload Settings To Device", it says this to me --> look at the ss What can i do for this?, Please help. Thanks.
  16. Hello, I'm new to vaping and new to the forum. Just picked up my first mod (lavabox M) and trying to find a kanthal setting. Im using an Aspire Cleito atomizer which has kanthal. Any help? Any suggestions on other sub-ohm tanks to try? I look forward to learning from the group and hope to contribute when my vaping knowledge increases. Thanks in advance.
  17. hi all, I'm new to the escribe software and I'm just wanting to optimise my device to use my Vaporesso GT-CCELL coils but I'm not sure where to start. so far I kniw my coils material is SS316 but besides that I'm not sure what other setting would be optimal to run this coil. please help ccell settings.csv
  18. Hello friends and merry Christmas to all. Can you guys see this mod and say to me if I get cheating for a seller? 1. No company name in bout inlays (wood and carbon fiber) 2. No holes in the wood for vent 3. Vent inside looks different to review videos Thanks
  19. First of all thanks for your attention . i just bought a therion 166 and i love the DNA hit but i am mostly an mtl vaper and i like to use temp control i had snowwolf vfeng and all i had to do is lock OHM on room temp and then i vaped it but alot of ppl say best temp control is the DNA chip offers , i got one now i have to deal with escribe and all videos i found had nothing to provide me on how to start and make it perfect i have the siren v2 tank i use ss316 26g 6 wraps spaced 2.5 diameter or 3 diameter ... can someone help me please give me a link to a useful bullshit free video or link to a profile i can download ... some people say to use ss304 instead it performs better but the DNA250 doesnt have ss304 . where i can download it ?? thanks for ur time and keep vaping
  20. So I got my first DNA device a Lost Vape Triade DNA250 a few weeks ago and it's super awesome! My only desire is get some more vapor, it's decent but I think it could be better, I think it's because I don't know anything about building for TC. Ive been using my standard builds for wattage mode, dual coil stainless steel 316L Clapton 24/36 3.5 inner diameter 8 wraps ohms around .25, I've also tried same wire dual coil 5 wrap spaced .15 ohm. Any advice on builds for tc for better clouds, maybe single coils? Spaced? Different wire? Ps my settings are set with the specific wire csv with a preheat of base wattage for coil +50% ex. The first build run at 100w with a 150w preheat, @500F Thanks!!!
  21. Hello, Lately i dropped my box (h-cigar vt inbox) together with atomizer moonshot rta , my battery (sony vtc5) flew out When you put everything together, the box doesn't read the atomizer on the screen CHECK ATOMIZER I tried to fix it I have come to the conclusion that after pressing the fire button I only give 0.5 V box doesn't read different atomizer. 510 is work Pliss chelp me
  22. Hello, just messed with my Hugo Vapor Boxin DNA75 in escribe and I didn't save the default profile / theme .. Can anyone with Hugo Vapor Boxin DNA series send me the default .ecigprofile / .ecigtheme, please? the default function in escribe only reverse back to [evolv 75], not the mod itself.
  23. Hello, Isn't this mod DNA 75? http://www.etaliens.com/productdetail.aspx?tid=65&id=32 What to do if my escribe doesn't recognize this mod? Thanks! (as attachment) Looks like there was only 1 discussion about ETALIENS ... and he was reading escribe fine. p.s. my escribe works fine since it reads my other devices (boxin dna75)
  24. does anyone know how to set the proper way using only power mode on hcigar vt 133 the battery settings and all of good stuff , do you have file to download on settings sorry im just new on dna board
  25. I have my account set up ( I think), however i can not get my vape to connect to my computer. It keeps saying that there is no usb device plugged in, yet it shows that my device is charging. The title warranty service pops up on my device and i can not get it to link to change the any of the settings. looking for help.
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