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  1. shehabismail

    Check atomizer

    Atty works fine on other DNA devices in SS316L Temp control.
  2. shehabismail

    Check atomizer

    tried spaced coil. same issue. this is so frustrating, same clapton builds work fine on my other dna 200 and 250
  3. shehabismail

    Check atomizer

    Thank you, will try it
  4. shehabismail

    Check atomizer

    It should work even if its contact, my new Vaporesso GEN Works fine with the same build. Also it should work if the wire has SS or any other temp control material...
  5. shehabismail

    Check atomizer

    They are contact coils and 100% SS
  6. shehabismail

    Check atomizer

    Hello, I am using a clapton ss316L from advanced vape supply. When I am on replay mode, the first puff i like then i click save puff, then when i fire again it says check atomizer, replaced the coil and still same behaviour. Works fine in wattage mode. When I try SS316 it always says temp protect from the first puff. I am running latest software
  7. shehabismail


    Hello, How can I Configure my dna250c to show charging amps and amps while firing?
  8. shehabismail

    Lock screen

    its evolv stock theme
  9. shehabismail

    Lock screen

    I unticked this checkbox and uploaded settings to device, still same behavior
  10. shehabismail

    Lock screen

    Thanks. sucks to have this as the default
  11. shehabismail

    DNA250C Mods

    Hello, What are the best dna250c dual 18650 mods? I can only find paranormal and thinkvape finder
  12. shehabismail

    Lock screen

    Hello, I got a new dna 250c mod, whenever i press the fire button and device gets up from sleep its locked and i have to press fire 5 times which is annoying. How can I disable that?
  13. shehabismail

    Amps while taking a draw

    the board is outputting 13 amps and i have 3 18650s it will be 13/3 per cell?
  14. shehabismail

    Amps while taking a draw

    Hello, I have set the mod to show the amps while taking a hit. question is is this amp per cell or total amps from all batteries?
  15. shehabismail

    Why use discharge profiles

    Hello, why do evolv boards that use escribe have the option (or mandatory I dont know) battery discharge profiles? Why do we have to look for dual or triple or lipo discharge profiles and apply it to the mod? Is the watt hour setting enough? All other boards deal with this on their own without having the user to define these values