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Found 10 results

  1. My Paranormal DNA 250c suddenly stopped hitting. It only hits when drenched and juice, and quickly stops heating up. Any help on fixing? Does Escribe have a juice detection setting, or maybe a battery setting that you can help me with? Truly appreciate any effort to fix this!
  2. HELLO AND WELCOME TO MY GUIDE ON HOW TO PROLONG YOUR CARTRIDGE AND COILS LIFE I have been using the Lost Vape Orion Plus for the past 2 months and found some tricks and tips on how to prolong your cartridge and coils (yes I do include tips for the old DNA GO cartridge, woohoo) DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damages that could've happened if you're using my settings (will discuss this later). Make sure you knowhow EScribe works before attempting to upload my settings. First: The top-fill cap Why is this a problem? This is caused by the cartridges (both old and new) to be airlocked and making the coil to not wick fast enough. My tip on this is to unscrew the top-fill cap until it looks loose enough to let air in but not for the juice to come out (But make sure you fully close the top-fill cap when it's not in use). Second: Regularly doing dry hits The reason for regularly doing dry hits is to make sure that the wick is saturated enough for it to not burn itself. You can do this by opening the top-fill cap like above and suck it hard for 2 times with the airflow half-open. (Why half-open? Why not just let it be fully closed?) The reason I'm suggesting you to half-open it is to make sure that you will not accidentally suck up the e-juice as the air pressure on the tank is normalized. Third: Prime your coils The reason you need to prime your coils is simple, it's to make sure the wick and the cotton are saturated with e-juice so that only the juice gets heated up and not the cotton. Fourth: Your e-juice PG-VG ratio I will recommend you to find a 50-50 blend for the juice as high VG may cause wicking issues while high PG may cause it to burn as it's too thin. Using a 60-40 blend for both VG and PG is okay but not 70-30. Fourth: EScribe settings I made 2 settings which you can download below. There are two options, one is for the new Orion Plus replaceable coils and the other one is for the old Orion DNA Go cartridges. (These are customizable so if you want to tweak it a bit, go-ahead, no one's stopping you. You may also share the changes you did to help out other users in this forum). Also, make sure to upgrade your DNA GO to Orion Plus firmware before using these settings Here are the changes I made to the stock settings (if you are unsure of what's inside my settings) I changed the power levels to: DNA GO 0.25 Cartridges: -Power level: 10,12,13,15,16 -Boost : 0,0,0,0,0 -Replay warmth: 1 DNA GO 0.5 Cartridges: -Power level: 8,10,11,12,13 -Boost : 0,0,0,0,0 -Replay warmth: 1 ORION PLUS 0.25 Coil: -Power level: 10,13,15,18,19 -Boost : 0,0,0,0,0 -Replay warmth: 1 ORION PLUS 0.5 Coil: -Power level: 8,10,12,14,15 -Boost : 0,0,0,0,0 -Replay warmth: 1 FAQs: Why is the wattage lower than the stock settings? The reason I set the wattage lower on the coils and not cartridges is to make them last a bit longer as the coils tend to last shorter than the cartridges (at least on my side), also the cartridges have an increased wattage by 1 on the highest settings, it's okay to use it but not for long as you may end up shortening your cartridges life. You can increase or decrease these by some watts (I prefer to adjust it by a plus-minus of 1 watt at a time). Why is the boost set to zero? The reason is that Boost tends to over apply the wattage on gunked coils, which is okay for larger devices but not for our little replaceable coils and cartridges. Why is the 1st power settings is set to 8W/10W? This is to prime the coils so that it can last longer. The steps of priming the coils are simple. Just fill up your tank. Wait for a few minutes. Do some dry hits with the top-cap slightly open (as we discussed before). Set the wattage to the lowest and take 10 short hits (averaging around 1 sec each) and gradually increasing the wattage (maybe around 5 short hits with each wattage increase) until you hit your normal wattage. I got e-juice in my mouth after using the first tip, help. First of all, try to tighten the top-fill cap a bit to the air pressure can be normalized but at a slower rate. (Make sure you open it back and do some dry hits if you found it's flavor muted or slightly burnt) I hope what I shared today can help out others Orion DNA GO/Plus users out there. If you have any questions or issues, you may ask in the comments and I'll try my best to help out. ORION_PLUS_NEW_CARTRIDGE.ecig ORION_PLUS_OLD_CARTRIDGE.ecig
  3. Hey folks, was wondering what settings everyone is running using 50mg salt nic and a .5 Ohm coil. I like a good throat hit and some lush clouds like everyone. Found the factory settings to be a little weak for my liking. Seen the novo 2 is boosting 25 watts and would like something like that or higher as long as it doesn't kill my throat. :P Thanks!
  4. I don't do TC - watts only for me. So with that said... How does the boost punch work? Is it proportional to the amount of watts I'm using, or proportional to the number of watts the mod puts out? Is there a way to set the increments on boost? EG 25 watts per increment? Is boost punch time the same no matter what increment I set it at? I've used the search function (unsuccessfully). Punch and TC are the big thing. Us cloud-chasing watts vapers are left out LOL FYI - mod is the Think Vape FinDer 250C
  5. Version 1.0.0


  6. Hello everyone, does anyone know where I can set the time for display timeout ? (if there is a display timeout setting) thank you
  7. Hi, I am Brian from Philippines and I just got my DNA 250 and I am super lost. Actually, this is my second mod but first time to use DNA250. I just want to seek help from you experts on what is the best setting to enhance the taste? Here in Philippines, the easiest coil to find is Kanthal. My current settings is: Material: WATTS (Kanthal) Watts: 60-80 Unlocked Ohms No temp control Boost: Set to 1 Sorry I really have no IDEA, I just want to maximize my MOD or DNA250. Thank you so much in advance!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Original Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C stock settings (.ecig file)
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C settings (.ecig) after case analyzer , resistence test and VTC6 battery test. Battery Analyzer run for dual Sony VTC6 3000mah 17.899wh Cell Soft Cutoff set to lower limit of these 18650's at 2.75v Mod internal resistance measured with copper plug at 0.015 ohms Case Analyzer run at 70 degF \ 21 °C ambient, average over 3 runs Materials and profiles as per my personal use
  10. Currently own the triade 250 and i run it at 160w on a goon 1.5 rda. i get check battery message at about 28% what can i do to fix this? will running battery analyzer help? if so can i just do a few big loops of wire to run a 160w test? or do i need to buy specific gear? im a complete noob when it comes to the dna chip
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