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  1. use the gothic theme as a base and you wont have any of this questions after messing with the theme to your liking for like a month, worth it tho, now escribe I only need for updates everything else is in that chip... still frustrated evolv didn't make the 250C read to 0.00001X but I guess that leaves it for the next chip, that increase in accurate resistance reading should enable tc-ka.
  2. open a ticket with evolve, personally ive sent them a dna200 a 75 and a 250 for repairs, never been a hastle, that's one of the reasons you buy a DNA to begin with, warranty and costumer service.
  3. Canadianvape

    Do I need to calibrate my 250c?

    Run the case thermals, that really messes up with TC on extreme weather if it's not calibrated, I use TC mostly aswell so I calibrate them all, run your cells to 25% then run case analyzer and TC should be solid and stable afterwards.
  4. Canadianvape

    Replay Warmth Option

    It pretty much controls the “warmth” of the vape. Ie in the 250C if you go from TC to replay, the warmth level will change the peak temperature it replays, from watts it applies slightly more voltage than the saved puff. If you want a warmer than you saved puff, you increase it otherwise pull it lower. I guess with the DNA go, you would need device monitor to see the changes in the vape when changing the warmth. I usually use it to get to higher temps by saving then replaying stop puff and saving again the power/temp increases as it is now replaying a boosted hit.
  5. Sp35 this is the THIRD time, luckily I took a picture this time. theme is working fine.
  6. It’s for the dna250c, last firmware I knew of was the watt boost for that generation of chips, I don’t see how you could add replay to a non colour board.
  7. Canadianvape

    Replay maximum temperature?

    There is no temp ceiling for replay, that is why high wattage vapers like it. You could be vaping at 800F and it would play it over and over. Technically there is no limit and it WILL replay a burnt hit so it’s down to the user to find the spot and save it. It’s quite annoying sometimes. Switching it from tc into replay is the most inaccurate “replay” tho, you can tell by the monitor how each puff is slightly different when you are recording the temperature and the curve slightly different each time. Too little to notice without the monitor tho.
  8. It’s an rta, mesh is definitely stainless steel, it’s at 0.13ohms Vandy Vape 150 and 200 micron rolls ss316l . Won’t work with either. Have to get the puff from cold then save and do it again because if I fire it from cold on replay it burns, it’s a prototype so it’s not in the market yet. Edit:it’s on the latest firmware.
  9. I encountered an error I woke up and went to vape (finder dna250c) and when I clicked fire it said error then a number (sorry I don't remember and I didn't take a picture) after clicking again the message disappeared, it has yet to show up again so I can take a picture, I don't know what triggered it or what it was. sp17. sorry I can't be of more help, but I did catch that white sceen with error, that had not showed up prior to the sp17. also I had to delete two screens from my themes to CHANGE a wire slot, I don't know how that happened.
  10. Canadianvape

    Gothic DNA2C/DNA75C by copyman

    I had a different problem, I got some 317l wire in and went to remove the ss430 profile to add the 317l profile, said out of space, on both finder and paranormal. I had gone an installed another theme but that theme had no way of enabling and disabling replay on the theme so I created a screen for it and an icon to lead to that screen, no matter what the icon would not become highlighted and others with the same conditions did. So I came here to get the "light" version, the lock screen sequence programming does not even work in the them so I deleted that and I had created a link to the about screen since that was lacking too, deleted that aswell. now the theme is working.
  11. Installed in windows 10 intl version. It prompted that there was a new service pack for the dna250c finder and paranormal. Haven’t noticed a difference though. Replay is having a hard time with ss mesh. It will save the puff, let it rest for 5 minutes and it gives a sorching hot hit, only way to make it work is to find the perfect puff every time you pick it up. Quite hot on tc as well. Ss316l 150/200 mesh
  12. Canadianvape

    Temp Protection Issue

    Check if you have a short and that your leads are tightened.
  13. Canadianvape

    Fully charge batteries vtc5a

    Check your battery CSV I have both my dna250c set to display voltage, I don't bother with %, but your gauge is dependant on your battery csv also if you set it to maximize recharges it should not go over 8.2v for 2s 12.3v for 3s.. (~92-94%)
  14. Alright for reference my numbers are constant cooling: 261.5s constant heating: 174.67s case static: 0C case USB connect: 0C case USB charge: 2.73 c/a
  15. For some reason I got way different thermals when I ran mine. Dunno why. Should I stick to the ones I got or use this ones? (Mine is like half the values) mines is the ss version could that change?
  16. Canadianvape

    Help with ohms

    What do you have your ohm lock range set to? The lower it is the more often it will ask the question, Also I don't know to what extent it's in the theme as I haven't experienced that on my dna250c but it's dependant on the time out... maybe setting device to stay on for 20minutes will help?
  17. Canadianvape

    Thank You Evolv!

    I Agree this is amazing, I'm a TC vaper this is the coolest thing I found, You can ALSO start from TC, you know when you go out and it's 10-20c lower and get that super flavour tc vapor? Then just switch to replay and experience THAT SPECIFIC tc puff you liked, that's really something new and for people that have been using tc since the dna40, is extremely nice feature (although theme designer is daunting) thank you evolv I love this chipset! The wait was worth it.
  18. As far as I'm aware 15.1 is the latest and recommended firmware 33.2 (for the color DNAs) it's pinned in early EScribe thread, the one with the files, this is the discussion. Im hoping for Evolv to make Theme Designer more user friendly as I want to make a theme myself. (Firmware seems very solid) 33.2 has replay for the 75C and sp15.1 changes some settings in the default evolv theme. hope this helps
  19. Canadianvape

    Please share websites to buy or preorder 250c

    Arrived Monday, I'm really liking this chip. Going from EScribe 1.5 to sp 15 is Pita tho, gonna miss EScribe 1.5. (They have them in stock at 2fdeal, shipped the 26th, arrived this week) 2fdeal is listing 3/4 finder dna250c "in stock"
  20. Canadianvape

    setting temperature

    *Update* Frank65 told me how but its messy/hidden, if anyone has a video for reference in the future that would be greatly appreciated
  21. Canadianvape

    setting temperature

    I set up franks profile on my dna250C but I cant seem to find where or how to change the way temperature is configured in the main screen. what do i do to change it from 5c increments to 1c increments? thank you
  22. Could you please show me in a screenshot like before? Thank you u think I got it now, thank you so much. Going from sp1.5 to sp15 Is a headache
  23. It just keeps adjusting the wattage but I can't find where temp is adjusted.
  24. Hi Frank I tried doing that but it wouldn't change the steps in temperature, how would I change that? Thank you.