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  1. Jetro

    Paranormal 250C Puff Counter

    Hi Alex, Sounds like you are figuring it out. I added a puff counter and a mod locking button and changed the settings field to a picture on the main screen. Other than those changes the theme is the default 250c theme. Hope this helps you see what changes can be made. Cheers, JT 250c default with ms puff counter.ecigtheme
  2. That means more to me than you would ever know. THANK YOU. Prayers and thoughts back to ya. Huge congrats on 2 years hopefully many more to come! ...... all things are possible..............well said. Yes sir, I am 7 months into this battle and it appears I am beginning to win........ My best, JT
  3. I just got back from the hospital, I am fighting stage 4 kidney cancer. So sorry for the late reply. Yes you can run my thermal settings. No none of my seven 75c/250c mods show any random charge current during the case analyzer test. If yours does it has a problem. All boards / mods are different. If my settings do not track temperature properly on your mod you can raise the Case Static Temp Rise if it is high or lower it if it reads low until the temperature reads properly. Try 1° or 0.5° steps until you get close then fine tune it with 0.01° steps . Or run the analyzer yourself. ]With settings I provided my mod tracks temperature -0.1° +0.3° from 76° to 89°F. Which is close enough for me. Oh well.........laterz, JT
  4. Jetro

    Think Vape Finder 250c ecig file

    Hey Brad, I made a new thread with the thermal settings, mod resistance and VTC5a and LG HD2 csv's. I do not use the hg2's because the builds I run on this mod draw 27 - 31 amps per battery. I killed the battery capacity of the hg2's I had in my LV Triade running similar builds. So hopefully some else can provide you with the hg2 csv you need. JT
  5. The case analyzer was run at 75.2° The mod resistance of my Finder is 0.007 ohms with the copper plug. The two battery csv's are for VTC5a's and LG HD2's. The HD2's are the purple ones. Enjoy, JT 3x LG-HD-2 series.csv 3x VTC5a series.csv
  6. Jetro

    Boost and punch

    Welcome They are both forms of preheat. Boost is used for kanthal or nichrome. It raises the wattage at the start of the puff to get wire up to temp quickly. It lasts around one second into the draw. Punch does the same thing as boost but for temp sensing wires. It is adjusted in 11 steps. The amount of wattage increase is around 1/11 of the boards maximum output. About 18 watts per step for the Paranormal. The amount of time and amount of increase will vary depending how the coil resistance changes in t/c and replay mode. It can be seen using EScribes device monitor. Hope this helps JT
  7. Jetro

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    You are very welcome on the feedback. I really hope you can get your mod fixed. Yes they wanted the whole mod. I do not believe that they expect anyone to disassemble their factory made mod. I also think they are aware that some of the overseas manufacturers have poor customer service or none. ( for me Lost Vape ) On an aside. Nick used to make some really nice mods, I do not know if he still does. So I know the mod will be in very skilled hands. I had really hoped that the issue could have been repaired with a software change but at this point I guess not. Make note, when you get your mod back the board has the original setup. Be sure to make a copy of your ecig file so you can easily restore your profiles and settings. retird thanks for the interest in this, great info as always. Everyone good luck, JT
  8. Jetro

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    Hey folks, I got my mod back from Evolv today. Here's a huge shout out to Nick, James and Evolv. The mod works perfectly !!! I had no clue that Evolv even has pull with the Post office. I have never gotten mail on Sunday. To fix the mod, they replaced the board. Other than a new serial number on the board, I can not tell that it had ever been apart. Very nice. My advice to anyone here that is having issues with their mod. Just open a ticket with tech support, send the mod in and in a few days you'll be a happy vaper. I sent mine on the Friday before Memorial Day. They got it the day after, repaired and put it in the mail. Including a holiday and two weekends, eight days is excellent service. Anyway good luck, JT
  9. Jetro

    Here's a weird one...

    Pete1burn, I have three 250c mods. One of the three, a Paranormal would do basically the same thing as you are describing. When it would go into deep sleep it would not come on unless the battery voltage was under 3.70v or plugging it into usb. Sometimes by pressing the four buttons randomly and then holding the fire button down for a few seconds it would come on. There is a larger thread here " Wont come on from deep sleep " where several people are discussing this issue. Myself, I fooled around with themes , firmware reloading, hard reboots etc until it was to late to exchange the mod with the vendor. So I started a ticket with Evolv. I sent the mod in and I think they replaced the board. It is in the return mail now. So I am not sure whether they replaced the board or did something in software to fix it. I'll get it back Monday so I will know then. JT
  10. Jetro

    Think Vape Finder 250c ecig file

    My Finder 250c's mod resistance measured 0.007 ohms with the copper plug. The strange thing about the thermal settings is that my Finder tracks the room temperature within 2 degrees . But the same oe settings on my 2 Paranormals the temperature was 10 to 12 degrees off. If I can get the temperature a stable 75 degrees in the house I will do the case analyzer and post the results. Give me a couple days and I'll let y'all know. JT
  11. Jetro

    Theme designer, Tab order

    Thanks many. I now see what it does. At this point I will stick to auto. For me the extra level of complexity is not needed. Am I wrong, it appears that it would be better used when starting a new screen or modifying a screen where all the fields were single layered? JT
  12. Hello there, Can someone shed some light on the Tab Order: Automatic / Manual option? The default is automatic. What does it relate to and how is it used ? Thanks, JT
  13. Jetro

    Any ideas

    You are very welcome. JT
  14. Jetro

    Any ideas

    Hi Ian, Heres the csv for the VTC5a's . The wHrs are 24.519. The I had set the cell soft cut off to 2.75 volts. Hope this helps JT Triade vtc5a.csv
  15. Jetro

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    Hey retird and Conrad. The mod is in the mail. I'll definitely let y'all know what they find. James wants to see it too. I am really hoping it's a software problem and not the board. We will see. Have great holiday weekend JT