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  1. Any ideas

    Did you run the battery analyzer in EScribe to get that whr value? On the Triad that I sold if I remember correctly. When I ran the battery analyzer it came up with something just short of 23.5 for VTC5a's. If you want I can try to get the info from the buyer. JT
  2. Won't turn on from deep sleep

    Tazrok you can turn off autolock on the Safety tab in EScribe by unchecking the Automatically lock when idle box. Or you can use the theme I posted above. It might help you to do this but there is no way to disable deep sleep that I know of. I also tried setting the lock time to 480 minutes ( 6 hours ) but that did not work. Hope this helps. JT
  3. Won't turn on from deep sleep

    My Paranormal that won't startup properly is still dependent on the battery voltage be under 3.70 volts to start with no issues. Themes and firmware make no difference. I also got a Thinkvape Finder 250c. It has zero issues starting or vaping. I now have 3 250c mods. Two that have no problems and one that won't startup properly. I read some where on the web that someone was having startup issues and they had strange voltages on battery 3 and 4 on their Paranormal. As you know these boards can be wired for 2, 3 or 4 batteries. So I modified the default theme to show the 4 batteries. This is what I found : The Paranormal with problems starting, battery 3 reads 0.234 to 0.932 volts usually 0.547 volts , battery 4 reads 0.354 to 0.737 volts usually 0.604 volts. The Paranormal with no issues, battery 3 reads 0.010 to 0.035 volts usually 0.010 volts, battery 4 reads 0.007 to 0.009 volts. The TV Finder with no issues, battery 4 reads 0.005 to 0.056 volts, usually 0.024 volts. If you want to check this out here is the theme. You can lock the mod and turn off autolock from Main screen. The battery screen is accessed from the Settings screen so you can see the voltages. JT Default 250C 4 Batt for testing.ecigtheme
  4. This is absolutely brilliant!!!!! I have finally figured out how use User Toggles...........................SuWeet!!! Like you I wanted to be able to hide time and date on the lock screen at times. Also I think i'll try them in a few other places as well. Your theme is looking great! Thanks much. JT
  5. Thanks niandra3 and Mr Timbit, That pretty much squares me away. And I do my screen shots the same way as Mr Timbit does. They do not show the field lines. But it can be a pita to get the toggles to show the way you want. This is a screen shot taken from TD. JT
  6. Mirage 75c 75Watt cant get 100w???

    I'll add this. You can see the difference in Device Monitor. With 75w watts enabled you will see around 6.8 watts per step in preheat punch or boost punch ( 11 steps ) . With 100 watts enabled you will see around 9.1 watts per step. If your theme has preheat power and temperature instead of preheat punch. You can adjust the preheat power to 100 watts. But sadly your main wattage remains at 75 watts. But the added power in boost / punch and preheat power is Sweet! JT
  7. I have some questions too. I have not uploaded a theme yet and wanted to know when you upload a theme does it display the screen images like they are on the right side of Theme Designer? Can you upload images from the computer to supplement those images or do you need to use an image hosting site? Or can you not upload separate images at all? I'm in the same place as SirTimmyTimbit as the main screen looks completely different depending on whether it is in watts, tc or replay mode. Also several screens show nothing because all the fields start from a hidden condition and change state depending on the mode. Thanks in advance... JT
  8. Won't turn on from deep sleep

    Conrad thanks for starting this thread. When I got this Paranormal 250c 4 weeks ago. I threw in a pair of VTC5a's that were not fully charged ( about 85% ). I pressed fire button and nothing happened. So I held the button down and the mod started. I thought that was strange because the 4 DNA 75c mods I have more or less come on instantly. So I the put in a set of fully charged batteries and ran the battery analyzer. I then put in the original pair of batteries that were about 50% charged and vaped on and off for three days with no issues at all. I put on a new theme and a set of fully charged batteries and everything was fine until the next morning. The mod would not come on at all. So I opened Ecribe and hooked the mod up, as soon as I plugged in the usb cable the mod came on. That started a week or so of resetting defaults, hard reboots etc.... Any way. I found this thread and watched what you had posted. While fooling around trying figured out what was happening with this mod. I got a second Paranormal 250c that has zero issues, what in the world? The I saw John's post asking for board and battery details. The battery inquiry went right over my head. So I kept fooling around. Then it dawned on me that the mod worked perfectly with low batteries. So I did some testing. At 4.2 to 4.05 volts the only way the mod will start up is to open the battery door or hook it to a usb cable. From 4.04 to 3.95 volts the mod would start by randomly pressing all the buttons and holding the fire button down. From 3.95 to 3.82 volts the mod would start by double tapping the fire button or holding it down after the double taps. From 3.82 to 3.71 volts a long press of the fire button would always start the mod. At 3.70 / 3.69 volts down the mod works perfectly. I then put in a set of fully charged batteries and after it went to sleep, it would not start. I then put in the low batteries and it started instantly and I vaped with no issues until I got a weak battery warning. As long as I do not put in batteries that are over 3.70 volts the mod works perfectly. For John, the Paranormal with the issues : sn: XTEZ ZOYW DVFY, board programed 18-0319, mod configured 18-0331 The Paranormal with zero issues : sn: XRGW SEMG XRAA, board programed 18-0226, mod configured 18-0402 John, I hope this info helps with a fix for this problem. Would you like to play with this mod? I would be happy to send it in for your inspection! Guys, Sorry for writing a book. But I was just flipped to figure out my mods issue. JT
  9. DNA 75c battery csv's

    Thanks, Smokin Dave. I'm glad you found them useful. JT I should have included this in the original post. These csv's were created in EScibe v2.0 SP12. I ran the battery analyzer at 40 watts at a resistance of .29 ohms. I also ran a couple tests at 60 watts to check the difference. There really wasn't any change , .05 to .10 watt hour less. Not enough to justify heating the mod and batteries that much more. JT
  10. Add Replay To this Theme

    You are very welcome. The theme is almost the same as what was on my VT75D. I had it on mod testing the changes. The more I used it I just had to fix some things . I figured you would like the atty screen change and boost for kanthal. The only thing I did not like and did not change is on a lot of the screens if you press the fire button it returns to the main screen. If you're used to that happening, cool. Any who, If you want any changes to the theme let me know. JT
  11. I made these csv's for my VT75D. These are for 2 batteries in parallel ; 2x 25R Batteries.csv 2x 30Q Batteries.csv 2x VTC5a Batteries.csv 2x VTC6 Batteries.csv These are single batteries for the VT75C 1x 25R Battery.csv 1x VTC5a.csv 1x HG6 20650.csv I made a 26650 to 20650 adaptor for the 75c, so I included the csv. JT
  12. Thanks for Replay!

    YES indeed, Thanks Brandon and James for this update. Very, very nice. JT
  13. Add Replay To this Theme

    steamer861, Heres your theme. I have tested it this afternoon on a VT75D and it works great. Replay is on a separate screen, accessed from the Main screen. Replay power, warmth and boost are adjustable on 1 screen. Replay mode can turned on or off for any profile using the on / off switch on the Replay screen. To avoid inadvertent adjustments : When Replay is Playing the Settings screen is unavailable. The power, temperature. ohms, warmth, preheat or boost punch are read only. When Replay is off or not playing all screens and adjustments work as normal. Note : Main screen round robins instead of stopping at the bottom. Temperature setting is read only with non temp sensing wires. Disabled Temp Protection on/off for non temp sensing wires on the Settings screen. Fixed the ohms lock on the Atomizer screen. Added Boost controls on the Atomizer screen for non temp sensing wires. Disabled Temp Protection on/off for non temp sensing wires. Added Temperature adjust field to Atomizer screen for temp sensing wires. This allows power, temperature, preheat power and preheat temperature to be adjusted on 1 screen with temp sensing wires. Power and boost can be adjusted for non temp sensing wires as well. Enjoy!! JT Vapecige SD75c Replay.ecigtheme