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  1. Early Firmware can be downloaded as well here: I used and posted the German DNA Crew files. None modified versions as well.
  2. @VapingBad Thank you. So i will create some profiles to cover it with escribe. Thought i maybe missed a button action to come into the menu. Just playing around with ceramic drop in coils and it would be nice to have on the device instead of plugin it in and use escribe.
  3. Hello, once more i need to bother you. How can i change the PreHeat Punch and Wattage Settings while i am in TC mode. I can change the Wattage but not the PreHeat entries. Ok i could use escribe. In Wattage i can set the Punch on the device but did not find the right keys while in TC. Any tips? thank you
  4. I can just tell you my discoveries and feeling i made with the Orion. Is is not for MTL as the pods do miss some design changes to cover the MTL settings. A coils burns when the liquid transport is broken and or the heat is too high. Reduce heat/wattage and open the airflow to a minimum to 60%. You can also try to unscrew the tank cap and wait a minute then put it back on. If the next draw is good you have a liquid transport problem. Also create a profile with less wattage and no boost and start using this at the beginning when you put a new pod in. Later you can switch to a profile with more wattage and boost. Start with 8 watt no boost no warmth later maybe 9 watt 2 boost 2 warmth and so on. You need to try. And yes it will cost pods. I will take a while and some pods until you find your settings. Took me a while as well. Also your liquids plays a big importance. Clear liquids will last longer as creamy, nut, custards. The Pods using the same wire and wraps. The 0.25 is parallel build and the 0.5 has a single build. So you can use actually the same settings on both of them. It is not nicotine related as more the flavors in your liquid.
  5. Boost is the first hit the coil will take when it comes to wattage. You can name it "pre heat" as well. So you coil will reach its destination heat faster and you will get the set wattage from the beginning of you draw. Replay is a feature which copies your last draw. Like a monitor which records your last draw. If you like it you can tell the device to provide you all the time with the same draw you liked. Plus you can use the warmth option to get more nuances of the liquid out. Recommendations are hard to set as every taste and style is different. So say 12 watt it enough others do push it onto 40 watt. Connect your device to escribe and setup different profiles. Then you are able to select the ones which fits you best and later activate replay when you find your perfect draw.
  6. @Wayneo thank you for the link i will open a suggestion. About the link to DNA Crew Germany and the escribe software. If i follow the link https://www.evolvapor.com/escribe i do end up with the SP17 which is not the latest. On DNA Crew link you will get the SP19 for download. That is the reason. Also i did found my batteries there. But i did check your link (which is very tiny formatted) and will keep in mind. @DigitalSmoker Does not look like a firmware issue. More like a contact or coil problem. If it is SS the resistance will change and get higher after the coil was heated up. Maybe check the top/Drip Tip Screw, clean the threads and contact. You can also try to restore factory settings through escribe but for me it looks more hardware coil related. Maybe the bridge has an issue. Can you try another bridge or coil?
  7. Here you go: http://www.dna200.de/mac-escribe/ Latest ist SP19. And maybe import the battery curves as well. Helps the chip to know your battery better. But i still need to sit down with device monitor to find out the Punch Settings in % or Watt. And it would be so cool if we would be able to delete profiles. @Wayneo is there a Wishlist or Feature place where i could request the escribe software change to be able to delete unused profiles? I think i am not alone with this wish. Thank you! @DigitalSmoker i did configure the following profiles 1 - Watt - no punch 2 - Watt +3 Punch 3 - Watt +5 4 - Watt +7 5 - Watt +9 6 - Watt +11 7 - TC SS 316 - 40 Watt Preheat 8 - TC SS 316 - 50 Watt Preheat I do mostly use Watt so extended the punch into several profiles. While i am in TC i just need to adjust the Temperature then.
  8. HM... escribe could include a On/Off button on their software for the profiles to activate or deactivate them. Would be simple to do i guess. And the settings get then pushed to the device. Articfox does offer such a feature for example.
  9. @retird thank you. yes configured the same. Will maybe extend with different Watt/Punch settings.
  10. Thank you @Wayneo. Will sit down and check with the device monitor.
  11. @Wayneo Got the chip and updated it right away. Also found the Punch mode for Wattage settings. The scale is from 1 to 11. Is this somehow percentage or watt which get added? And you might can answer me this. Am i able to reduce the profiles from 8 to 4? Disable the unused ones? thank you!
  12. Hello, me again sorry to bother. Escribe shows me 8 Profiles which i could configure. But with 3 or max 4 Profiles i am really good and would not need more. Is there a change to disable the rest of them? Would also make the menu navigation much easier for me. thank you!
  13. I just tried with "dna200.de" as password. Link is: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=V2JrtalK Escribe SP19
  14. @Wayneo thank you for your reply. Thats what i was looking for. Was not sure if the 60 is offering the option.
  15. Hello, could not find much detail about it. The PDF just states pre heat in TC mode on the DNA60. Would Preheat work on an Kanthal or NiChro Setup? thank you very much.
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