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  1. ArminF

    Reduce Profiles?

    HM... escribe could include a On/Off button on their software for the profiles to activate or deactivate them. Would be simple to do i guess. And the settings get then pushed to the device. Articfox does offer such a feature for example.
  2. ArminF

    Reduce Profiles?

    @retird thank you. yes configured the same. Will maybe extend with different Watt/Punch settings.
  3. ArminF

    PreHeat in non TC Mode

    Thank you @Wayneo. Will sit down and check with the device monitor.
  4. ArminF

    PreHeat in non TC Mode

    @Wayneo Got the chip and updated it right away. Also found the Punch mode for Wattage settings. The scale is from 1 to 11. Is this somehow percentage or watt which get added? And you might can answer me this. Am i able to reduce the profiles from 8 to 4? Disable the unused ones? thank you!
  5. ArminF

    Reduce Profiles?

    Hello, me again sorry to bother. Escribe shows me 8 Profiles which i could configure. But with 3 or max 4 Profiles i am really good and would not need more. Is there a change to disable the rest of them? Would also make the menu navigation much easier for me. thank you!
  6. I just tried with "" as password. Link is: Escribe SP19
  7. ArminF

    PreHeat in non TC Mode

    @Wayneo thank you for your reply. Thats what i was looking for. Was not sure if the 60 is offering the option.
  8. Hello, could not find much detail about it. The PDF just states pre heat in TC mode on the DNA60. Would Preheat work on an Kanthal or NiChro Setup? thank you very much.
  9. ArminF

    New Updated pods?

    Good update. I really hope they re-designed the airflow for MTL. Also they planned to release a 1ohm pod. right now my Orion is not much used as i do get wicking issues as i am MTL. Have to open the ACF at least to 50% to get enough liquid but then i do loose the MTL feeling. just like breathing fresh air with this AFC setting...
  10. ArminF

    Orion News

    @znapr - fully agree. They have to change the airflow to be MTL as well.
  11. ArminF

    Orion News

    Might be of interest if we collect all Orion Hardware News here: New POD - 1 OHM MTL will soon arrive. ODIS Designs - Still working on the RBA Unit.
  12. ArminF

    Warmth/Boost/Nic salt settings

    Have the same issue as you @hotshot39. Burned also a lot of pods. For me its the liquid as my custards do kill the coils faster but also the wicking. took out some of the cotton and do have to open the airflow at least to 40% to have a stable feeding. For DL you could use warmth and boost but from my view not for MTL.
  13. ArminF

    Your settings for your Flavors MTL/DL

    @hotshot39 thanks. i did reduce all to 0 and warmth to 1. And try it now. These pods are just nod made for MTL i think. As soon as i reduce the airflow (95% closed) i do get wicking issues. When i do open it to around 40 to 50 % it does work excellent. But MTL is something else i have to say. The missing feeding does kill the pod of course faster....
  14. ArminF

    Battery light

    Yes, also struggle with the light sometimes.
  15. ArminF

    DNA GO manufactured date?

    Board programmed ist the key here. As soon this is later than end of september the "bug" is fixed. Earlier dates can but not must have the issue.