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  1. One thing I'm finding annoying is that if you go to one of the settings pages to change something you have to go through quite a few clicks to return to the main screen. Is there any way to set up the screens in theme creator so that it returns to the main screen after a short delay? If that's not possible is there a way to set it up so that when you press the fire button it returns to the main screen?
  2. I'm working on a mod that can switch easily from a 4 cell mod to a 3 cell mod by bridging the contacts for the 4th cell. Does anyone know what would happen if someone forgot to load the 4 cell profile before using 4 cells or tried to use 3 cells with the 4 cell profile still loaded? The design makes it impossible to put the 4th cell in with the contacts bridged so no risk of a hard short. I'm guessing 3 cells in a 4 cell profile will give a low voltage warning but what about the other way round?
  3. Several websites are now advertising replacement screens for the dna250c, so it's only a matter of time now
  4. My boxer 250 has started charging my cells over 4.2v. When I looked at the mod after it had been on charge it was saying warranty service. I checked on escribe and all 3 cells have been charged to 4.4v! Is it still safe to use those cells? I checked and there was quite a bit of juice that had leaked down into the battery compartment, could that have been causing connectivity issues that would cause the board to misread the cell voltages when charging? Not sure whether the mod is safe to use now and I definitely don't trust the on board charging now.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Smile when you vape
  6. Will the awesome features of the dna75c be coming to the full size mods? 75w is just not enough for me, will be such a shame if evolv don't allow those of us who like more power to get the advantages of escribe on the mod.
  7. I think I found the issue now, the board was limiting the watts due to the sag, when I dropped the cell cutoff to 3v it was reaching 140w, when I dropped it to 2.8 I started getting the check battery warning. The reason I didn't have this issue on my other mods is probably cause the boxer is better made so has a lower mod resistance. It's hitting harder so causing more sag than my other mods, time to upgrade the 30qs to some vtc5a
  8. Hi, I recently got a boxer triple Dna250 and for some reason it keeps limiting the watts to around 120w I've checked and kanthal limit is set to 250, I'm using stainless steel fused claptons in an aromamizer plus, no issue on any of my other dna mods, in a Ss tc profile I get no preheat and it stops at 120w, same in power mode. Anyone seen this before?
  9. I think this is the single most important feature that needs to be implemented if evolv ever bless us with an update. I bought my dna200's specifically to use them with stainless steel builds but because of the way ss fluctuates so much you have to adjust temp regularly to get a consistent experience. I've tried every kind of ss build in every type of rda and with all of them I find myself needing to adjust the temp all the time. It's such a shame that the on board menu system on the joyetech devices makes them so much more useable for tc than the dna. If it wasn't for the ability to switch profiles for different rda's my dna's would be sitting in the draw unused until we get an update to turn them from temp limiting devices to temp control ones.
  10. So many different factors can effect the temp you want it set to, room temperature, juice composition, nicotine levels, airflow adjustment. When I first setup an rda I use the device monitor to fine tune the preheat and wattage to suit that coil, once that's set the only thing I ever need to change is the temperature. Having the up and down buttons default to wattage adjustment is pointless. Seems like evolv have abandoned us now though. I wish joyetech would come out with a board as good as the dna200 as they seem a lot more interested in after sales support. The vtc mini has been out for a lot longer than the dna200 but it's still getting regular updates.
  11. Yeah I've seen people using that method. I have more than 8 rda's tho and change them around a lot, bought the dn200 to use the profiles for them
  12. Thanks, hopefully someone at evolv will find a way to implement it then. That's about the only thing I can think of that stops the dna200 from being perfect.
  13. Does anyone know if this is going to be implemented at all? At the moment my dna200 devices are becoming redundant because the rx200 feels more like a proper temp control device. It feels like the dna200 has temp control as a side feature rather than being a proper temp control device..
  14. I very rarely change the wattage when I'm in temp mode but I like to change temp a lot, especially when using stainless steel coils. The joytech boards in the vtc mini and rx200 have the up and down buttons set to change the temp by default. This is a lot more useful than watts. For the dna200 to be considered a temperature control device surely the main function of the up and down buttons should be to change the temperature? At the moment it feels like a variable wattage device with temperature control as a side feature. Please can we have this as an option in escribe, at the moment it takes 5 clicks and then holding down the up and down buttons every time you want to change the temp and then another 5 clicks to get back to vaping. Sometimes it takes doing this a few times to find the sweet spot. It's extremely annoying and frustrating that my £30 rx200 is actually nicer to use than my dna200. I love this device and everything it can do but it's starting to become a bit of a deal breaker that I find myself going back to my other mods when I want to use a dripper and vape lots of different juices in one night.
  15. Mine just died mid puff, was on around 80% battery and connected to device analyser at the time. Just black screen and no response from buttons. Bit of a burnt out component smell from the front vent holes. Contacted vapegeek as it's still within their 30 days. Awaiting response.
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