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    I fitted a nanotech 1300mah lipo to my old Simeyue 200 last week and it worked fine......for a week. Wouldn't switch on earlier, just the first start screen and it blinked up the 'Warranty Service' message. Bit of a panic on thinking that the previous issue when the old lipo was showing cell 2 reading zero..... had killed the new battery. All of the cells read the same voltage on Escribe, so I assume the fuse has now blown?
  2. Just getting around to running repairs on my older DNAs A few months ago one of the balance wires broke on my Rolo and when I took it apart to check the fuse the other snapped off where it was bent around te board. Obviously don't take a lot of current; what gauge wire should I replace them with? Seem to remember a thread (back when they were fresh on the market ) that certain wires were at the bare minimum? Cheers Steve
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    removing dead lipo

    many thanks👍
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    removing dead lipo

    I have a Simeyue DNA200 that has a dead #2 cell, the fuse looks ok and apart from a 'service warranty. message that hasn't popped up since it appears to be ok on escribe its soldered in so cutting the wires.....which one first? Positve? Negative?.....charge balance? will need to find a new cell with connectors that fits in the enclosure and maybe a tap......but otherwise I'm hoping that I can get this back up and running cheers Steve