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  1. Hi VB. The attty 510 screws and positive posts are clean and tight, one of the first things I checked. I've got 5 of them in clean rotation and spare decks., Other DNA mods read the slightly higher resistance with the same atomisers. My thought is that the initial base reading being false is confusing the mod ie ; in TC the 'true' res is already over the dynamic throttle point. Cant work out why its lagging/misfiring in power mode too, only pulling 12A BTW There's no need for boost and preheat is disabled so TC isn't overheating and throttling too quickly,
  2. lol I don't ask for help or cry foul if I haven't gone over and over the problem. Very true...often it is the idjut with the finger on the button. Many a true word said in jest, I was a 'newb' made mistakes but sometimes safety features can be a little over protective? Been vaping coming up for six years, passsed the 'bug' through the family. Also appear to be the only one that can be bothered to make his own coils and doesn't walk around with loose batteries in his pocket I'm full of chaff 🤣perhaps you should drop the bold type, its condescending and instead of Hello or I'm sorry I don't understand your post....simply open with: yes I use the Atomiser Analyzer and a nice big chunk of threaded copper to check the internal resistance Steamcrave V2, new decks tried, new screws, clean 510 between 0.06 and 0.09, so maybe 20-25% of the displayed resistance? lags, hesitates, is slow to fire, like having flat batteries or the wrong resistance locked in. Shall I ....um.....errr.........fire? FIRE! As previously said it reminds me of the V1 software on the Evic mini, there was a widespread issue where the mod wouldn't hold a constant base resistance. Hot-cold firing. Vigorously denied / ignored by Joyetech of course. Each time I've had a play with the mod I've uploaded the latest version offered by E-scribe. Currently 1.1 V38 international
  3. as I said 'it reads under on resistance, constantly but won't register the correct res even if the atty is removed and re-set.' yes I get that bit, you have to confirm the resistance of each coil new or old; unlike the DNA200 which usually automatically reads and sets the base resistance if its within the pre-defined % perameter. Also if you fire-remove the atty, put the warm TC coil back on the DNA200 you're asked new/old. The TVF 250/300C doesn't appear to allow any deviation, burn and pinch in a Kanthal or NiChrome coil and when the resistance changes...it asks new or old resistance. Must be a PITFA nanny/safety feature for newbs who simply screw in a new throwaway coil and never learnt to check new builds for shorts on a tester? But my issue is that it lags, compared to other DNAs it reads a lower resistance AND appears to waver AS IF it cant differentiate between actual and displayed. A base resistance error? Escribe shows no atomiser instability, theres no unbalanced sag under load, coils are twisted .30 ( 0.23 ohm SS316 & 0.35 ohm NiCr ) so not super low or overly heavy. So ? Weak solder..loose earth.... iffy fire button.. 510?...software...board? A dismal mod?
  4. I bought one last year after my Realeaux died, can't say that I was taken by the screen, menu, changes to the accessibility of e-scribe and the way that (this particular mod at least) the new/old coil recognition made burning in a Kanthal/Ni-Chr coil so damned difficult. A few hours on escribe and at best its certainly nowhere near as good as the 200 it was supposed to replace. So two more of my old dna200s have since died and I'm back to using this POS,the issues ... it reads under on resistance, constantly but won't register the correct res even if the atty is removed and re-set. it lags, even in boost it'll show resistance, power setting but no voltage : it ttakes a couple of presses to get it firing. Kanthal or TC, reminds me of the vtc-minis inability to set its base resistance . Batteries are new K-sony vtc-5s, battery profile was set, 510 is clean Earth-negative issues or really truly a bad mod and strangled board?
  5. I fitted a nanotech 1300mah lipo to my old Simeyue 200 last week and it worked fine......for a week. Wouldn't switch on earlier, just the first start screen and it blinked up the 'Warranty Service' message. Bit of a panic on thinking that the previous issue when the old lipo was showing cell 2 reading zero..... had killed the new battery. All of the cells read the same voltage on Escribe, so I assume the fuse has now blown?
  6. Just getting around to running repairs on my older DNAs A few months ago one of the balance wires broke on my Rolo and when I took it apart to check the fuse the other snapped off where it was bent around te board. Obviously don't take a lot of current; what gauge wire should I replace them with? Seem to remember a thread (back when they were fresh on the market ) that certain wires were at the bare minimum? Cheers Steve
  7. I have a Simeyue DNA200 that has a dead #2 cell, the fuse looks ok and apart from a 'service warranty. message that hasn't popped up since it appears to be ok on escribe its soldered in so cutting the wires.....which one first? Positve? Negative?.....charge balance? will need to find a new cell with connectors that fits in the enclosure and maybe a tap......but otherwise I'm hoping that I can get this back up and running cheers Steve
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