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Found 3 results

  1. Dampfkessel

    Wires from Zivipf

    Hallo, how i can get the right Wire Profiles for Zivipfs ss316l, nife48 and ss430 wires. For example..zivipfs wire ss430 is tcr 184 not 138 as on the Box. And how i can select the manual tcr value in escribe. Has anyone an instuction or Sceeenshots of escribe ? Thanks Markus
  2. Drughugs

    Nifethal 52 and 250c

    I’ve recently purchased nife48 from, which, as I understand it, is listed on SE as Nifethal 52. So I acquired the aforementioned .csv, wrapped a set of 8/7 wrap 3mmID contact coils out of 26ga (0.40mm) and installed them in a Creed RTA. Everything worked great! Loved it. Fast forward a bit, I’m recoiling the creed, same kind of wire, wraps, everything, and when I fire it up, it blasts me with the hottest vapor I’ve ever gotten off a round wire build. Puff info says 136 watts, and that it didn’t reach 450f (my nearly burned tongue says otherwise) I really have searched everywhere, to no avail, for information regarding this. So, this is my first post on any forum! Lurker no more!
  3. AMDtrucking

    DNA250C using NiFe problems

    I have just acquired DNA250C. Ginger Vaper BF, although I have a lot of experience using previous DNA200, DNA250 and DNA75 exclusively in Temp Control mode. I never liked Stainless Steel because of it's low TCR (95 - 105), I always used NiFe30 (TCR-520), for my single coil buids and NiFe48 (TCR400), for dual coils. All builds are around 0.1 Ohm.I wrap dual/tripple Fused Claptons from 28 Gauge or 26 Gauge NiFe, with 42 Gauge Nichrome around them. This method served me well for a long time, BUT now I've got DNA250C. I only have been using it for a few days and already noticing some problems. In REPLAY mode, after several successful puffs, it wouldn't fire my coils and display: "Check Atomizer" message on the screen. I tried several different atomizers and coils, but the problem persists. If I disengage REPLAY, then it's working again, until several puffs later, if I engage REPLAY again. Also, while in REPLAY mode, I feel my Puffs are not constant. They are kind of "wavy" (intermittent) until they quit completely and the message "Check Atomizer" is on the screen. Like I said, as soon as I turn REPLAY off, everything goes back to normal again. If I go back to just an old trustee Temp. Control, it doesn't work exactly like the old one did, on DNA200, DNA250 and DNA75. I would load my NiFe30 and NiFe48 profiles from Steam Engine, set my temperature and go. I never limit my Wattage, ever. But in this DNA250C, I keep seeing the message: "Check Atomizer" or "Temperature Protected" before it even fires. And when I engage REPLAY mode from my Temp. Control profile, it becomes a nightmare. I normally don't use just the Wattage mode, but I tried using it here. Even in Wattage mode, I get "Temperature Protected" message on display instead of vapor sometimes. Could it be because DNA250C is not really capable utilizing NiFe and I should try SS? Or am I doing something wrong? I understand that very few people have much experience with DNA250C, I'm hoping that Evolv people are reading this and can help. Again, I own over 15 DNA200, DNA250 and DNA75 devices and would like to think, that I know what I am doing, when it comes to Temp. Control.