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    the green on this one is AWESOME !
    this one is cool, i like snake skin, and the color matches my Ultem Drone very well.
    this is VERY cool ! but, its nearly impossible to read the mods specs. if you LOVE OZZY, and "set & forget" your settings, this could be for you. 5 stars for the theme, 2 stars for functionality .
    very basic, but lots of Bling ! i like it. what is really nice about it = when tilting the mod "to & fro" the wallpaper always looks good.
  1. Why is your language better than mine? I'm on the Russian, I'm thinking on Russian, and everyone can use Google. Forum rules do not prohibit writing answers in your native language its is for me, because i can understand it.
  2. what does each of the do ? thanx
    very basic stats, but very nice color.
  3. thanx Device Monitor = diagnostics = advanced = update clock = does nothing.
  4. what would cause this ? it also has the date error, probably related.
  5. i wish it wasn't such a pita, but that is par for me. i wonder why i had to tweek the contacts. but its working, just used it, so that is all that matters. well, and that it keeps working and doesn't get damaged again.
  6. its done and working well. i had to tweek the terminals. Thanx for the help, Wayne 👍
  7. ok. but i see no way to get inside the zif to touch with a q-tip. the ribon goes all the way, but does feel loose, i can move the screen side to side with the connection being the hinge point. the clamp does not clamp it tight, but i can not pull it out. i press on the zif a little and that does nothing.
  8. idk how i would clean the zif, other than spraying it with something. saying that, the chip doesn't have any juice on it. it was all on the inside of the mounting housing that holds the screen. old ribbon is dry also. so, how would i clean those ?
  9. the one pic i saw, the ribbon was folded over the terminal, then back to the folded screen. am i missing something
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