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  1. is it ok when the screen is on ?
  2. lets see yours, Bill. i buffed the carbon on mine. it does make a different.
  3. well, i rinsed it with water, very well. then i blew it out with canned air. then i took it loose and had a look. there was a few tiny drops of water, i tasted, but nothing to worry about. so, it is what it is, time will tell.
  4. Hello, Bill the wheel works fine, though i don't use it. but i do know that juice can damage contacts. and i really don't know how well the switch is sealed. i do know there is a larger outside seal, but what, if any, is around the shaft . and that "perhaps" the switch contacts get corroded enough to short 2 contacts and kill the chip.
  5. i have a TOP GEAR mod. somehow juice got down around the knob. i am not concerned about the knob, unless you have info on it. mostly what i want to know = if i cut the wires for the knob, it wouldn't effect the chip ? i am figuring not, but i don't want to assume. on the dovpo FB page, i asked about cleaning the switch. after 2 lame recommendations, i gave an explanation of my concerns, my thread was deleted.
  6. real hid and real snake skin
    nice 👍
    this is a nice basic and easy to see theme. i like it
    the green on this one is AWESOME !
    this one is cool, i like snake skin, and the color matches my Ultem Drone very well.
    this is VERY cool ! but, its nearly impossible to read the mods specs. if you LOVE OZZY, and "set & forget" your settings, this could be for you. 5 stars for the theme, 2 stars for functionality .
    very basic, but lots of Bling ! i like it. what is really nice about it = when tilting the mod "to & fro" the wallpaper always looks good.
  7. Why is your language better than mine? I'm on the Russian, I'm thinking on Russian, and everyone can use Google. Forum rules do not prohibit writing answers in your native language its is for me, because i can understand it.
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