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  1. In the documentation the last example it opens a serial connection and sends a command. import time ECig.Track('Last Puff Energy') motor = Serial.Open('COM10', 9600) motor.WriteLine('P1: 2047') time.sleep(1) ECig['Power Set'] = 20; ECig.Puff(5) time.sleep(5) time.sleep(1) motor.WriteLine('P1: -2047') energy = ECig['Last Puff Energy'] ECig.StopTracking('Last Puff Energy') UI.Message('The last puff energy was {0} milliwatt-hours.'.format(energy)) Using some interspection I find that WriteLine isn't an available command, but Write is. The problem that I am finding with write is that .NET is expecting an Array[Byte], which I do not believe there is a way to convert to in python. motor = Serial.Open('COM4', 9600) s = u"P=50 W" b = bytearray() b.extend(s) motor.Write( b ,0,6) The only thing I am trying to do is be able to turn on and off charging on the board. If there is an easy way that works without open a serial port?
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