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  1. PS. An older software version does not make trouble. The current one does. I don‘t get it why this should be a wire connection problem now. I will „sit and wait“. Ticket is closed from my side now.
  2. Hi. At this moment I wont‘t send my mod to service. I can live with an older software version.
  3. Now I have a final answer. Not really satisfying, but an explanation.
  4. I have mentioned it in Feb. 24th. SP38 did not solve the problem. SP33 does. But thank you.
  5. The problem is still not solved. I have reopened the ticket. Wayting for their reply and solution.
  6. Unfortunately it did not solve it.
  7. I have open a helpdesk ticket now. Hope this will help.
  8. Hello. Yes, this is really sad. Premium product. Costs a lot momey. No reaction from an Evolv host in this thread.
  9. Thank you too. SP 35 does not work for me. Same issue. SP33 does work. No problems so far. Crazy. @Evolv....what is the problem?
  10. Hello. Thank you. I do have now permanent "chrashes. No specific reason to find why they happen. I would go back to SP33 (the only older version on my PC under "tools"), but this does not work. I cannot install it. How can I find the SP35 version? I do not know Escribe very good. But this all is not satisfying of course. Is Evolv working on this bug?
  11. Hello, I own a new Triade Mod from Lost Vape. I do get the message „error, press up“ after some minutes of not using it and pressing the fire button. I have choosen a standby time via escribe of 15 minutes. So when I put the mod away after vaping and I want to fire again after eg 5 minutes, the message comes up. I have updated the mod too, but still the same issue. Hope somebody can help me.
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