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  1. Thanks all for your imput. After i got another dna 250C 4s lipo device. it allso had the exact same issue. but luckily the 510 tool arrived in the mail shortly after. i tightened the 510s on both of the mods and now they both work perfectly. alls well that ends well.
  2. AS you can read earlier in the thread, ive used 3-4 different attys on it and they all are showing the same problem. so its not that. The voltrove v3 35mm im using right now is brand new anyway. but thanks for caring enough to recommend something.
  3. Fuck man, i think you might be right, i tried to press the centre pin in using a tiny bit of pressure, with a screwdriver and even just nudging it with the driver the 510 makes a slight clicking sound. before it has even movced down 1-2mm. i never thought that might be it, but it kinda makes sense if it was.,
  4. I have personally re soldered all the connection points, the only thing i havent done yet so far is re tighten the 510 and the ground lug, as im waiting for the tool in the mail from the uk. Thanks for all your help. i just wanted to make sure it was the only thig left it could be and not an issue i could have fixed in the evolve software, as it gives the right live ohm readings. ill wait until i get the tool and try to re tighten it and see if that fixes it.
  5. I just discharged one of my 4s lipos on using my lipo charger, got it to 40% and tried doing the case temp calibration. and noticed the usb is not steady at 0.000 amps but is charging slightly between 0.001-0.009 wich is heating up the board and runing the calibration. This was the worst buy ever.
  6. Yeah si now i have a single 0.22 ohm alien coil in the mod, its reading the wrong ass ohms, as you can see in atomizer analyzer. But live ohms is correct. does this matter? is it stil "working" correctly or is there any danger to me or my mod or both? all i want to know is if i can stil use it? or is it vital that i get it fixed?
  7. Ok. как это исправлено в дизайнере экрана? Ok. kak eto ispravleno v dizaynere ekrana?
  8. Yes, i made the coils myself. using nothing but nichrome. I re soldered all the connections, except for the grounding wire for the 510, as i dont have a 510 tightening tool at hand. but im getting one in the mail from the uk soon hopefully. so i can open it up and re solder it and tighten it firmly again. until then ill just use my other mods. bummer. paid 400 dollars for a mod, and cant even use it. thanks for all the help tho. oh and i did use 3 different attys, one was single coil. and still it showed the same wrong ohms. they all did.
  9. it is nichrome 80 triple core staggered fused claptons two of them.
  10. The same readings appear each time, tho they jump slightly between 0.37 and 0.41 but thats it. it keeps reading it as 0.37 to 0.41 and the diagnostic keeps reading each hit as 0.26 ohms.
  11. So i just got a newly finished 4s lipo box mod with a dna 250C chip in it. when i put an rta on it it reads the coils at 0.37 ohms. wich is wrong. i know for a fact they are 0.22 when i go into the diagnostics menu on my mod and fire the mod there the ohms read out 0.26 which is much closer to the truth. so im wondering can i use the ohm readings in the diagnostic screen for the front screen in wattage mode by editing the theme in escribe ? or is there a way i can get the ohm reading to just be accurate to begin with? Thanks for any help you can offer me.
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