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    DJLSB vapes has some good videos on the mods and Theme Designer. If you were to decide to publish it for others, just give credit to the original theme author. Or just keep it to yourself and tweak whatever you want. Welcome
  2. Wayneo


    You probably just mean wallpaper. Here's what YOU should do. Go find a theme you like. When you're sure; save that graphic just so you can see the dimensions of it. Take an image you like and make it (shrink) the same as the above Paste it into the theme (wallpaper at the OG location) of your choice, save, upload. Keep the original in case you want to change the size.
  3. Wayneo

    Need a bit of help

    Sorry, I took the above as you're having a problem with a mod in hand, right now. That VT200 was a solid mod, but if you don't even know if you have it, I'm betting the LiPo might need replacing. I'm sure SOMEONE ELSE will help you if you find it. lol
  4. Wayneo

    Need a bit of help

    Up under the 'Help' menu item (on a Mac) the last option is Backups. You can go back pretty far before you messed up. Alternatively, you could save any mod specifics like logo/theme, your battery csv and thermal settings ........ then restore your mod to the evolv defaults and start from scratch. Before "Just trying to figure out how" watch a djlsb video or two. Welcome
  5. Wayneo

    Weird Battery Behavior

    Yeaaaaaaah, I'm still hoping for a more long winded answer touching on type of new battery, running his own battery analyzer, etc.
  6. Wayneo

    Weird Battery Behavior

    @erroct Just wondering if you got everything fixed, and if it was just a battery problem
  7. Wayneo

    Broken therion squonk and hcigar nanos

    Stealthvape again is the place for LV warranty/repairs. You might get lucky and only have one parcel to send For your Hcigar nano's, you ought to check all the connections are clean, solid, and tight. IIRC it was the negative wire(s). Or you could salvage the board and use in another enclosure.
  8. Wayneo

    3 out of 4 suddenly dead

    Great news to hear @Simon23484
  9. Wayneo

    3 out of 4 suddenly dead

    Welcome @Simon23484 I believe in your manual it stated to contact Stealthvape in the UK as they are the contracted service centre for Europe.
  10. Wayneo

    Escribe and service pack versions?

    The majority of all the service packs (going back years) as well as noteworthy items they update for each board or just escribe itself, can be found by clicking the escribe link in my signature line.
  11. His printscreen shows Regular Power at 70 watts, Preheat Power 60 watts So if we use the standard meaning/understanding of preheat , it's gotta be > regular watt value.
  12. Welcome to the forum No matter what you thought you were doing, the Profile printscreen does NOT agree with what you did or wrote. @retird If you notice, the wattage settings are backwards .................. just for starters. The preheat is never activated. @saschacolussi Seriously man, IMHO you should watch a video or two about the operation of these mods, replay, etc. DJLSB vapes has a good one or two. It's not they're hard to setup and use, but there's SO much that you CAN do, you really ought to understand more
  13. If you're talking about the 3 small torx screw that secures the 510 connector to the body of the mod, or any part really, I'm sure Evolv or Stealthvape can assist you. Open a ticket with the Help Desk. Link is in my signature line.
  14. Click the Help Desk link in my signature line.
  15. Wayneo

    Draw too tight Orion DNA Go

    There are new mesh pods out by both LV and another company. Your best bet would be to find reviews for those and hope they mention the airflow in comparison to your OG pod. Airflow in an atty is one item that dictates how much wattage they can handle. I haven't heard of any user ways to increase the airlfow, like you can with some atty's. It's a pod device. Welcome.
  16. Wayneo

    Weird Battery Behavior

    @erroct I've asked a few questions, but not actually helped you yet. Bad cell or not, can you just put back on the default battery profile, or the NOT edited iJOY version and see if you're still seeing that? When you're back in town you can run 'battery analyzer' yourself for whatever cell you will be using, which will be accurate. I believe you also adjusted the 'mod resistance' value, to what I'd call way out of the norms (last printscreen, and not saying it's wrong)
  17. Wayneo

    Weird Battery Behavior

    @erroct Has your mod always shown that, or just when full? Is that that the original battery profile, or where did you get it? I don't know if it has anything to do with what you're seeing, but IMHO the profile looks (pardon the French) fucked.
  18. Wayneo

    Replace DNA200 with DNA75

    @drewk1 Have you checked local UK stockists, and which ones? Edit: Easier than a 3D print you can check the respective datasheets here. https://www.evolvapor.com/ IIRC The 250, 200 and 75 share the same width and screw hole dimensions/location. The 75 is a tad shorter as there's no JST connection on the board.
  19. Wayneo

    1 21700 battery device

    Because NO DNA2xx board can be powered by a single cell. Minimum Input voltage value in datasheet
  20. @zark Comrade, considering the thread is about the message, and 'message' was mentioned 3 times in the post I replied to, my response was about ........ the message.
  21. Wayneo

    New DNA Go Device

    Avatar GO now listed at ejuices.com $45. Pack of 3 1.1ml replacement pods $10.50 or $12 IMHO you ought to wait for trusted reviews
  22. Wayneo

    Charge percentage is off

    @hill115sideAFTER your external balance charge do another printscreen like your last one.
  23. Wayneo

    Charge percentage is off

    No use running the analyzer now. Over time, leaving your mod charging, it should rebalance, unless you can bring up cell 3 on your own.
  24. Wayneo

    MacBook escribe

    In between Options and Manufacturer mode, it said click user interface (last option). If that's not there, what version of escribe do you have? (link in my sig for latest escribe)