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  1. Wayneo

    About Orions that stop responding

    @SixOhThreeSam You can open a HelpDesk ticket here: https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/?a=add
  2. Wayneo

    data transfer off??

    Have you tried multiple cables? Windows, Mac or Linux? Is there an error shown on your PC screen?
  3. Wayneo

    PreHeat in non TC Mode

    Yes. It's been over a year since I did my testing and never used it, so I have forgotten all the constraints. But you can see them via Device Monitor.
  4. Wayneo

    Good Fonts ?

    No idea, and I don't like guessing but it looks super close to Arial. 😀
  5. Wayneo

    Good Fonts ?

    Fonts are such a personal style thing. I prefer what they call 'Sans Serif' fonts. I think that's French for without Serifs which are the little frilly points at the ends of a character. So, I've colorized the Evolv default theme font and enlarged some fields to the larger size. If you're into that more minimal style, in the Clean Colors theme, Charlie used a special Microsoft font called Segoe UI which was meant for small displays. I used that font as well before. One last thing I've noticed. Let's say for your small size, setup 3 different sizes just as a visual test on the same screen. Like size 12, 13 and 14. All saying the same thing, and load them up. Now slowly tilting the mod up/down/sideways you might notice 1 looking 'fuller' than the other. That's the size I'd choose. Good luck.
  6. Wayneo

    eScribe and Mac w/Mojave

    Link here https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/?a=add and I just edited my post to do a shout out.
  7. Wayneo

    eScribe and Mac w/Mojave

    Damn. Similar setup as you, but older machine. 10.14.2, and the escribe file info looks the same as yours. You'll need to open a Help desk ticket Edit: or maybe @James will see this.
  8. Wayneo

    eScribe and Mac w/Mojave

    What do you mean Jai? Doesn't even start or crashes or mod not even seen on your new Mac?
  9. Wayneo

    Deleting Themes from the forum ?

    You can hide your own post or comment. It hides it from everyone except the moderators.
  10. Well Yes, to both. No problems reported in a while.
  11. Are you running the latest version of the firmware? Link in my signature.
  12. Wayneo

    I'm very worried charging 98%??

    No. But your theme might have a screen that shows the voltages of those batteries when fully charged. More than likely, it's just an inaccurate csv file for your batteries. No need to worry.
  13. Wayneo

    I'm very worried charging 98%??

    See if you can find a screen on your mod that shows the voltages of those batteries when fully charged externally. OR use escribe, Device Monitor which will also show battery voltages. 🖐️
  14. Wayneo

    MTL Vape Settings

    That's not how this works. If the resistance is the same AND the watts are the same the watts will be the same.
  15. When was the last time you used this mod, and did anything happen beforehand? For a blown battery chip, many times that Printscreen looks differently. At the same time, 0 volts remaining in a single cell is odd. If no one has any better thoughts, you should open a ticket with the Help Desk. https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/?a=add
  16. Wayneo

    Paranormal 250C Error

    Never ran the US version actually, so not sure if Replay is on it. Other than that, nothing more I can think of for a 2 cell 250C.
  17. Wayneo

    Paranormal 250C Error

    Update to the early release, SP19. That should get you going. Escribe link in my sig.
  18. Can you post a Device Monitor FULL printscreen. Moderator comment: Moved to more relevant area.
  19. Wayneo

    Mirage 75C

    It'll work fine out of the box. Install escribe and see if there are any firmware updates. A battery profile to match YOUR battery type will ONLY make the icon on the display more accurate. Watch a video or 2 on your mod, and the 'search' feature here works. Enjoy your mod 🖐️
  20. Wayneo

    MTL Vape Settings

    Does the resistance displayed for the coil match (or really close) what your other mods show? Using just pure watts on your Triade at the same value as your other mods should give you the same vape experience. Punch would cause a stronger vape not weaker, but not good to use on any of the mods for a straight up comparison between 2 mods.
  21. Wayneo

    How to download the theme designer

    It's part of the escribe suite and not an individual item you download. Link here:
  22. Wayneo

    Rebel 250c squonk mod battery sag when firing

    Chief, pretty sure @AMDtrucking also has one and has ripped his apart. Hopefully if you undertake this mission you have proper electronics flux and solder. 🖐️
  23. Wayneo


    Looking at those individual low cell voltages, your battery could now be ready for a replacement.
  24. Wayneo


    2 options. You can either start at step 4 below (by selecting the NiFe you have in the left window), completely overwriting what you have OR start at step 1 for brand new 'Materials' tab Click '+' under left window There'll be a new 'unnamed' material in left window. Bottom of the display, right side, click 'actions' select bottom option (TCR) enter what you want like 0.003 Just above graph, rename Name: unnamed to what you want. Follow posts by dwcraig here: https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66544-dna75-solidworks-iges-and-step-files/?do=findComment&comment=928634 Remember to upload to your mod when done
  25. Wayneo


    NiFe48 is NOT a standard/default material profile from Evolv that I have seen. (I checked 2 different C mods, but I could be wrong). You CAN create a custom TCR profile for your wire if you know what value you want to use.