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    Jac Vapour75 wont connect to Escribe

    No. N80 does not change enough for it be used in TC. SS3xx increases around 20% (in our vaping temp range) and that's about the lowest TCR material. Hohm mods in the past claimed they could do it (even kanthal), but they're longer in the mod business Not that I'm aware of. And it just won't work. You could if you want, find the specs for N80, and IIRC if there's a Mechanical section they might post the rise in ohms at diff temps, and from that craft a TFR file if you understand what you're doing, but it would still not work IMHO. Even the DNA250C board (flagship) will struggle with it, (dubious coil) in Replay and not supported.
  2. Wayneo

    Jac Vapour75 wont connect to Escribe

    No csv file required. N80 is not a TC material (wire). Just use watts.
  3. Wayneo

    Theme Icons

    As long as you credit the original designer, most won't have an issue. Welcome to the forum
  4. Wayneo

    Theme Icons

    No, not really. The easiest way would be to find a theme you like (icons), and then build your own logic behind them. Many creators have spent countless hours creating their own and downsizing/upsizing afterwards, they won't look as crisp. BUT if you really want to, I'd suggest as part of their filename if you harvest icons from other themes, to include their dimensions (I use it as a prefix) like 4x80_battery full. User @zark has posted a zip file of icons from other themes a couple times.
  5. Wayneo

    250c LED on with screen?

    As a moderator, I cannot delete your account. Either just never sign on again (we do not spam you), or open a Help Desk ticket and ask if they will remove it.
  6. Wayneo

    Nifethal 52 and 250c

    So, just checking. You're saying your cold/ambient coil which reads 0.077 ohms, fluctuates +/- 0.03, which would put it at .107 ohms high in AA, just sitting there? On the other hand, that second puff in the second pic actually hit temp, but it was a brief puff. Did it seem too hot? Now that you're back to dual coils with more mass, you do need more watts, but something just feels off to me. How many watts can you use without TC with that coil (safely that you like) <- You can just leave the temp as is and turn down preheat to say your 80, and slowly just increase the Power (watts) while staying in this profile.
  7. Wayneo

    Nifethal 52 and 250c

    @Drughugs Can you describe the coil that's in there now, and If you use Atomizer Analyzer (bottom of the profile page), is the resistance value relatively stable. One last thing, you might want to move the Punch value up to 11 and retry if it all looks good. Like @dwcraig1 mentioned, your coil resistance should almost be double the cold ohm value. No, I don't think the build is too low.
  8. Wayneo

    Nifethal 52 and 250c

    @Drughugs Without the details of the whole Printscreen, I can't tell whats up.
  9. Wayneo

    Nifethal 52 and 250c

    Thanks greatly for those. You can't find anything, because there's nothing really to find. TC (or material type) doesn't care about coil ID, or number of wraps. Just the material. The numbers are identical because the wraps are pretty much just along 'for the ride'. The material file (values) looks fine. Your profile numbers are all backwards. Quick answer: Swap the 75 and 200 watts. Upload to device. Longer answer: 'Settings -> Power is the HARD MAXIMUM you want the mod to use, Ever. So if your TC is wonky, or not the right something, you won't get 136 watts blasting your lips. 'Preheat -> Power is the maximum you want the mod to use while it is getting your coil up to the temp you've set. Punch says how close to the set temp it gets before ENDING the Preheat values. The higher the value for Punch (max 11) the closer it goes to your set value. SO, you should always set your preheat value higher than the power value. BTW, I hope you can vape that atty at 75 watts comfortably. If you now post a Printscreen from Device Monitor while taking a puff, we can try to decipher more. (Tick/check the cold ohm/live ohm (2) and power boxes (2).
  10. Wayneo

    Nifethal 52 and 250c

    I assume you're using it in TC mode based on the above? What are the settings in the profile for Power/watts, and preheat? (Printscreen of the Profile works) Did you read the coil resistance when cooled to ambient temperature? Post the csv or a Printscreen of it from the material tab, but I've never heard of a corrupt csv.
  11. Wayneo

    Mac Suppport

    @JaI Haze IIRC you (and at least one other person) mentioned this MONTHS ago. Did you ever open an OFFICIAL ticket at the Help Desk? Link in my signature line.
  12. Wayneo

    DNA 250c dead

    If it is new, you might still be within your warranty at place of purchase. Failing that you can open a trouble ticket at the Help Desk and explain the problem Link in my signature.
  13. Wayneo

    Think Vape Finder DNA250C issues

    YOU need to read and set the resistance in each profile you're using that coil. New coil, or not That alone might fix the majority of your issues.
  14. Wayneo

    Data sheet dnaGo ?

    NO Datasheet posted. HxWxD(mm): 29(including protruding usb) x 10.2 x 5 Hit up the Help Desk (link in my sig) they should be able to answer your questions.
  15. Wayneo

    Lost Vape Drone 250C issues.

    Myfreedomsmokes has replacement squonk bottles
  16. Wayneo

    VTBOX 200 USB Charge show 3.08A

    Can you post a Printscreen of Device Monitor, like the one shown in the other thread you posted in.
  17. Wayneo

    New to this :-)

    YES, if the author included a Status line. NO if the author did not. YES, if you go into Theme Designer and save it beforehand, OR restore from a backup. YES, at the bottom of the 1st page (Appearance/Wallpaper) in Theme Designer. Remember to always 'Upload settings to Device' if you make any changes.
  18. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Orion Q is not a DNA device. Escribe will not work for you.
  19. @vapedoctor DJLSB has done a tutorial on theme designer for sure (YouTube), that I used in the beginning. Or, you can find an already created one, that jives with you and use it as a base for your own. So looking at the Evolv defaults, Profile 8 has "Use replay on this profile" enabled. The Evolv default theme (in Theme Designer) 'Main Screen' shows the conditions. Temp sensing, Can Replay, Can Replay now. - So if you load and use that, you can follow along with the behavior. For the Can Replay Now, you'll notice it's a 'toggle' (On/Off) with a different graphic for each. Hope this helps.
  20. Those are conditions generated by the board and would be automatically shown on the status line/field if you have one in your theme
  21. Wayneo

    Replay mode

    Follow from the 2nd paragraph in this post from @dwcraig. Up earlier in that post is how you can check, but if it's still not working ............. Post a printscreen of Device Monitor showing the live/cold ohm boxes ticked.
  22. Wayneo

    Replay mode

    Moderator Edit: Your duplicate posts were merged. Does the theme you're using support Replay? Is your mod in a Profile that supports Replay?
  23. Wayneo


    Moderator edit: I merged all your posts Using the measurements of each battery, and looking at your wiring and connector will help you determine which will fit. In the future (friendly tip) make your Subject line give others a clue as to what's inside the body
  24. Wayneo

    Need settings for Ni80 on Lost Vape Triade Pls

    N80 is not a temp material. Use straight watts. NO SETTINGS REQUIRED. If you're lucky, it MIGHT work in Replay
  25. Wayneo

    DNA 75 measurements?

    Yes. Zillions of places, but these are solid https://www.ebay.com/sch/mosmax_electronics/m.html