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    rebel 167w dna250

    Well, I believe the default value is/was 9Wh. That should be changed to ~15-18. Then (as always) upload to your mod. I do not understand why you said that. You could use someone elses csv (curve) and values or run your own analysis which will give YOU valid results for YOUR batteries
  2. Wayneo

    rebel 167w dna250

    If you start escribe with no mod attached, 'edit new setting' and pick the 2 cell option, it will give/show you all the evolv default battery parameters. The csv only makes your battery % or icons more accurate. It does not affect how your mod works. I'd suggest you at least adjust the Wh setting for your battery
  3. Wayneo

    DNA250c Themes

    If you start theme designer, you'll see the wallpaper tab. You can crop your picture to the size you want and use it there, Play around with it. There are many clear options for when and how it will appear. DJLSB has a good tutorial starting just after the 30 minute mark. https://youtu.be/1dvBpTm-FQM
  4. Wayneo

    VTC6 - Full CSV battery

    I really suggest you watch a video on how to run battery analyzer, or search the forum, or just look at your file compared to others. Or even just try to 'load' the file you posted on YOUR mod, cuz even though you say you're using it, YOU'RE NOT. 6 Columns(Fields) and 643 rows of data, ARE NOT A BATTERY DISCHARGE CURVE.
  5. Wayneo

    VTC6 - Full CSV battery

    What does that mean? Are you using that file on your own mod? It does NOT look like anything I've seen before
  6. Great so now that you know the current limitations, you can work around or within them.
  7. Wayneo

    the box mod doesn't works

    Same stuff you were told by @retird back in February. Is it a LiPo battery mod?
  8. Well ................ I'd really suggest you open a Help Desk ticket. Link in my sig. Longer answer. Yes, it does sorta get stuck. Right after a soft or hard reboot or powering down it will work again UNTIL you hit the fire button, then it sticks again for a while. This is not a hardware issue with your Triade.
  9. Wayneo

    Temp Protect error

    I can't wait any longer to give you individualized help as there were 3 questions asked, but here's a 6 page thread you can pick through. Hopefully something clicks, and you resolve the issues. And welcome
  10. Wayneo

    Temp Protect error

    Many different reasons for this issue. If it's mainly affecting your builds, have you changed anything in your process? And 'newest update' has a number, what firmware number(s). If it weren't for your 'alot of the mods' comment, I'd be asking are you reading and setting the coil resistance at ambient temp in the profile you're using questions
  11. Wayneo

    Stealth and Automatic Firing

    Stealth - no lights, or few lights. There are many posts in this area about settings. Welcome
  12. Wayneo

    Preheat power ?

    2 moderators commenting on the same post is usually a bonus for the OP at least IMHO. Butting in has never crossed my mind. Plus, I think we're done here.
  13. Wayneo

    Preheat power ?

    I think you've misunderstood me. I'm saying that if you can prove something to yourself, it's much better than relying on anyone. I could be wrong and make mistakes daily (or so my wife says).
  14. Wayneo

    Preheat power ?

    Huh? I'm not gonna comment on any reviewer, but yes, there's misinformation all over the place. BUT you can prove what I said to yourself. Go into escribe, and look at any profile with a TC material showing at the bottom. See the options for Preheat and punch? Change the material there to watts/kanthal, and now look at the options. Preheat should have disappeared, and now magically you see boost
  15. Wayneo

    Preheat power ?

    You can only pre heat in a TC profile You can only boost punch when your material is not identified as a TC material in a profile (there's a whole lot said there in a few words)
  16. Wayneo

    Replay and dry fire

    Yes, it's possible. Read the post I link (click on ruckus), and the response from James, who answers all your questions.
  17. Wayneo

    SS TC Settings

    All depends on your juice IMHO, and how you like to vape. I usually go through 1 tank of a new juice in watts, then adjust for TC. That shows me the watts I'm happy at, the I'll set my preheat watts maybe 25% higher, and my regular power at slightly higher watts I know I already like. I can only remember ever being blown out of TC once, an that was because a coil leg had become loose. There is no one way, or right way. If you're happy, it's all good ... for you. general rule of thumb: Higher mass coils require more power to initially heat than lower mass coils.
  18. Wayneo

    SS TC Settings

    @TorturedZen That was really just to replicate blasting to that temp. This part was also important. Right now it's taking me over a second to reach my set temp as I like the flavor changes as it ramps up. Enjoy your mod.
  19. I opened a Help Desk ticket and was passed on to some gent who took my order for the 1A data/charging board the 60's when they were not showing a while ago. Link in my sig.
  20. Replay will work with ANY Temperature controllable material/wire as their core. I'd call the Big 4, Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel, NiFe .
  21. Wayneo

    Mirage 75C

    Open a Help Desk ticket and explain the problem. Link in my signature.
  22. Wayneo

    DNA 60 issues

    Like I initially said What do the flashes mean? If you believe it's a battery issue, you can select Voltage in Device Monitor, take a puff, pause screen, move cursor to lowest point on the black voltage line, to see the voltage sag Then a printscreen of that And I meant Downloads section/area.
  23. Wayneo

    DNA 60 issues

    Yes, that's normal. The display is live, and that's just the board getting to your 30. You can tweak the settings to show the warnings or flashes. I'd raise that 2.66 up, depending on your batteries. What kind of batteries are you using? Themes and profiles are up to you in the regular DNA section
  24. Wayneo

    Lost paranormal 250c authentication

    Escribe for the board authentivity.
  25. Wayneo


    So before I get to this last posting, the forum topic you linked here shows "There are so many 'SS316L' alloy mixes, nevermind the non SAE conversions that it's difficult to use any SS316L without knowingexactly what you have. Here's some for UD SS316L, version 4" so when we said untypical, that was from back in 2015, and for a specific batch of wire. Just a higher TCR really. Yes, definitely, but in reality so does a properly calibrated mod (Thermal). So the internal mod resistance looks at your wiring connections and grounding up to and including the 510, and nullifies the extra resistance found. Then it uses the thermals, to give you stuff like an accurate room/ambient temp, so while the material increases in ohms, it actually knows what's going on. Well .........., evolv has measured their 510, and based the default of .004 on that. I have a custom built 250 that has measured to .002. And they've also stated a lower, conservative value is better than higher. I'd say it's not hurting anything at all. Did I miss anything?