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    @ArminB That's a full on copy of his entire mod. If you only want the theme, with your mod unplugged, start escribe, open file, save theme. Then follow the normal routine to upload to your mod.
  2. What firmware are you now running? I hope you read the release notes for what each subsequent release changed/addressed. So if you're all fine now, great, enjoy your mod. Do not read any further If you're still having issues, post a printscreen of 'Profile 1', and what material (wire) are those coils. From the word 'delay' are you saying from when you push the fire button nothing at all happens on the mod? because your puffs are barely 2 seconds long?
  3. Can you describe your coil AND post a printscreen from escribe of the profile you're using I'm understanding that every time after sitting for a few minutes, only the first puff seems delayed, but subsequent puffs are fine. If so, have you used Replay?
    Original 'Theme' Designers at least deserve some credit for their work. The wallpaper might be original, but in both the 'about' screen and the credits, the info shows this is the work of @formula 1 Oops!
  4. After changing pretty much anything mod related in escribe, always 'Upload settings to device'
  5. Wayneo

    Therml Profile SXK Billet Box dna60

    Nah. Escribe came out with the 200 in 2015. Then in 2016, the 75, 250 and 60. All working with escribe
  6. Wayneo

    disable LED indicator in idle/locked

    @Madzz Inquiring minds need an update. What kind of mod is that white Delrin? Did you try the test theme? If it didn't work did you open an official Help Desk ticket for that firmware fix? Hope you had a great Father's Day
  7. Wayneo

    disable LED indicator in idle/locked

    Well, my bad. Sorry.
  8. Wayneo

    disable LED indicator in idle/locked

    I don't even know how you can ever see the firing button, but whatever. Your firing starts blue for like ½ a second then that red for like ½ a second. Repeats the red then back to blue. Put together it would appear as 1 solid second of each. If the 'normal' isn't blank, my question is: After making these changes did you 'upload settings to mod'?
  9. Wayneo

    Molicel P42A Profile

    @Sn00n00 The Evolv default will work fine. Having an accurate CSV file for your batteries will only make your battery gauge and % more accurate. Battery life will not change. There are two settings that affect battery charge life and they are Cell Soft Cutoff and Charge Mode. Many use 2.75 volts for round cells and 4.2 volts for charge mode. This pretty much gives the most puffs from each charge. Maybe you can explain more the big NEED.
  10. There are many different ways to set up a Temp Protected vape. Your (those) settings will work after just enabling/clicking on that box above 'Temperature' that says 230°C We all vape differently, so if you vape at 100 watts normally, you can adjust the temp up or down until you get the same 'heat' but with smaller clouds.
  11. Wayneo

    how to set check new atomizer

    That was NOT a true statement. Even if you setup your profiles as @dwcraig1 has suggested, YOU will still need to change to that profile.
  12. Wayneo

    Problem 250c

    I'd suggest you update your version of escribe first. Link is in my signature for the latest.
  13. Wayneo

    help odin 250c

    Can you post a full printscreen of Device Monitor with the mod attached. Thanks
  14. Wayneo

    help odin 250c

    What are the individual (battery) cell voltages right now? Unplug mod, swap battery positions. Now, after swapping positions, what are the individual cell voltages? If you can't find the info using the theme start escribe -> Device Monitor. It's on the left hand side near the top
  15. Wayneo

    puff info

    By design these 2XX boards only 'buck'. Those others must 'boost' and 'buck'. Here's the Designer/Engineer comments https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/69940-dna250c-wont-give-me-11-volts/?do=findComment&comment=926591
  16. Wayneo

    puff info

    Lower the coil resistance if you want more. Yes, the 3 battery mod will output more power than a 2 battery mod based on your current battery voltages.
  17. Wayneo

    DNA 200 Battery Discharge Profile

    No more ideas. You may as well open a Help Desk ticket. https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1
  18. Wayneo

    DNA 200 Battery Discharge Profile

    Right now do you have any other 200 series boards where if you click on the 'load csv' it will actually open the window to choose a file? Have you tried rebooting your PC? What OS are you running?
  19. Wayneo

    Battery balance tap question on Para-series

    Using either setup both will have the same mAh. Series configuration you're getting a full 16.8V in, 10V output, 400 watts on tap, easier on all your batteries, and a working balance charger Para series max 8.4V in, max 8.4V output, 200 watts tops
  20. Wayneo

    DNA60 Showing OFF for Temp Control

    Whew. Glad you solved it. I also have an OG BB. Right down to those fancy aftermarket painted/anodized screws (threading) holding in the battery connector can cause problems. I only know a few other BB users that even use TC. I build mine (exocet or insider) quite often with Ti01. I have a clone Haku, but never even unpacked it.
  21. Wayneo

    DNA60 Showing OFF for Temp Control

    Damn, you have thrown me. I just don't know.
  22. Wayneo

    cracked screen ?

    Yes. They can be found here or (Stealthvape and Modmaker) in the UK. Here's a link with instructions
  23. Wayneo

    DNA60 Showing OFF for Temp Control

    That whole boro area is your positive and negative connection and should always be clean. Glad to hear it's working now with a different RBA. Which RBA setup was giving you issues?
  24. Wayneo

    DNA60 Showing OFF for Temp Control

    It would have saved us both typing if you had answered my very first question, but no worries. Sounds like Stainless to me.