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  1. That looks like ejuice down at the bottom of the board in/on the JST connections or where they connect to the board. I think if you open up your mod you'll find ejuice that needs to be cleaned off.
  2. You cannot set or create the TCR of any material 'on the mod' The material (wire) has a TFR or TCR, NOT a specific coil. You can use steam-engine 'wire wizard' to simulate a build of your materials and coil once, and that will show the TCR value in the 'TCR in vaping range' field. IF you're gonna use these coils strictly with color DNA mods Replay offers dry hit protection and more. That TCR value benefits non color DNAs or any other mod. Replay DOES NOT require ANY material profile.
  3. You should try to sign in with your original ID, and use the 'forgot your password' option. No need to create a second ID. DO THAT, and I'll change this post to your original ID.
  4. Thank you for your understanding @Darth vapes. Tomorrow I'll delete this post, and the 2 above. 2 things I'll comment here. YOU ONLY NEED A MATERIAL PROFILE FOR TC YOU DO NOT NEED A MATERIAL PROFILE FOR REPLAY PS You never did answer James' question
  5. @Darth vapes Seeing as how you have the same issue on the 250C , I'd like to MOVE all your posts after your 'Thursday at 01:43 PM post' as the weak puffs issue has been resolved with the 45.1 update. (Just trying to keep this weak puff issue isolated for everyone). Waiting for your acknowledgement. Of course I'll also move @BillW50 posts
  6. Hopefully it is still under warranty from where you purchased it. I think you should either contact them or the builder himself. Failing that, you could open it up and look around the screen connector itself. If neither of those 2 options seem reasonable, you could open an RMA with Evolv. I imagine the screen is very close to the board, and you might want to purchase a data/charging board for future use, such as setting the board up to your liking. Checking the firmware level, etc. Those board pins are at the bottom of the board near the screen ZIF connector. I made this cable that is removable just for the above changes. After all that I posted a cheat sheet for these non color boards. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/71559-cheat-sheet-key-combos-for-non-color-mods/
  7. If you are not in USA 🇺🇸, they can be found at Stealthvape or Modmaker, both in the UK.
  8. Wow! There are many themes under the Downloads tab. Just look around.
  9. So if you turn up the watts, won't you get the same taste/flavor? Edit: Or you could use the 'watt boost' profile, say start at 5, to give those 23 watts some extra watts for more power
  10. In escribe under the 'screen' tab, there are at least 6 parameters for the screen behavior. At a minimum you should check the brightness is at 100% (or more than it is now). Always 'upload settings to mod' after any changes
  11. I think we're gonna more words. What material is your coil used in the DB V3, and what Ω's? How many watts do you run it at? When you put it on the Hyperion, what Ω's does it show, what is the profile called, what coil material shows? How many watts do you run it at?
  12. Does that mod have a USB port/escribe access? Are you saying it was brighter, and then slowly over time it's been getting darker and darker? <- I've never heard of that before.
  13. Why would you want to install a firmware without knowing what it's supposed to fix? Sounds backwards to me. Hopefully Jacob will send you for small screen, but more importantly tell you what it changed. 👍
  14. That version has never appeared here from Evolv. It could either be a typo appearing, or an oversight. The Help Desk can clarify. Link in the 4th post.
  15. That is the correct location, and version currently on your device. I don't know any more about the different firmware updates. You'll need to make that request for more details and a curated list at the Help Desk, link below. https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1
  16. Updates where the GO is mentioned starts with this post. You can read down to the bottom of the thread for more details https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/?do=findComment&comment=928400
  17. Glad you got it all sorted out, and so far so good 👍 Thanks for this update.
  18. There is no autofire of any kind
  19. @AngeloS, Seeing as you're brand spanking new, and I don't know what's on your mod. With mod unplugged install SP27 on your PC. It's ~55Mb. That will install the full escribe suite. Found here https://downloads.evolvapor.com/SetupEScribe2_SP27_INT_ServicePack.exe Plug in mod, you should hear a sound that your PC sees the device, then start escribe. Ideally you'll see a message there's an update available, click that. Update firmware to SP45 as shown in the graphic above. Click "Apply" Then install this new update. There's no need to worry, escribe always makes backups of its config every time your mod is plugged in and you start escribe. Yes, you can always go back and restore from any of them escribe suite SP numbers and mod firmware updates SP numbers are always different.
  20. OR, even easier, TO ME Start escribe, then Tools -> Apply service Pack Then Navigate to where it is right now, by clicking on the folder at the bottom left. Then Apply, over on the right
  21. Alex did you get a reply? Even something not interesting would be good to hear.
  22. @AngeloS I suggest you and @Psyentistapply the firmware posted directly above your post. Use the mod normally and report back in a week with your findings. Screen off/on, low brightness, etc.
  23. Hey, that could be a grouping right there. 3 or more in a grouping that changing the wallpaper, or selecting from the 3 choices will all look good. I would suggest gwyar's theme to look at, but I don't want to confuse you. But if you look at any one of the 'clean colors' themes, he selectively shows how to hide or show accurate batteries. You can do that for both the label name and the field. Or read this post of his (shortlink) https://tinyurl.com/yjrh6b6c Just trying to be helpful.
  24. You could create a wallpaper pack with a sample of the different backgrounds shown without any text and some directions on how easy to swap from one background to another. Or even 3 wallpapers per theme and tell 'em to choose one? I think I'm pretty close to done having to approve all these for a few days. Edit: Or just put some of these as 'updates' to originals. Like you had a Thelema theme with a green DNA strand. Nothing was Thelema specific, but now you have a Concept 2, same DNA strand ....... that could easily just be an update, and requires no approval Then don't show it. Use a conditional. Same for the batteries. The functionality is already there.
  25. So 4 days later, for you 4 users suffering this issue. Did any/all of you open a 'Help Desk' ticket, or y'all just enjoying the ride 🤣? The more Evolv hears there's an issue, the more serious they'll be in resolving it. 👍 Here's the link, and it's pretty quick and easy to do. https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1
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