DNA 250C Error Press Up message

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Hello, I own a new Triade Mod from Lost Vape. I do get the message „error, press up“ after some minutes of not using it and pressing the fire button.  I have choosen a standby time via escribe of 15 minutes. So when I put the mod away after vaping and I want to fire again after eg 5 minutes, the message comes up. I have updated the mod too, but still the same issue. Hope somebody can help me. 

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Hello. Thank you.
I do have now permanent "chrashes. No specific reason to find why they happen.

I would go back to SP33 (the only older version on my PC under "tools"), but this does not work. I cannot install it. How can I find the SP35 version? I do not know Escribe very good.

But this all is not satisfying of course. Is Evolv working on this bug? 


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