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  1. lordmage

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    sorry its been awhile but no not completely it did slow them down for a time. i had to revert to full default theme for a bit and they still came back unless i downgraded version so i can only assume it maybe due to the battery wiring issue i read about with another member in the UK and i dont have spares to send this one in to be checked so im sitting a version down without them, i tried both TC and non TC coils with default and without a default theme using the menu hack if needed and it seems the only clue to the issue has been possibly that with the higher version the tolerance for input power is a bit higher and that a poorly wired board may not sustain this level and it throws the error and resets.
  2. lordmage

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    Let me amend my earlier comments publicly so far on sp38 i have not had an issue after wayneo sent me some info... if you have this issue please check your theme screen settings use this thread as a suggeted fix https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/70342-dna250c-error-press-up/?tab=comments#comment-932290 so far so good no error at all for me...
  3. lordmage

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    @Wayneo @nibo i am personally curious about what in sp38 makes it more sensitive to the "battery connect" "error up message vs SP 33. you would think a poor power connection would be a universal issue regardless of the software other than possible tolerance issues in the programing .. aka test point at pass at 1v fail at .95 v just an example god i dont know the ins and out of the programming.
  4. lordmage

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    so does @nibopost above mean i should send my device in for repair if sp38 gives me the press up error paranormal 250C i have to sat on sp33 as noted above to not experience it
  5. lordmage

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    For me sp38 default theme had it. Sp 33 does not
  6. lordmage


    the dna device uses your local pc time when you upload a change at least it does for me. theme designer can change what and how things are displayed
  7. lordmage

    Replay Mode Help

    Ваша информация верна при использовании ecribe и если у вас есть проблемы с морозостойкостью по умолчанию. устройство установит базовую линию, когда вы ответите «да», если вы хотите установить ручное сопротивление, тогда просто загрузите новые числа без блокировки его ... использование режима блокировки - это когда RDa или бак делают катушку нестабильной, и вы хотите переопределить его на установленное количество your information is correct when using ecribe and if you have issues with the default cold resistance. the device will set the baseline when you answer yes if you wish to set a manual resistance then simply upload the new numbers with out locking it in... using the locking mode is when the RDa or tank makes the coil unstable and you want to override it to your set amount блокировка омов - это бандаид для ошибочного или не идеального соединения. Единственная причина, по которой он находится в программном обеспечении, заключается в том, что конкуренция предлагает это, и многие просили об этом, и это выполнимо, поэтому evolv сделал это, но в идеале вам никогда не придется блокировать Омы. если вы часто получаете новую катушку с такими же сообщениями катушки, то, возможно, было бы лучше просто измерить сопротивление вашего мода, а затем добавить сопротивление к смещению, как описано, если ваше сопротивление прыгает вокруг достаточно, чтобы вам пришлось использовать блокировку сопротивления, тогда Существует проблема, которая должна быть исправлена. locking the ohms is a bandaid for an erratic or less than ideal connection. only reason it's in the software is because the competition offers this and many have requested it and it is doable, so evolv did it, but ideally you shouldn't ever have to lock the ohms. if you get frequent new coil same coil msgs then it might be a better idea to just measure the resistance of your mod then add the resistance to the offset in escribe, if your resistance is jumping around enough that you need to use the resistance lock then there is a problem that should be corrected.
  8. lordmage

    Help Me!

    you may need to restore the default theme as well ... the theme could have been setup with a different menu
  9. lordmage

    Replay Mode Help

    Locking function is not locking the resistance. when the device asks "is this a new coil?" that is what you do with all coils the locking mode is a diagnostic tool used with escribe that others use to correct issues. Функция блокировки не блокирует сопротивление. когда устройство спрашивает "это новая катушка?" это то, что вы делаете со всеми катушками режим блокировки - это преимущество диагностики, используемое с ecribe, которое другие используют для устранения проблем. Funktsiya blokirovki ne blokiruyet soprotivleniye. kogda ustroystvo sprashivayet "eto novaya katushka?" eto to, chto vy delayete so vsemi katushkami rezhim blokirovki - eto preimushchestvo diagnostiki, ispol'zuyemoye s ecribe, kotoroye drugiye ispol'zuyut dlya ustraneniya problem.
  10. lordmage

    Replay Mode Help

    there is some term confusing going on... if you are placing a room temp rda and coil onto a dna device the mod will ask if "is it a new coil?" yes,no,recheck depending on theme. This is referred to others as locking or setting a base line... Locking the ohms Function is only if the above is not working and confirmed in escribe
  11. lordmage

    Replay Mode Help

    locking ohms is meant for unstable builds but normally i only lock ohms when i am sure it is a Certain cold ohm and the mod argues with me but in truth i have not locked an ohm in a long time. back then it was the RDA Post that was breaking and causing the ohms to jump. once i replaced the RDA no locking since.
  12. lordmage

    Replay Mode Help

    i find some SS coils work better under watts. with Ni and Ti since they are known to be temperamental i would rather have Full TC with replay vs no Tc and Replay with watts
  13. lordmage

    Replay Mode Help

    in your case as i under stand replay i would setup a separate TC profile for your TI coil and have it be replay mode on set your Temp and TC as desired and when you find a vape you like save it and replay will attempt to make it happen again. Replay will work with a Temp setting Replay is designed to give you that yummy vape again hence replay. To answer your question it is merely taking the data of your vape and replaying it as best as it can. i mainly use Replay for SS coils in Watts material mode. if i use NI or TI then i setup my TC as we all know and turn replay on. find a vape i like and save it.
  14. lordmage

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    Edit : this is the most stable for me in terms of the error code have yet to see it Firmware Version: 1.1 SP33.2 INT
  15. lordmage

    DNA 250 chip shows wrong battery level

    i had the same issue then i went looking into mooch battery results https://www.facebook.com/batterymooch/posts/ive-received-a-few-inquiries-regarding-hohmtechs-use-of-my-test-results-for-thei/1829482420674669/ in short i lowered my overall mah total in escribe and adjusted the battery curve a bit to match his comments and testing results and i find it much closer