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  1. AnnaR.

    cracked screen ?

    same at me with my VTBox,250C, buy at Ebay a new Display from a german dealer, 20€ and 15min work, all fine now
  2. AnnaR.

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    so many time left, but evolv don´t fix this. 1_1_SP33_INT.sw-service is always the last version without the "Error press Up" white screen after sleep on my VTBox :(
  3. AnnaR.

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    @dwcraig1: No, don´t works, always "Error Press Up)" after sleep. Factory Reset with original Evolve Theme....same Back to SP33, all fine
  4. AnnaR.

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    same at me, SP33 is the last working Firmware for my VTBox250C, it´s sad ;(
  5. AnnaR.

    Dna250c Error Press Up

    with SP35 is see this error on some situations, with SP38 it happens after the first long sleep after Update, so i quickly switch back to SP33
  6. AnnaR.

    Dna250c Error Press Up

    always "error press up" with SP38 on my VTBox, only SP33 works fine
  7. AnnaR.

    Dna250c Error Press Up

    good to hear u solved it. At me only put the 1_1_SP33_2_INT.sw-service on my Vapecige, solved it, i don´t have to install other escribe-versions before i get the "error press up" everytime when the DNA try to go sleep, sometime while uploading with escribe. Use original config/theme or factory settings, makes no difference. So for me SP35 is buggy bye
  8. AnnaR.

    Dna250c Error Press Up

    i have same problem with my Vapecige VTBox250C since the new servicepack, but not on my Paranormal. Fortunately i have found that servicepack before in my backup of my Mac, 1_1_SP33_2_INT.sw-service good luck 1_1_SP33_2_INT.sw-service 1_1_SP33_2_US.sw-service