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EE PROM Programing Failed


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I am using VMWare Fusion on my Mac, running Windows 7.  I double checked the USB was being recognized on the Mac and on the VMWare.  SO the DNA200 is being recognized.  It consistently says "EEPROM programming failed" when I try to upload settings to the device via Escribe.  Now my DNA200 is stuck and only displays "Upload Settings".  I cannot fire device. Any way to fix this or just use a PC based computer to fix issue?  Or is my DNA200, that is stuck on "Upload Settings", requires maintenance.   I did click "hard reboot" on Escribe, but if the device is not being recognized, I doubt that command went through.  Please advise and thank you for your time.

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We bought a Mac Mini yesterday to test on.

In my testing with VirtualBox...
If the firmware update has a problem, the DNA goes into its bootloader/recovery mode. You need to add the bootloader device (it just shows as a serial number) in USB Devices. Once you do that, if you reconnect it, it does detect. (It seems that the effects of VirtualBox settings changes are only seen after a reconnect.) After that I had no problems doing firmware updates on Mac OS.

In my testing with Parallels...
Parallels was about the same, except it seemed to have trouble detecting when I disconnected the device. The Windows XP image I was using still thought it was connected. Also, it was very slow to detect the connection.

So the real problem with both of these is they don't automatically hand over the DNA 200 to the virtualized OS. If you make sure both the normal device and its recovery mode get handed over, though, it works okay.

On both I *did* find that USB is slower under virtualization. I raised the timeouts from 750 milliseconds to 2 seconds in my test version, which made for less spurious errors.

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