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    Any news on the DNA75?

    About 6:30 in they briefly introduce it and briefly talk about it a little later...
  2. laadam

    Any news on the DNA75?

    Did anyone catch the POH show Monday? They had the DNA 75 in-hand... Looked very similar to the 200 Reference Mod.
  3. laadam

    Mac Suppport

    I have not had any success with VB since the El Capitan update... There was an update that just came out but haven't had a chance to try it yet
  4. laadam

    How to design your own screen

    Check out this post:/topic/65591-topic/
  5. laadam

    Scrolling Speed

    I find myself flipping back and forth between two wattages that far apart so I just set up separate profiles. Just a double click away... works for me
  6. I tried this with more than one and it worked for me.But, only use this if all other parameters are identical, i.e. battery, case, etc. For example, different set-ups require a different case analysis or battery analysis.
  7. laadam

    2s 18650 discussion

    Before anything else goes up in smoke, how does this look?
  8. laadam

    2s 18650 discussion

    Sure was... Just soldered in a new chip: Pack-9.54 Cell1-4.21 Cell2-4.22 Cell3-1.11 Edit: I just upgraded the firmware. Even though it's still reporting voltage on cell 3, pack volts are now 8.43 Edit2: not charging... Edit3: I'm an idiot! Batteries were already fully charged to begin with... Edit4: now all of a sudden I get nothing on cell1 and 5.76 on cell2... WTF?
  9. laadam

    2s 18650 discussion

    Getting the warranty error now. Batteries are fully charged (2xHE2) but device monitor only reflecting 3.65/3.66 and 0.00 for pack Bandgap 0.97
  10. laadam

    Rhino batteries - DO NOT USE

    The epoxy hadn't even cured yet! The battery wasn't secured because that was going to be the last step. Tested everything after install and checked out. No wires were contacting the case. (I will take a closer look to see if the was a sharp spot on the solder, if I can) Threw it on the charger while I was cleaning the bench up and.... Flame! Yanked the battery and threw it out the garage. Didn't know if it was going to get worse
  11. laadam

    Rhino batteries - DO NOT USE

    No, I don't know exactly. I guess a wire could have worked loose. Have to take a closer look in the morning. May or may not have been the battery. Just raging after losing this...
  12. laadam

    Rhino batteries - DO NOT USE

    Everything was going good... Then I smelt something.....
  13. Thanks but it's not an error opening the file, the error is opening the thread discussing the file...