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Zif socket and cable

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Laguz75 said:

You can install the cable in ether direction if you look at the past posts you can see that I used a connector on mine but i tried soldering a screen to the cable like iandvaypes and it is easiesr. Here's a pic of the connector which is the same on the board you can see it makes contact if you put the cable in ether direction

May i know where i can find this connector..need it badly..my connetor got problem..
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I don't have any first hand experience with that but here's what I think.
The ribbon is soldered on to the board and while it can be replaced it takes considerable skill.
The extension cable will have to be fabricated or a similar ribbon modified and soldered to existing ribbon and board.
You should be able to purchase a new screen for the DNA 20 by opening a ticket with Evolv.

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@dwcraig1 is correct. The DNA 20D small screen's ribbon is soldered to the board. The only way I think you could add a ribbon extension is to solder the extra ribbon onto the DNA20 ribbon and then solder it to the DNA20D board.  I guess you could find a connector set to solder to the ribbons and connect the extension that way but will still have to solder the extension to the board.  There is no Zif connector on the board.

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