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  1. Shapeways will most likely be Nylon. Nylon is Acetone resistant. Acetone works really well on ABS though.
  2. Nice thinking outside the box Tom. (Or actually inside the box lol)
  3. I have various lengths and they do seem to fit although the ends are a little thicker. I haven't had time to cut the notches and solder sockets (which looks like a bear to do without a tiny board). Work is overwhelming right now so working long days 7 days a week.
  4. Man you guys are right on top of giving the community what it asks for of this board! (Within its capabilities) Kudos John and the rest of Evolv.
  5. Can't find the FCI 59453-08211ECHLF zif socket in stock anywhere. I did find what looks like a compatible socket for the cable in a bottom contact with the FCI 59453-08111DCHLF http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=59453-081110EDHLFvirtualkey64910000virtualkey649-59453081110EDHLF . Was planning on putting 2 of these together back to back and using an FPC jumper cable such as the Molex 98266-0083 http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=98266-0083virtualkey98266-0083virtualkey538-98266-0083 to extend the display. I realize I will have to notch the ends of the cables for socket fit. Got some of the sockets and various lengths of cable in my Mouser cart. Could someone be so kind as to verify that the FCI 59453-08111DCHLF is compatible with the display cable?
  6. Hey Mamu, how is that Turnigy nano-tech 950mAh? Got 2 coming.
  7. For the DNA200 board? I split the board file down the center of the board and exported 2 STL flat on the bottom, printed them in ABS, Acetoned them together. I could send you the STL's.
  8. If you are into making your own pack, I found my old email from 2013 for these cells which I am fairly certain that pack is composed of. Was quoted $32.50 USD for 10 not including shipping. http://m.alibaba.com/product/542374055/high-C-rate-LiFePO4-battery-1000mah.html?hasRedirected=y
  9. As stated the power density is lower. Here is a practical size. http://www.maxamps.com/proddetail.php?prod=Life-1050-99-ERevo-Pack
  10. I am fairly certain I read somewhere that it would only take increasing resistance values but I can't find the reference. I remember because I saw a curve one time that plateaued and went back down before increasing again and it made me think about what would happen in a closed loop system with simple resistance feedback.
  11. SSV, Maybe I am not understanding your post, but I don't see how a sawtooth could be implemented with simple resistance measurement TC. That would necessitate that the wire has a negative coefficient on the trailing edge of the sawtooth? How would the device know which side of the sawtooth it is on just by measuring resistance?
  12. Will Escribe run on an NT platform? More specifically XP Pro or Server 2003? I am stuck in NT land due to $ of updating company software.
  13. I assume that longer screen cables would be limited to OEM orders. If so, what are the Zif connector and flat cable specs so a DIY extension could be made?
  14. I assume the input is high impedance on the order of several M so something like 3X100k might surfice?
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