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Zif socket and cable

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iandvaypes said:

[QUOTE=Laguz75]I tried to solder one more cable........it works :-)

OK. Now you're going to have to post close ups. I failed on one. Good thing I bought extras. [/QUOTE]the close ups are going to look like the past pics I posted I think I just got lucky. Try having very little solder on the tip and swipe it across quickly( multiple times if needed) but make sure you have plenty of flux on the connector and the cable
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turbocad6 said:

man I need a handful of extra screens :) where is the best place to buy them? can I buy them straight from evolv?

http://modcrate.myshopify.com/products/dna-200d-replacement-screen-oem?variant=3684415108 I ordered 4 screens should be plenty for me I hope :-)
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May be slightly off topic, this is how I extended my usb. You might think I'm crazy but it works great. Hooked up to escribe and it allowed me to upload a custom screen for "check atomizer." I used the pins of a micro usb plug that I tore apart. And to stay on topic, you can see in the pic how I used heat shrink for the ribbon joint on the screen. I cut up two small pieces of an old gift card and sandwiched the joint. Then I surrounded the joint with heat shrink. Protection with a nice clean look.


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