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  2. Im sorry bro..coz im staying in asia, which is Malaysia. Last time I send by prepaid international postage for small packaging with tracking..and its cost me around 5usd.. then they will ship back to us with tracking with no cost at all..im so happy with their service.
  3. just RMA it, open ticket, they will swap a new board for you. That's a nice thing purchase evolv product. I encounter that kind of issue last time.
  4. May i know where i can find this connector..need it badly..my connetor got problem..
  5. Oh thanks god. My ribbon and board are fine. Only issue with the screen. Mean i can buy direct from evolv. Better to deal with evolv directly. Because i have experience with evolv when handling my rma last time. Easy and fastest feedback. Because i stay at asian region. Always stuck with shipment issue charges. By the way thanks for ur feedback. Appriciate it.
  6. Hi, Quick question. is it vs dna200 screen are same with normal dna200. Mine got problem and would like to change it. Already open RMA and still waiting reply from evolv. Hope someone can confirm it due to the board design from vs is different. I have different dna200 which is effusion, but scared to open and swap the screen scared will spoiled both of my mod. Appreciate if someone can assist me.
  7. how about vaporshark dna200 screen, is it compatible as well.
  8. Evolv swap me a new board a new version one..and now its work nice without any problem at all..love my dna200..
  9. Already open the ticket and waiting thier reply..hope just after change the part and its will works..because its only minor issue on board..unless the board are fry..then will go buy another mod such as wismec realuex 18650..lipo give me headache..this is my 2nd mod of effusion..lost vape after sales service are poor..
  10. I cant claim the warranty for this matters i guess..because the board is fine till the guys break it when mounted it in..i still wait someone can tell me the part number or at least the value of Inductor coil..
  11. My effusion fuse blown..send to local eletronic shop to replace the 25amp fuse..its back like normal..but after a while i figured someting is wrong with the mods. When the mods go idle..its won't turn on..connect to escibe everything is fine..i try to dismantle the mod and find out the guys accidentally broke the Inductor coil on board..so i need to find a replacement part number for the inductor coil. Anyone can help me on this..much appreciate if someone can tell me the part number so they can replace it back.
  12. Its not burn out..its physically broken when the shop guys try to dismantle the board..they accidentally break it..did email to evolv but still did not received any feedback by them..need to know the uf value or part number so they can replace it back.
  13. Guys..need help..my inductor coil broken and i need to replace it..but i dont know the part number..can someone help me on this..
  14. I find this on ebay..not sure same or not..
  15. I find this one in ebay..but not sure same type with the original one on the board
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