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Serial / Command Line Interface: list of commands? And is it a complete interface for controlling 100% of DNA 200 functions and the basis of EScribe?


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@hobbyquaker I'll probably just make my start page github. From 0.0.6 to 0.2.0 overnight, and now 0.4. By the New Year you could be up to v1.0

What's really interesting (SS316L, .379, 420F) is that the board, based on the linear temp ramp up, has already started throttling back the power at ~.25 seconds, sees the temp ramp drop so it blips the power back up to hit the temp, then a more gradual drop in power.

Excellent work you're doing there. Are you actually sending your commands serially and waiting for the response as suggested. I can't see escribe doing it in that manner.


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hehe, yes. i plan to get the todo done this year, should be possible :)

I'm querying only one command at a time, waiting for the response and then sending the next command. It also only queries the datapoints that are visible in the chart, so the more curves you select the lower will be the querying frequence of a specific datapoint. I realized that there are sometimes some drops (no awnser to a GET command), still experimenting with different pause times between queries. Right now I have 5ms of wait after a series of queries (P,T,,... without pause, then 5ms wait, then again P,T,,...) - that seems to reduce the drops. I also realized that there are some commands (especially the E=GET xyz) that need a longer pause of ~50ms to reliably get awnsers in the next query.

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En 16/7/2015 at 6:18 , James dijo:

Here are the main control commands. Enjoy :)

Fire: F=#S
Set Power Setting: P=#W
Set Temperature Setting: T=#C or T=#F or T=?
Set Profile: M=# (1 to 8)

Get Power: P=GET
Get Power Setting: P=GET SP
Get Temperature: T=GET
Get Temperature Setting: T=GET SP
Get Voltage: V=GET
Get Current: I=GET
Get Profile: M=GET
Get Battery: B=GET
Get Battery Cell: B=GET CELL # (1 to 3)

The Device Monitor works by issuing serial commands, so really anything it can do can be commanded.

Please could you send the full list of commands? I think my dna has a firmware error because it doesnt whows the chaging screen. What caan I do?

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Hace 3 horas, giz_60 dijo:


There are 2 charging screens...one for Power Mode & one for Temp Control...make sure what mode you are in and that you are seeing the correct screen...

Thanks a lot for the help.

I'm a trying to cahnge both of them, but no changes succed. The only way is to change the operating screens, because those are what shows the screen in stead of the charge ones.

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En 15/12/2017 at 3:58 , alvarotorijano dijo:

Yes I change one parameter, then I upload. No result. If change it on the running screen works well...

What to do? Im driving crazy


En 11/1/2018 at 20:00 , James dijo:

@alvarotorijano, what device? Does it offer you a new firmware?

Suddenly, after a few time it started working. 

I supose sometimes changes aren't loaded until the device restarts. Solved. Thanks guys, and thanks to the evolve staff who write me

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28 minutes ago, Uncopyrighted said:

Thanks for all the info! I've got this working great on Android, but I can't seem to find the puff count anywhere. It seems like it would be under "E=GET SOMETHING" somewhere but I'm not coming up with anything.

Nevermind... I found the full list here:


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1 hour ago, AllenH said:

Are you running a serial over BLE type setup?  Would love to know more!  Hopefully it works out well for you! :)

No BLE yet, that's a little down the road. For now I am just using an OTG cable and a Serial-USB terminal with CDC driver. Next up, I want to buy or make a USB micro BT dongle for my mod and try with a Serial BT terminal. If that goes well then I'll hard wire a BT chip to the DNA and write an app.

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