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Serial / Command Line Interface: list of commands? And is it a complete interface for controlling 100% of DNA 200 functions and the basis of EScribe?


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I do know a bit- but it's been ages. :D  However, I think I can get my work done via the device monitor, so all should go well here. :)  And as I mentioned, it's a tricky test, so not sure if it will work anyway.  Manual playing may be the best anyway. :)  Thanks for this excellent interface!! 

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Hi all, newbie in here just playing with my first dna200 device.

found this thread looking for the serial interface commands..

as it happens i also have been anticipating some sort of wireless coms and think an esp8266 is an ideal broadcast board probably an internal addition taking off solder points on the board (if they exist??) for serial Rx and Tx as well as a 3.5v +ve and ground..

the esp8266 is an easy access platform and is even compatible with the arduino programming ide ;)

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There seem to be a few other command query prefixes:

C seems to respond Watt Hours? For example C=1.502WH
R seems to respond the ohms

I have not yet figured out what the E command is for; perhaps it is negotiation to Escribe itself?

Has anyone found a good way to associate battery cell queries with the responses?
I ended up writing to the buffer "B=GET CELL 1\r\nB=GET CELL 3\r\nB=GET CELL 3\r\n" but that just responds back three cell values in a row instead of identifying the response per cell; so I am assuming that the queue for queries is FIFO

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Hey @James been doing some research on linux and haven't found a way to upload temp curves through the serial interface. Is that considered part of the encrypted firmware? Or is it available as a serial command? Also is there a resource out there that lists all options/settings available from the serial interface and the options/settings that are encrypted as part of the firmware? Thanks for the help and I've been loving the device.

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Thanks for the update on the "E" query. 
For my device (a HanaModz) it responds

MFR - E=Evolv
1 - E=PC
2 - E=TC
3 - E=St
4 - E=FG
5 - E=S:3
6 - E=M
7 - E=Evolv_DNA

Is the MFR supposed to be the device manufacturer? or the board?
Is the PRODUCT supposed to be the product name of the device? or the board? 
What are the meanings of each of the features?

Are there any plans for allowing for uploads of themes or modifying the values of profiles?
Is there a way to modify the preheat punch via serial?

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Yes the MFR is manufacturer which is of course Evolv And the PRODUCT is the device and/or board being the DNA 200 As to the meaning it's just a way to find out who made it and what it is and if it's an actual authentic chip As to uploading themes or modifying the values of profiles via serial interface. ....I really don't know....that would have to be a question for James or John if he isn't still working on his new project Hope that helps explain some things

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James said:

Here are the main control commands. Enjoy :)

Fire: F=#S
Set Power Setting: P=#W
Set Temperature Setting: T=#C or T=#F or T=OFF
Set Profile: M=# (1 to 8)

Get Power: P=GET
Get Power Setting: P=GET SP
Get Temperature: T=GET
Get Temperature Setting: T=GET SP
Get Voltage: V=GET
Get Current: I=GET
Get Profile: M=GET
Get Battery: B=GET
Get Battery Cell: B=GET CELL # (1 to 3)

The Device Monitor works by issuing serial commands, so really anything it can do can be commanded.

Hi James, Would it be possible to get an updated comprehensive list of available commands? I remember you guys added the up / down button presses as commands (I'm almost positive I saw a post on that -- and I thank you for doing that) and looks like I'm finally approaching a point where I'm going to need them. As always, thanks very much.
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There are a few in this thread not on that list
Function:                  Command
Fire:                      F=#S
Set Power Setting:         P=#W
Set Temperature Setting:   T=#C or T=#F or T=OFF
Set Profile:               M=# (1 to 8)
Get Power:                 P=GET
Get Power Setting:         P=GET SP
Get Temperature:           T=GET
Get Temperature Setting:   T=GET SP
Get Voltage:               V=GET
Get Current:               I=GET
Get Profile:               M=GET
Get Battery:               B=GET
Get Battery Cell:          B=GET CELL # (1 to 3)
Get Charge:                C=GET
Get Resistance:            R=GET
Get e-cig Manufacturer:    E=GET MFR
Get e-cig Product Name:    E=GET PRODUCT
Get e-cig Feature info:    E=GET FEATURE #(1 to 7)

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VapingBad said:

There are a few in this thread not on that list
Function:                  Command
Fire:                      F=#S
Set Power Setting:         P=#W
Set Temperature Setting:   T=#C or T=#F or T=OFF
Set Profile:               M=# (1 to 8)
Get Power:                 P=GET
Get Power Setting:         P=GET SP
Get Temperature:           T=GET
Get Temperature Setting:   T=GET SP
Get Voltage:               V=GET
Get Current:               I=GET
Get Profile:               M=GET
Get Battery:               B=GET
Get Battery Cell:          B=GET CELL # (1 to 3)
Get Charge:                C=GET
Get Resistance:            R=GET
Get e-cig Manufacturer:    E=GET MFR
Get e-cig Product Name:    E=GET PRODUCT
Get e-cig Feature info:    E=GET FEATURE #(1 to 7)

Thanks VB. With those, just about everything can be done through USB except answer that darned new coil question lol.
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Use ? for 'null' values: T=? turns temperature protection off.

T=MONITOR is temperature monitoring mode: it keeps measuring it, but does not control to it.

E=GET MFR and E=GET PRODUCT are the board.

As for the feature keys...
E=GET FEATURE can go above 8, by the way -- query it until you receive a question mark.

PC means power commands/queries.
TC means temperature commands/queries.
St means long-term statistics queries. (Total energy, etc.)
FG means fuel-gauging (DNA 200/250), so C=GET works. (Capacity.)
S:3 means multi-cell, max 3. You can use B=GET CELLS to get the actual cell count.
M means profiles.

The feature keys enable creating devices with more restricted or more extended feature sets. For example, if a device responds with PC as its only feature, ECigStats is happy to talk to and sync it (that implies single-cell, power-controlled only, so it won't send T=GET, etc.). Or if it's only St, it'll only ask about puff count and time.

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