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    Hi all, I’m an ex-vaper now and haven’t been maintaining this theme for some time! If anybody wants to take over and update it please feel free to do so. If there’s anything you need, or if you want access to my account to post updates please let me know. You can contact me at jakejunk1@icloud.com Cheers!
  1. I believe you have to change Max Output under the Mod tab, at least that's what worked for me!
    This is a great theme, it's so clean and simple. Thanks for sharing!
  2. I am wondering this also This is how I do it.. After you have uploaded a new version wait for a minute or 2 then on your theme's page under 'File Actions' choose 'Edit Details', down the bottom there should be a section for 'Primary Screenshot'. Select which image you want and save. When you upload a new version I think the forum software parses your file and generates the screenshots which seems to take about 30-60 seconds, which is why I recommend you wait for a minute before clicking edit. I'm not sure if there is a better/easier way to do it but if there is I'd like to know also.
  3. Any settings on the General, Display, Materials, Mod, and Research tabs won't carry over in a theme. E.g. I use 3 clicks of the up button to unlock my device, if I use your theme it is still 3 clicks of the up button because that is what I have set under the 'General' tab in Escribe. The same goes for mod internal resistance - it is set under the 'Mod' tab and therefore does not carry over in a theme. Hope that clears it up
  4. Looks very nice! Just so you know, mod internal resistance and unlock sequence are Escribe settings and not contained within themes.
  5. I get about a day out of mine, vaping anywhere between 45-75W using 2 VTC6s. I usually have another set of batteries charged and ready to go. It's difficult to tell if your batteries are draining too fast as everybody has a different style of vaping. As an example - if you were to vape solely at 40W on a fully charged pair of VTC6s I would expect you would get somewhere around 1,600 seconds total puff time. Divide this by the average time of your puffs to figure out roughly how many puffs you can expect out of a full charge. My puffs are always around the 3.5 second mark so 1600/3.5=457. Obv
  6. Thanks! I still can't see it though. I'm using the Mac beta perhaps that is why. The closest I can get is to double click an image/gauge and it will open a finder window, but it's a seemingly irrelevant window.
  7. How fast is fast? It really depends on what wattage you vape at, how often you vape, and how healthy your batteries are.
  8. How do you do this?! I’ve been trying to figure this out for days now lol
  9. I use 2.75 on my Therion 75C with 2 VTC6s. I think the soft cutoff is the cutoff under load i.e. while you're firing not the resting voltage. The board itself has a hard limit of 3.0v according to the spec sheet (resting voltage not voltage under load). From what I've read 2.75 is fine for the soft cutoff using VTC6s. Using a higher soft cutoff will increase the overall lifespan of your batteries but using a lower cutoff will get you more time out of a single charge. I wouldn't go below 2.75 though. Also, you're battery gauge/battery percent may be inaccurate if the discharge curve is not d
  10. At 25W you'll get about 850 seconds total run time. Divide that by the average time of your puffs to find how many puffs you should be getting out of it. E.g. my puffs are around 3.5 seconds long, 850/3.5 = 242. If I were using it I'd expect to get somewhere around 240 puffs out of a full charge. Hope that helps! (This is assuming that the nominal voltage of the battery is 3.7v and an efficiency of 90%)
  11. Escribe beta for Mac: https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/68861-mac-escribe-beta-thread/
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Same functionality as my other themes. Loads of colour! US version: Date format m.d.yy and spelling e.g. atomizer UK/AU version: Date format d.m.yy and spelling e.g. atomiser Features / how to use: -Large battery bar on lock screen for quick viewing. -Dynamic status bar on Lock Screen, Main Screen, Settings Menu, Lock Settings and Device Monitor Settings. -Lock Screen shows asterisks (**) as you enter your unlock sequence. -Settings Menu shows the name of the highlighted icon. (Atomiser, Display, Puff Info etc.) etc. etc... Please note that you won't actual
    This is very cool, good job
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