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  1. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures when I had the door apart. Essentially, the Mirage door is metal on the outside, with plastic on the inside held with two tiny plastic clips and some 3M sticky tape. I have two Mirage mods, both of which have failed; the door on each has popped open, as all of the weight of the battery is on the two plastic tabs that aren't anywhere nearly strong enough to support the weight. This in my opinion is a design defect, and I'd suspect that most of these mods will break in this way over time. My fix was pretty simple: took apart the metal and plastic door, removed the tape, and applied a very strong epoxy. You have to be very careful, as too much epoxy will seal the door lock slider and the door will be useless. Overall it only takes a few minutes to loosen the two screws, remove the door and apply the epoxy. Compress it and let it set overnight, and you're back in business.
  2. Checkout my Enhanced Default DNA 75/250C theme that is posted; for international firmware, it allows both boost and preheat, depending on whether the profile is set to wattage or temp mode, and allows adjustment of the punch. Also fully updated for Replay.
  3. You can search around the forum; know this is a popular squonk mod. If you can’t find anything, keep the mod internal resistance at the factory setting if it came with one; if not, set to 0.0034; that’s 85% of .004, which is on par for all lost Vape mods that I’ve seen. You can then run a thermal analysis using Escribe; very easy to do. For battery profile, you can just use the Escribe default for an 18650.
  4. Technically you could use these settings as a starting point. However, as the squonker is a different mod, the following settings should be changed: internal mod resistance mod thermal profile battery profile for your specific batteries
  5. In my experience, the battery profile curve will affect the fully-charged upper voltage reading. Not an actual performance issue, but we want the voltage and percentage to show correctly; best bet is to run your own battery analysis while the battery is pretty new, or download one that matches your exact battery.
  6. 0.01 ohm is definitely incorrect; far too high for internal resistance. I measured 0.004 with a copper plug and set it to 80% of that, or 0.0032. You can use that value as a safe measure on both mods if you don’t own a plug to take your own measure.
  7. I don't believe so; if I remember correctly, the early betas of Boost allowed wattage and time to be specified; however, the latest iteration condenses these into the Punch factor. I'm assuming punch is an aggregate measure of power plus time, on a scale of 1 to 11. Don't quote me on this though
  8. @PatrickSmith SP12 is the Escribe version, which is the latest beta for the 75C (there is a v13, but it’s only has updates for the 250C) SP27 is indeed the latest beta firmware for the 75C. Concerning boost, make sure you’re in wattage mode, enable boost, and set the punch to a value between 1 and 11, preferably around 7 for testing. Take a puff and check the monitor; you should see a spike. Note that your wattage will need to be somewhere below 75 to see a boost, or you can check that the maximum output wattage is set to 100 in Escribe to boost past 75W.
  9. About 10k puffs into a Mirage 75C; really great mod. The finish is top-notch, and love the resin and low weight. Single battery doesn't pack as much punch as dual, but you can get a good 2x700 battery with a high mAh rating. Only issue with the mod is the battery door: I dropped mine and the door split open. It's held together by double-stick tape and two tiny plastic clips. Removed the sticky tape and used epoxy to reseal it, and it's good as new, if not better. Well worth it!
  10. Absolutely! I have a new version of my DNA 75C Enhanced Default theme on standby ready to implement Replay; cannot wait for it to be released as it looks like a real game changer. Hopefully Evolv will have a beta up very soon. Concerning the new mod, reminder that you can use any Theme that you want; there are some really great ones posted. This specific file is more about customized settings specific to the Mirage mod, and also happens to include my custom theme as that’s what I run on all of my 75C’s.
  11. @mactavish Congratulations on the new Mirage! This posted EScribe settings file is already pre-configured to support 100W via the boost feature. You'll want to be sure to install EScribe International version v2.0 SP12 or higher, and apply beta firmware v1.1 SP27 or higher to your new mod. You can then verify in EScribe under Mod, Safety, that the Max Output Power is set to 100W. Correct concerning batteries; if you're using a single 18650, you can either download a battery profile for your specific battery, or use the EScribe 18650 default. To use the default, go to the Mod, Battery tab. Under Type, change it to Lithium Polymer temporarily, then back to Lithium Ion 18650. That will wipe out the iJoy 21700 profile with the default 18650, and you're all set. Concerning battery safety, be sure to set the Max Peak and Sustained Input Currents to the ratings for your specific 18650 battery. Don't want to draw 24A sustained if the battery isn't rated for it! Hope you enjoy!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is a fully configured Escribe settings file for the new Lost Vape Mirage DNA 75C. Highlights: All 8 profiles configured, with: 3 temp control profiles for favorite atomizer and build combos. My go-to is the Pharaoh RTA as the primary profile, plus the Crown III and the SMOK Baby Beast for emergencies while traveling 5 power-only profiles, at presets of 35, 40, 45, 50 watts Includes my posted DNA 75C Enhanced Default Theme v2.2 which greatly expands the stock theme's capabilities Standard materials plus two SS316L materials, one curve and one TCR set at 0.00094 Mod fully configured: Battery Analyzer run for iJoy 21700 3750 mAh 40A battery Cell Soft Cutoff set to 2.75V, max sustained discharge at 24A, max peak discharge at 35A for longer cell life Output currents set at DNA 75C spec sheet typical rating Mod internal resistance at 0.0031 ohms, measured with copper plug (actual 0.004 x 80%, minus an extra 0.1 mOhm for kick(s) Built for EScribe Suite International v2.0 SP12 or higher, running beta firmware v1.1 SP27 or higher Hope everyone enjoys!
  13. I wouldn't really recommend it; a different mod and battery will have differences in thermal profile, battery profile, internal resistance, etc. Would be better to configure the Boxer by hand using EScribe's case and battery analyzers.
  14. EScribe battery profile CSV for the iJoy 21700 3750 mAh 40A battery. Couldn't find this anywhere so went ahead and ran the analyzer to create it; hope it helps! For reference, this battery came in right at 10.575 Wh. Per Mooch's tests, recommended maximum sustained input current of 24A, maximum peak input current of 40A, and a cell soft cutoff at or above 2.75V. iJoy 21700 3750 mAh 40A.csv
  15. Confirmed that upgrade to the international Windows Escribe version and v2.0 SP6 firmware has been running for several days without issue. Loving the boost functionality as well1
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