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What is going on with this battery? Plug it in to charge and check device manager, battery never stays at 100%. It goes up to 100% then drops to 97% then up to 99% then down to 93% then back to 98%. Is anyone else seeing this as a issue? Here is a pic of device manager, 97%?

Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (3).png

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I read this a while back......

The hysteresis band of the charger chip is 4.1 to 4.2 volts. That is, left to it's own devices, the charger will charge to 4.2, then let the device discharge to 4.1, then charge back to 4.2 in a slow cycle.
If it is left to it's own devices. If charging is interrupted for some reason (firing, USB command to stop charging, whatever) and it is above 4.1 volts, it basically says "eh, good enough" and doesn't charge farther. 
That's half of it. The other half of it is on this chip, the total accuracy of the battery monitoring in he processor is +-2% worst case. Typical is about +-1% 
1% of 4.2 volts is .042 volts. So it could actually be charged to 4.2 volts and be reading 4.158.
That doesn't hurt anything because unlike the 200 class devices, the charger here is standalone, so the processor's battery voltage monitoring accuracy isn't a safety issue."

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If it's doing what is discussed in the first post and this other post that was a quote from around the forum, then it's working pretty much the way that Android kernels control charging in an android powered smartphone, at least in HTC models that I'm most familiar with. They charge to 100% and then bring the power back down to 97 to 98% and rotate a trickle charge from that point. It's allows for better longterm conditioning of the battery than charging to 100 and holding the power there, because that would zap the lithium batteries much faster.

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