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  1. DigitalSmoker


    From other posts it's working correctly and is the norm for a DNA GO chip
  2. DigitalSmoker

    DNA 60 Firmware

    So even after re-flashing firmware issues still presist. Can not use device manager, display reads "check atomizer" and resistance still continues to fluctuate in wattage mode. Coil reads .46 on various other mods but on the SXK Billet Box it fluctuates anywhere between .42 to .48. Not sure if this is just a issue with BB's due to just poor connections with the key and housing of box. Any ideas out there? Thanks for your help-
  3. DigitalSmoker

    DNA 60 Firmware

    Have a SXK BB DNA 60 and would like to re-flash the firmware. Is there a firmware download? Issue that i'm having is the resistance is jumping around on 3 different RBA's and can't use device manager in EScribe also. New to DNA boards so any info or suggestions/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. DigitalSmoker


    What is going on with this battery? Plug it in to charge and check device manager, battery never stays at 100%. It goes up to 100% then drops to 97% then up to 99% then down to 93% then back to 98%. Is anyone else seeing this as a issue? Here is a pic of device manager, 97%?
  5. DigitalSmoker

    What is your settings?

    Not exactly sure but I do notice a difference when I changed setting to 7. Hit feels slightly warmer to me. I also noticed when checking device manager in Escribe that battery does not go to 100%? Well it goes to 100% then drops to 99% or 98%, it fluctuates. Also my coil is supposed to be .25 but cold it says .339 and live some where around .386! Strange?!?!
  6. DigitalSmoker

    What is your settings?

    Got mine setup for DL @ 18/5 - 20/4 - 25/3 Replay - 7 Haven't used the MTL pod yet-