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DNA200 with 2x 18650 + RPP

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Wiring breadboarded, tested, and good to go - no damage to board or batt meltdown if the batts are put in backwards. This RPP wiring with P-FET gives complete protection for the stoopids. :D

Red LED reverse polarity indicator lights if both batts are inserted backwards. Without the LED, there is no indication that the batts are in backwards - the DNA200 + screen simply will not work - so you're on your own to figure out the something stoopid you did lol. The LED lights only if both batts are put in backwards - does not light if only one batt is inserted backwards - there is no indicator to let you know the batts are in parallel.

Note: if batts are in backwards and you connect the board to USB, there is no damage or issues if attempting to charge while the batts are reversed. However, the board/screen functions except for firing - if you attempt to fire the mod, you'll get the "Check Atomizer" message if no atty is attached, or "Check Battery" message if an atty is attached. You'll also note in this situation there is no batt indicator bar showing on the screen.

Wiring guide:

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lewisss said:

very helpful,

Any chance you could work out how to do it for 3x 18650?;)

To be, it seems like it'd be difficult to mess up the polarity on a three battery mod. There's just more work, so more attention. Probably just me. But every triple 18650 sled I've seen is well labeled. But it certainly wouldn't hurt to have it protected.

Great idea though, I used to rig up PFET's on my old Raptor boxes, as well as zener diodes for voltage cutoffs, but I NEVER thought of an LED, that's a really solid idea. The double 18650 caps the chip at 133, doesn't it? Because I hardly ever have my DNA200 above 100W, this could be the first DNA200 configuration I try to make, as I already own a triple 18650 Reuleaux I've torn apart, replaced all the wiring with thicker gauged stranded silver wire, regrounded the mod more securely and adjusted the ribbon out of harms way on.

I've been thinking hard on making my own DNA200 as a fun project, as I own a Lavabox, a modified Reuleaux and a VS. I WAS considering using a shapeways 3D printed box with a 2,200mah Turnigy but I may just get a buddy to cut me out a wooden enclosure with walnut and make a dual 18650 DNA133. Lol. Thanks for this, mainly just the LED thing, I NEVER thought of that piece of genius. Though I will say I've never been a huge fan of the keystone sled, though I know any - + + - series sled is obviously wired the same way as the keystone in the diagram.

Thanks Mamu.
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