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  1. Michael Hancock

    USB current while charging

    I have not been able to get this while charging. I do not think is a option but I'll look again today.
  2. Michael Hancock

    Best retail DNA200 mod?

    If you like wood mods check this page, the boxes are great mods.. His largest box holds a Maxamp 2800. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1479503469029109?ref=bookmarks.
  3. Michael Hancock

    VT 200 battery

    I have a new spare just sitting.
  4. Michael Hancock

    Good TFR/CSV file for the Crown SS Coils

    Unfortunately yours is all over the place as well. SS is tough to get stable and the crown coils are much harder because of the Ni legs it has.
  5. Michael Hancock

    Good TFR/CSV file for the Crown SS Coils

    What does your graph look like with this in the analyzer? I've yet to see a nice clean straight temp line on SS. They always look like the Rockies. Post a screen shot if you can.
  6. Michael Hancock

    Dna 200 wood mods...lets see them!!

    Running the test since I just finished it last night. Mitec fire button, Avid/Cisco 510 connector and swappable between duel 18650 & a Lipo.
  7. Yeah a spool of wire is up there is price. I got my Turnigy wire from Hobby King since they had 3 feet for a $1,but it took awhile to get to me.
  8. I am finishing up my first build and went with Turnigy wire. Flexible and easy to work with. I did 14g to the 510 and 16g everywhere else except the fire button.
  9. What type plug are they using?
  10. Michael Hancock

    Stainless steel

    I would like to see a graph from the other mods that are doing as you say. That is the only true way to see if they are getting a nice even temp. Unfortunately I don't think they have the software . Just because it seems to be working right doesn't mean it's working properly. Also Evolv is in the middle of moving locations while still running a business. That itself is a very stressful task. They have been on here, they have said the have some updates/fixes, they have said they are working on items and not abandoned anything. People need to be patient.
  11. Michael Hancock

    18650 Question

    Thanks VB. I'll just throw together a RPP daughter board and mount it to the sled just to prevent any issue that might come up.
  12. Michael Hancock

    18650 Question

    Is the onboard fuse blowing the only built in protection the board has against putting one in backwards?
  13. Michael Hancock

    18650 & RPP Question

    So I was going over the datasheet and posts one last time before I wire my first board and have a question I can not find a answer for. The datasheet states that when using duel 18650's if one is put in backwards it will pop the fuse to protect it. I know there is a wiring diagram by MAMU that shows how to wire in RPP on the 18650's. I have all the parts to wire it and actually make it a daughter board that will sit on the sled, but I was wondering if the fuse will pop on the board if it's not used. Sorry if this has been answered before but I want to cover all the bases before I start finishing this box. Thanks Mike
  14. Michael Hancock

    Looking for Dead 200 Board

    I sent them an email also. I figured I would throw this out in the forum while I waited for a reply.
  15. Michael Hancock

    Looking for Dead 200 Board

    This may be a shot in the dark but I'm going to ask. I'm looking for a dead 200 Board. One that has no hope of being fixed or replaced to use as a mockup piece for projects and enclosure development. If you have one please let me know. Thanks Mike