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Evolv reference case

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Will there be any different size back cases for the battery? I'd like to have my 200 to have a 2-4 amp hour capacity or at least design the back case to be easily swappable and maybe a 18650 battery case ( for hard wiring them in), the 18650's still have more mah to size than the flat battery packs. Plus what's you guesstimate price?

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Also interested depending on final price to get these to the UK. Who here has any experience of customs/VAT charges for USA to UK orders as I have none? Would there be any chance of getting a UK based retailer (Stealthvape?) To stock these? Options for various sizes of back panels to fit different panels would be good too. As an Alternative to having to solder direct to the board- What is the minimum size increase to the reference model to fit an XT30 or bullet connectors and balance charge plug? Also a back panel which, while keeping it as small as possible, is just big enough for 2 18650s and has an ergonomic curve maybe... Even better with battery contacts for the 18650s. Not sure how easy this would be to machine.

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macz said:

Sales live for the case, start shipping on Jan 6th :thumb:
http:// http://modcrate.myshopify.com/products/silo-6061

Based on dutycalculator.com but I could be wrong. The shipping cost based on First Class International Package(no Insurance included)
Total customs value (CIF):£38.73This is the amount that customs values your import at
- Duty:£0.00
- VAT:£7.75
Total import duty & taxes due:£7.75This is the amount that needs to be paid to customs
- Product, shipping & insurance:£38.73
Total landed cost:£46.47This is the total cost of importing, including product, shipping, insurance and import duty & taxes
  at exchange rate of 1 GBP = 1.47 USD
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