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  1. gratefulbuddy

    Pinched ribbon.....again

    I always bend mine like so:
  2. Your video shows someone running case analyzer on a DNA 75 device. I just used case analyzer on a range of DNA 75, DNA 75C, DNA 200, DNA 250 and DNA 250C boards. The single cell setup of my DNA 75s and 75Cs are the only ones that produce the absolute flat 0 current at the beginning of the test you are seeking.
  3. I'm pretty sure the board needs some current to run the sensors and components to do this test. But I get it - you don't believe me or the help staff at Evolv. Maybe James will chime in at some point to clarify this matter further.
  4. Your answer is right in your screenshot. The case analyzer is establishing a starting temperature for its test. Once the timer runs out the mod will charge at various currents and allow a cooling period between some of them. There will be a message and a timer for each portion of the test. Just be patient and let the test run. PS - I believe the case analyzer test needs to be run with a discharged battery since its using the heat generated from charging to obtain its results. Maybe the respondent got confused and thought you were running the battery analyzer utility and thats why they recommended a full charged battery. Also letting your device sit before running the case analyzer does not affect the time it takes to establish the starting temperature in my experience.
  5. gratefulbuddy

    No message when new atomizer is attached

    It will only ask if your new resistance is close to the old. Given enough difference in new vs prior resistance the board figures it has to be a different coil and won't bother asking.
  6. gratefulbuddy

    Replacement screen

    Sounds like its locked. Did you try pressing the fire button 5 times to unlock?
  7. gratefulbuddy

    Grounding the chip.

    Is the case grounded in a way so the 510 body is in a circuit with the battery negative?
  8. gratefulbuddy

    Grounding the chip.

    But that bare wire for ground does not assist (even considering the "floating" setup) - this connection is already made internally on the board - and only opens up the possibility for problems. If the OUT wire were insulated it would be better but I am still not a fan of the soldering job done here For the "floating chip" setup you would need addl connection/s for battery negative and/or a GND connection
  9. gratefulbuddy

    Grounding the chip.

    Okay, fair enough - no blame here but I still say - The bare wire running from B- to the GND connection is unnecessary and potentially problematic The bare wire connected to OUT is too close the the mounting hole for my comfort A similar setup could work if the board is making grounded contact with a conductive case that acts as a battery negative as well
  10. gratefulbuddy

    Grounding the chip.

    That all sounds/seems appropriate
  11. gratefulbuddy

    Grounding the chip.

    The B- SHOULD be connected to battery negative. The wire you have soldered from B- to the GND is unnecessary as the board has already connected these (and the ground points around the mounting holes) on the pcb. Also the OUT wire to atty looks like it is touching the grounded mounting hole next to it.
  12. gratefulbuddy

    Grounding the chip.

    You can use a conductive mods body as a ground for the board and 510 without any additional ground wiring
  13. gratefulbuddy

    Therion dna 166

    James answered this a few years back:[QUOTE=James]The actual ramp up is in the milliseconds. What you are seeing is that the screen is updated four times per second with the average values from the past quarter second. So if you start firing half-way through that quarter second, the average will be between 0 (not firing) and your wattage, and that screen update will be at a midpoint. Take a look at Power in the Device Monitor to see what I mean. [/QUOTE]
  14. gratefulbuddy

    Vtc5 cvs?

    My understanding is the battery discharge curve is only used for battery meter calculation. It should not affect actual battery life.Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. gratefulbuddy

    EScribe will not recognize DNA 250

    Exact same thing happened to me. I was able to verify the same cable and pc recognized 7 other dna devices so I opened a ticket with evolv and got an rma a couple days later. It is now on its way back to evolv. Sorry its happened to you too.