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I too have wondered if you could feed up to 3/4Kw into the 510 with the board connected but not hit the firing button. I'm looking at making a duel mod part vaporizer, part flashlight I didn't want to go about charging a capacitor (with the esr values low) to power a led with an extra switch.

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6 hours ago, Zaw Myint said:

How to switch off Hexna 900 DNA 250 mod?

They don't switch off like most modern electronics the switches send a signal to the brain and just like your TV off is a standby mode where the brain still uses minimal power to listen for the turn on press.  If you had a mechanical switch like the one on wall sockets it would need to handle > 30 A, last a long time and have a cut-out in the box, eCigs and mobile phones just don't do this, yeah phones have an off, bit it is not a zero power off. 

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