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  1. TorturedZen

    Lost vape paranormal 250c Replay

    Kanthal is not a temp sensing material. Replay mode requires temp sensing materials so get yourself some SS316L or Titanium 1.
  2. TorturedZen

    List of Replay Coils

    REPLAY mode only works with temp sensing materials like Stainless Steel, Titanium, etc. Kanthal is NOT a temp sensing material. It will not work with REPLAY. Really surprised none of you knew this!
  3. TorturedZen

    How to add firing timer?

    Why are you being so defensive? This isn't an argument in any form whatsoever. My questions were merely out of curiosity, which is on the opposite end of the confrontational spectrum. Yes, this has nothing to do with your original question, but you are claiming to be able to look at your screen while vaping. To me, that means it is at your mouth, you are pressing the firing button and you are inhaling. Am I correct? If so I would simply like to know how that is accomplished so I can try it also!
  4. TorturedZen

    How to add firing timer?

    Not understanding this thought process. How can you possibly see your screen while puffing. Even if you hold it at some weird angle and strain your eyeballs you can just barely see it. Unless you've got a really tall atomizer or a curvy drip tip it doesn't work. Least not for me. Do you hold a mirror up in front of the mod?
  5. TorturedZen

    Replay mode hopefully this helps

    I can't imagine having to to go through that much BS. I have the Lost Vape Mirage DNA 75C and I have not had a single issue you describe here. I can throw any kind of temp sensing coil at it SS316, Ti, SS430 spaced or not spaced, simple wraps or advanced claptons,,,and my Mirage will happily fire it up. Your post is a few months old as of this reply so I'm hoping you got Replay mode figured out by now. It isn't rocket science.
  6. TorturedZen

    DNA 75C Illuminati 2

    The background is too much. Would rather not get eye strain trying to read the screen.
  7. TorturedZen

    I know this isn't right...Therion 166 TC issues!

    Here's my screenshot. Atty is Augvape Boreas V2, spaced SS 316L dual fused claptons...
  8. TorturedZen

    I know this isn't right...Therion 166 TC issues!

    Correction on those numbers. I meant to type 0.1 - 0.2 My apologies...I was tired when I posted last night. I'll get a screen shot up here later today.
  9. All my builds are SS316L using a TCR of 92. Average ohms between 0.15 to 0.20. Coils are always cold/room temp. I usually set temps around 400-420, 60-70 watts no preheat. First couple of hits are excellent. Then TC kicks in, cuts the wattage and compromises my vape. No matter which atty I use or what build, it still hits TC way too soon. Tried lowering wattage, raising temp thresholds... same thing. So now, when my Therion hits TC I'll remove the atty then quickly put it back on. It detects new resistance since the atty is still hot (usually only a 0.01-0.02 difference) asks if it's a new coil, so I tell it YES. (hope this is making sense so far). I then lock the new ohms detected and the vape goes back to normal, without TC kicking in. I understand you shouldn't have to lock ohms unless the atty is wonky but all mine are solid and I've always double checked for loose leads etc. So what the hell am I doing wrong? Or not doing? And please don't say SS316L is a crap shoot. It works fine on other devices. Thank!
  10. TorturedZen

    Custom Vape Profiles share please :)

    I could be misunderstanding you here but alien wire, claptons and such aren't anything special in terms of build profiles. Your quad-trak alien barbed wire laser etched coil made from SS316L is still going to have the same TCR properties as a single round wire 316L coil. Even if the coil consists of differing materials you can pull a custom CSV from Steam Engine, upload it to your Vaporshark and give it a name. Pretty basic like Sam said. In terms of atomizer profiles that's more a personal thing. The DNA chip doesn't care what atty you're using as long as the connection is solid.
  11. TorturedZen

    Therion dna166. Battery % issue.

    This might be a stupid question but in Escribe, on the Mod tab, have you configured the correct battery type in terms of capacity and watt hours?
  12. TorturedZen

    VT133 screen glitch

    Thanks for replying. The last time I worked with a ZIF socket was putting CPUs onto PC motherboards. What's the difficulty level should I have to replace the screen?
  13. TorturedZen

    VT133 screen glitch

    Greetings fellow DNAr's. My Hcigar VT133, purchased back in July, has developed this annoying line that spans the entire length of the screen. It has not affected the functionality of the device and appears to be only aesthetic at this point. Has anyone else encountered this anomaly? And is there an easy fix, or am I looking at replacing the display?Thanx in advance!
  14. TorturedZen

    Help dialing in my Vt133

    I saw this over on VU. If you haven't read it yet then it may be of some help.
  15. TorturedZen


    Bypass mode... as in emulating a mechanical mod? Not sure why anyone would want to do that. You definately don't need the DNA for that purpose. If not, then I think maybe "Power" mode is what you want but not sure what you're trying to do.