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  1. TorturedZen

    Pink Floyd 250C theme

    The backgrounds are too 'busy'. Makes it difficult to read the text. Maybe try some darker backgrounds so there's a contrast and text stands out more.
  2. TorturedZen

    Qwik Question Re:Replay mode

    Це добре для вапрів, ніж! Добре.
  3. TorturedZen

    Qwik Question Re:Replay mode

    Як діють закони про вапінг в Україні?
  4. TorturedZen

    Qwik Question Re:Replay mode

    Ok that is what I thought. Thanks for the reply. By the way, your replies always show up in a foreign language and I have to get them translated. I don't know if it's this site or my browser.
  5. TorturedZen

    Qwik Question Re:Replay mode

    I'm assuming the power should be set before Saving the puff for Replay, but does changing the wattage on-the-fly have an effect on the mode ?
  6. TorturedZen

    Temp Sensing Material

    It asks if you have installed a new coil because there has been a change in the resistance from what you are locked in at. With temp sensing materials like SS316 or Ti1 there's no reason to ever lock your ohms in, unless the atty being used is all jangly and ohm readings are unstable. Locking the ohms in with temp sensing materials will become a problem because the nature of those materials allows for temp fluctuations. You're confusing the DNA chip and defeating the purpose of Temp Control.
  7. TorturedZen

    Clock and Date Useless on LVE Paranormal DNA250C

    This happens on both my Mirage 75C and Drone Squonker 250C. But here's the thing...if the batteries are switched out quickly the devices will retain the clock settings. OTOH, if the batteries are removed and not replaced in a timely manner (I've never actually timed the "cutoff") then the settings will be lost. So it helps to have some fully charged spares ready to go when you do a swap. Give that a try and hopefully that will help.
  8. TorturedZen

    How to add firing timer?

    Technology. Who da thunk!
  9. Hey thank you very much!
  10. Once Theme Designer is opened, one of the 5 tabs that we see is Indicator Light, a function which allows you to modify the colors that will be displayed on the little LED. In some themes I've seen that the indicator colors can be modified to show a gradient effect within the color. I have tried (in vain) to figure out how that's done but nothing has worked. There are little boxes with a "+- x-<-" The Plus symbol obviously adds a color, X removes it but the arrow symbol has me confused. Is that what is needed to do the gradient...and if so, how? If not then how are the gradient colors accomplished?? And what does the arrow symbol do? If anyone knows how this works can you share your knowledge please?
  11. Got it. I'll check my Drone for that issue.
  12. So you're saying the mod is showing a different room temp after you come back 20 min later? How much difference are we talking here...2-3 degrees?
  13. TorturedZen

    SS TC Settings

    Ok, well it seemed to work for what my settings were. I have dual fused SS Claptons at 0.09 on a Wotofo Flux. Drone set to 65w and 430F, preheat set to 100w , target temp 300F and Punch set to 5. It was ramping up quite slowly but after seeing your post it occurred to me that maybe my preheat settings were too low. Edit to ask: Is there some general rule of thumb for preheat setting based on the other parameters?
  14. TorturedZen

    SS TC Settings

    So glad I stumbled on to this topic. Seems I've been using my Preheat settings way below what it should have been. Followed @Wayneo's setting and Holy Crap, my Drone just came alive!! Thanx @Wayneo