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  1. Sounds like a good idea. If it can be done, which I have no clue, the other mod would probably need to be a DNA also.
    Too much going on with the graphics. Makes the text difficult to read. Background image seems stretched and not to scale.
  2. If you're talking about the NexMESH/Wotofo Clapton mesh...they aren't compatible. TC requires stainless steel, titanium or Ni200 but the Clapton mesh is Kanthal A1. I've been using the Wotofo RDTA for about a month and I've had to use straight Watts mode on my DNA. Unless they just recently came out with TC versions, but I haven't seen any.
  3. Well I hope that's not true because mine changed somehow. I'm positive my graph had 3 different color lines before. Maybe it's theme related so I'll have to check for any discrepancies. Thanks for the reply.
  4. First question...I've been trying to understand what determines the color for the graph lines in the Chart function. I have Power, Temp and Voltage options selected. When I view the graph it shows Temp in red, but Power and Voltage are both showing yellow. How can I correct this so the graph shows 3 different colors? Second question...in Theme Designer-Chart what is the function of the Time Bars option (defaults to 25) and the color box? Thanks in advance.
    Seriously? Since when did 7 year old children begin using DNA devices?
  5. If that's the case then it could be a problem with the theme you're trying to use. Which theme did you use?
    The backgrounds are too 'busy'. Makes it difficult to read the text. Maybe try some darker backgrounds so there's a contrast and text stands out more.
  6. Це добре для вапрів, ніж! Добре.
  7. Як діють закони про вапінг в Україні?
  8. Ok that is what I thought. Thanks for the reply. By the way, your replies always show up in a foreign language and I have to get them translated. I don't know if it's this site or my browser.
  9. I'm assuming the power should be set before Saving the puff for Replay, but does changing the wattage on-the-fly have an effect on the mode ?
  10. It asks if you have installed a new coil because there has been a change in the resistance from what you are locked in at. With temp sensing materials like SS316 or Ti1 there's no reason to ever lock your ohms in, unless the atty being used is all jangly and ohm readings are unstable. Locking the ohms in with temp sensing materials will become a problem because the nature of those materials allows for temp fluctuations. You're confusing the DNA chip and defeating the purpose of Temp Control.
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