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  1. TorturedZen

    How to add firing timer?

    Technology. Who da thunk!
  2. Hey thank you very much!
  3. Once Theme Designer is opened, one of the 5 tabs that we see is Indicator Light, a function which allows you to modify the colors that will be displayed on the little LED. In some themes I've seen that the indicator colors can be modified to show a gradient effect within the color. I have tried (in vain) to figure out how that's done but nothing has worked. There are little boxes with a "+- x-<-" The Plus symbol obviously adds a color, X removes it but the arrow symbol has me confused. Is that what is needed to do the gradient...and if so, how? If not then how are the gradient colors accomplished?? And what does the arrow symbol do? If anyone knows how this works can you share your knowledge please?
  4. Got it. I'll check my Drone for that issue.
  5. So you're saying the mod is showing a different room temp after you come back 20 min later? How much difference are we talking here...2-3 degrees?
  6. TorturedZen

    SS TC Settings

    Ok, well it seemed to work for what my settings were. I have dual fused SS Claptons at 0.09 on a Wotofo Flux. Drone set to 65w and 430F, preheat set to 100w , target temp 300F and Punch set to 5. It was ramping up quite slowly but after seeing your post it occurred to me that maybe my preheat settings were too low. Edit to ask: Is there some general rule of thumb for preheat setting based on the other parameters?
  7. TorturedZen

    SS TC Settings

    So glad I stumbled on to this topic. Seems I've been using my Preheat settings way below what it should have been. Followed @Wayneo's setting and Holy Crap, my Drone just came alive!! Thanx @Wayneo
  8. TorturedZen

    Lost vape paranormal 250c Replay

    Kanthal is not a temp sensing material. Replay mode requires temp sensing materials so get yourself some SS316L or Titanium 1.
  9. TorturedZen

    List of Replay Coils

    REPLAY mode only works with temp sensing materials like Stainless Steel, Titanium, etc. Kanthal is NOT a temp sensing material. It will not work with REPLAY. Really surprised none of you knew this!
  10. TorturedZen

    How to add firing timer?

    Why are you being so defensive? This isn't an argument in any form whatsoever. My questions were merely out of curiosity, which is on the opposite end of the confrontational spectrum. Yes, this has nothing to do with your original question, but you are claiming to be able to look at your screen while vaping. To me, that means it is at your mouth, you are pressing the firing button and you are inhaling. Am I correct? If so I would simply like to know how that is accomplished so I can try it also!
  11. TorturedZen

    How to add firing timer?

    Not understanding this thought process. How can you possibly see your screen while puffing. Even if you hold it at some weird angle and strain your eyeballs you can just barely see it. Unless you've got a really tall atomizer or a curvy drip tip it doesn't work. Least not for me. Do you hold a mirror up in front of the mod?
  12. TorturedZen

    Replay mode hopefully this helps

    I can't imagine having to to go through that much BS. I have the Lost Vape Mirage DNA 75C and I have not had a single issue you describe here. I can throw any kind of temp sensing coil at it SS316, Ti, SS430 spaced or not spaced, simple wraps or advanced claptons,,,and my Mirage will happily fire it up. Your post is a few months old as of this reply so I'm hoping you got Replay mode figured out by now. It isn't rocket science.
  13. TorturedZen

    DNA 75C Illuminati 2

    The background is too much. Would rather not get eye strain trying to read the screen.
  14. TorturedZen

    I know this isn't right...Therion 166 TC issues!

    Here's my screenshot. Atty is Augvape Boreas V2, spaced SS 316L dual fused claptons...
  15. TorturedZen

    I know this isn't right...Therion 166 TC issues!

    Correction on those numbers. I meant to type 0.1 - 0.2 My apologies...I was tired when I posted last night. I'll get a screen shot up here later today.